The Outcast




As the grandson of Zhang Xilin (Zhang Huaiyi), Zhang Chulan kept his powers to himself for the first 19 years of his life, living patiently as an ordinary mortal. Then, Grandpa Zhang Xilin’s grave was excavated, and the body was mysteriously stolen. Zhang Chulan is coveted by many forces as his body contains enormous energy. A series of events drag out Zhang Xilin's secrets from the past, as well as enormous power. Mysterious young girl Feng Baobao joins NDT Express Delivery Company to recover her lost memories while being entrusted by Zhang Xilin to fight alongside Zhang Chulan. Elsewhere, an evil organization is brewing up an even larger conspiracy. While all this is happening, the relationship between Feng Baobao's lost memories, the completeness of Grandpa Zhang Xilin and the chaos of Jia Shen all slowly comes to the surface.

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