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The Thought Of It Makes Me Blush...

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At that moment, Nangong Quan had not sensed the danger yet. After all, he still had faith that Elder Nangong would never attack his own family, no matter how ruthless he was. Especially not his own grandson.

But, Elder Nangong had no remorse forcing someone as loyal as Qiu Jin to his death, so why would he care about a grandson that he barely knew?

Elder Nangong didn't want to harm his grandson, but he had to fight for this one chance.


During this time, Mo Ting had already discovered that Elder Nangong was contacting the Americans, but he had no idea what they were discussingโ€‹.

On the surface, it seemed like he was contacting them for the sake of 'Parasite', but behind closed doors, no one knew what deals they had struck.

Seeing Lu Che report back, time and time again, Tangning began to feel tired, so she smiled and said to Mo Ting, "President Mo, tell Lu Che he can stop following the old man. It's a huge waste of energy and resources to follow a person like that."

"He's even capable of creating an explosion. For the sake of revenge, what wouldn't he do?" Mo Ting was still worried about the safety of his wife and children.

"Since it's for safety reasons, we should focus on protecting ourselves instead. We can't follow him forever. Everyone needs a rest."

"Over the years, haven't we grown accustomed to taking things as they come?"

Mo Ting held onto his wife and did not respond. Seeing this, Tangning reached out her hands and pinched Mo Ting on the cheek, "You! When you get too serious, you age a few years."

"Elder Nangong is too dangerous. I have no choice but to be cautious of him."

In the end, Mo Ting didn't stop Lu Che from following the old man, but he did lay off a little.

"OK, I'll listen to you. Today is Song Linlin's birthday, let's head over early so we don't get stuck with the media, OK?" Tangning understood that Mo Ting was a strategic person, so she did not try to convince him any further. Instead, she gently changed the subject.

The couple had been so busy lately that they hadn't had much rest, so they were planning to enjoy Song Linlin's birthday and relax for one night. Hence, they jumped in their car and headed over to the oceanview villa organized by Song Linlin.

By that time, many good friends from the industry had already arrived. Most of the guests were artists from Hai Rui. As soon as they say Tangning and Mo Ting, they naturally cleared the way for them.

"President Mo, this is a rare honor. I hope you and Tangning will enjoy yourselves tonight."

Mo Ting did not like crowded places; he preferred spending one-on-one time with Tangning. But, when he saw the smile on Tangning's face, he suddenly felt that it didn't matter where they were.

During her birthday celebration, Song Linlin sang the song that she wrote for Tangning and Mo Ting. 'Follow' was a huge hit in the music charts and completely outdid all the songs she had sung in the past.

Under the soft lighting, everyone put aside their identities and began singing along to the melodious tune. For some reason, Tangning suddenly felt like crying.

Hai Rui had always been one big family. It was already like that when she first stepped foot into it. It was a place that gave people strength.

"Tangning, today is my birthday, but it is also the day that I am officially reborn. I've been struggling to find a way to thank you. So, with this life of mine, I am willing to be at your beck and call from now on. Even if I have to go to the depths of hell, I will do it without hesitation!"

Song Linlin's words made Tangning laugh. As she leaned into Mo Ting's embrace, she replied, "Is it necessary to thank me with your life for something like that?"


Song Linlin may have drank a little with the other guests before Tangning and Mo Ting arrived, so her cheeks were red and her words were a little slurred.

"How about this? I don't need you to go to the depths of hell for me. I simply want you to give me the best room in this villa tonight."

After hearing this, everyone gasped in surprise...

After all, any normal adult knew what Tangning wanted the room for.

Afterwards, the guests began to scream and cheer, but Tangning was not embarrassed; she was as composed as ever. During the entire time, President Mo observed his wife's actions and smiled. His doting expression said it all.

The scene was much too sweet!

"OK!" Song Linlin replied swiftly. "Not just the best room, if you wanted the entire villa, I would be willing to give it to you."

"Tch...Tangning lives in Hyatt Regency, why would she want your lousy villa?"


Everyone began to laugh and quickly immersed themselves back into the celebration. While everyone was singing and dancing, Tangning dragged Mo Ting into the best oceanview room (according to Song Linlin) and the two of them leaned happily against each other.

"Ever since giving birth to the three cheeky monsters, how long has it been since we've had some time like this to ourselves?"

Mo Ting did not reply. He simply hugged his wife and looked out at the vast ocean.

Tangning glanced down at an injury on the back of Mo Ting's hand and remembered that he had been often returning home from filming with bruises and injuries. As she thought about this, her heart ached, "Let's stop after we finish filming this film."

"It's just a small injury," Mo Ting felt warm inside. Even after all these years, their relationship was still very good and he appreciated every moment of it. "We need to set a good example for the kids."

"You've always been a good example, Daddy Ting! While we're talking about the kids, who do you think Little Eggshell likes more? Zixi or Zichen?"

"She's still so young!" Mo Ting replied.

"She's at the age where she knows how to like someone. I bet she likes our boring little grump. Zixi is cheerful and healthy, but he doesn't have an interesting personality. On the other hand, Zichen might not make a sound, but girls seem to like this cool and quiet type..."

"Do you want me to be honest?" Mo Ting asked beside Tangning's ear.

"Uh huh."

"I hope they never get involved with each other again..."

After hearing Mo Ting's response, Tangning stood up and turned around. With the beautiful ocean as their backdrop, Tangning leaned forward and kissed down passionately on Mo Ting's lips.

"President Mo, do you know why I asked for this room?"

Mo Ting wrapped his arms around his wife and lifted her up, "Oh, I know...that's why I can't waste it."

Outside the presidential-style suite, Hai Rui's artists were all leaning against the door, trying to hear what the couple were doing. At first, there was still a little bit of noise, but the room quickly fell silent.

"Is President Mo that quick?""

"Do you want to get hit? They obviously moved to a different spot."

"The thought of it makes me blush..."

The guests were all discussing the activities inside the room.

As predicted, Mo Ting heard the footsteps outside the room and carried his wife out onto the balcony where there was no one around. This was the best spot to be affectionate...

How dare they eavesdrop on President Mo? Did they still want to release albums next season?

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