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Maintain Secrecy

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Meanwhile, Tangning had been following Jones on set for an entire month. There were days when she returned home with patches of sunburn. Although Mo Ting's heart ached for his wife, he felt happy to see that Tangning had achieved so much.

As for the post production of 'The Ant Queen', it was secretly relocated to the US because of Tangning. Tangning improved a lot, especially under the guidance of 'The Father of Sci-fi'.

During the time that Tangning followed Director Jones, a lot of Chinese agencies came looking for the director to partake in the production of their sci-fi films, however, Jones turned them all down.

Some agencies even did all they could to enter the set of 'The Resurrected Specimen', just so they could ask Director Jones for some time. But, Jones completely ignored them. Of course, some of these people noticed a tall woman by Jones' side...

Although she was wearing a hat and sunglasses, the superstar aura that she exuded was apparent and it made her very suspicious.

However, without fully understanding the situation, no one expected that Tangning was actually Director Jones' student!

They could only bravely guess that Tangning was running errands on set because that was all they saw her do.

So, after they returned to Beijing, they began to spread word that they saw Tangning on the set of a particular film, working for the Americans as a lowly errands person.

She had stooped to the lowest level of the industry!

And since Hai Rui did not respond, people began to wonder if Mo Ting had given up on Tangning.

"Tangning was dressed in dirty torn clothes. It's possible that Mo Ting already split with her but they haven't officially announced their divorce yet."

"Does that mean Superstar Media is over?"

"That must be the case. Otherwise, why would Hai Rui not mention a word about Tangning? That's not the way that a person would treat their own wife."

As a result, rumors about Tangning's​ marriage also began to circulate.

Long Jie was worried by these rumors. So, when she returned home at night, she released her anger on her husband, "Can't you get any information from President Mo? Tangning won't contact us, is it possible that something has actually gone wrong?"

"The President told me not to ask anything, so I'm too afraid to snoop into his private matters," Lu Che replied. "But, do you actually believe that the President's feelings for the Madam would change?"

"It's not a matter of whether I believe or not. The problem is, everyone is saying it, so I have no choice but to believe it."

"I think the Madam is fine, that's why the President told me not to ask."

"Fine my ass! What if Tangning is being bullied, but we keep assuming that she is fine?" Long Jie humphed, "Men are unpredictable."

"Stop suspecting ridiculous things. How about this? I'll ask around and see if I can get any information," Lu Che comforted his wife as he began to contact his private connections. However, Tangning's relationship with Jones was kept under wraps and no one knew about it.

So, Lu Che returned empty-handed, once again.

"How I wish the Madam could return right now..."

Lu Che wasn't the only one that noticed Long Jie's anxiety, Han Xiuche also saw it clearly.

"If Long Jie is worried about Tangning, you should go to the US and look for her. Don't just sit here anxiously."

"I would love to do that, but someone needs to watch over Superstar Media," Long Jie replied. After hearing about Tangning's rumors, Long Jie was so worried that she couldn't focus on her newcomers anymore.

"Don't worry, you still have us."

Han Xiuche said with a deeper meaning.

Long Jie waved her hand. Her heart was filled with worries and complex emotions.

However, Mo Ting notified Tangning of Long Jie's worries, so Tangning decided it was time to calm her down. Hence, after a busy day on set, she finally gave Long Jie a phone call, "I heard you've been so anxious that it's driven you crazy..."

"You finally know how to give me a phone call? Did you know that everyone in Beijing is currently bad mouthing you? They're even saying that you and the President have had a divorce."

"And you believe them?" Tangning raised an eyebrow. "Don't worry, I am doing well. You simply need to trust me and keep moving forward..."

"Are you sure? What's all this talk about you being an errands person for the Americans?"

"People from Beijing came to look for my teacher and happened to see me, so they began to make random assumptions. I am indeed helping out with errands here, but I'm not an "errands person". You simply need to know that..."


"Yes, I am officially a student of Director Jones' and I am learning how to produce a sci-fi film," Tangning replied.

"Are you talking about 'The Father of Sci-fi'?"

"Uh huh," Tangning nodded.

As soon as Long Jie heard this, she was filled with joy, "Hahaha, I knew you wouldn't be Tangning unless you did something extraordinary. I never expected that you'd actually find a world-class teacher without saying a word. Hurry and tell me about the interesting things you've encountered in the US."

"I don't have time to tell you that much. You simply have to trust that I will be back very soon..."

"But, you can't tell anyone that I am Director Jones' student; not even Lu Che."

"I need to maintain secrecy for a good show later."

Long Jie was so happy that she immediately straightened her legs, "OK, I understand. I guarantee that I won't tell a soul, not even Lu Che and Lin Qian. I will wait patiently for your return."

"Since you're not worried anymore, focus on training the people at Superstar Media!" Tangning instructed. "Without me around, you can't let others find an opportunity to take advantage of the agency."

"I understand."

After talking to Tangning, Long Jie felt a load had been taken off her shoulders. Not only was Tangning not in a pitiful state, she had even become the student of a master in his field. Simply this identity was enough to blind everyone.

She was going to wait for Tangning's return!

As a result, her attitude towards Superstar Media changed.

This made Han Xiuche slightly suspicious.

"Long Jie, aren't you worried about Tangning anymore? Why do you seem extra motivated at work these last few days?"

Long Jie lifted her head. As soon as she saw Han Xiuche, she replied, "Because I've decided that no matter what Tangning does overseas, it is her choice. I have no right to question it. Since I've taken over Superstar Media, I have the responsibilty to help it progress. So, I need to focus on making all of you into Superstars."

"I thought you contacted Tangning and confirmed that she'd be returning. I knew that wouldn't be the case. The news about her is so bad that I knew she wouldn't want to show her face around here."

"The news is just a past time, don't take it too seriously. Let's not talk about Tangning anymore. You've been preparing your new manhua for so long, is it ready yet?" Long Jie asked. "I've been anticipating it."

"Then keep on anticipating. I guarantee that it will be amazing!" Han Xiuche replied.

As for how amazing, Long Jie would have to wait and see. She was bound to be surprised.

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I liked Long Jie's character from the start.. she was the only one who was always by Ning's side and supported her through thick and thin and she's still doing the same... Though, I feel like Tang Ning should atleast tell her about her where beings...
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I hope now she will calm down and give her 100% in Superstar Media and can fully concentrate on the agency and last but not then least she will be able to see through that B*STARD evil intentions....πŸ˜’πŸ˜”