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I Will No Longer Acknowledge That I Know You

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Why did Luo Yinghong's son dislike her? The psychology behind it was easy to understand.

Luo Yinghong used to be an impressive actress, but she ended up losing to a mere assistant. Luo Yinghong often vented to her son about this, but she didn't expect that it would indirectly tell her son how capable Feng Jing was to steal everything that belonged to her.

Most importantly, Luo Yinghong used to live a glamorous life, but after her son was born, he did not experience any of her previous glory. So he hated his mother and developed a desire to conquer over Feng Jing.

As a result, Luo Yinghong's feelings towards Feng Jing were complicated. He admired her, he wanted to conquer her and he hoped to gain motherly love from her. Either way, his attention was completely focused on Feng Jing.

If they wanted to turn the tables and rely on strong tactics, it was practically impossible because it was more of a psychological battle. If they wanted to win, they had to take one step at a time carefully.


Lin Qian accepted the challenge because Luo Yinghong's matter didn't just involve Superstar Media, it also involved herself. Ever since parting ways with Xia Hanmo, Tangning had been teaching her how to strategize so she could get back on track.

But, during this time, she also visited the police station to document her fingerprint. However, it had already been a few days without any news.

In reality, the results from her fingerprint had already come out and the police had already contacted Li Jin. But Li Jin did not tell Lin Qian about it.

While the two Li Elders were joyfully preparing for the couple's wedding, Li Jin decided to keep this secret hidden forever.

In the past 20 years, Lin Qian had already suffered a lot. So, in the remaining years, Li Jin simply wanted her to live a happy life.

After returning home, Lin Qian had tried asking Li Jin about her fingerprint results, but Li Jin simply replied, "I haven't heard anything from the police. The information is probably irretrievable..."

Lin Qian took a deep breath. Although it felt like a shame, there was nothing she could do. After all, her fingerprint was her only lead. If even the police couldn't do anything, what could she possibly do?

"Focus on being Mrs. Li. What's passed is in the past."

Lin Qian nodded her head before she placed her focus on Luo Yinghong's matter.

Li Jin liked seeing Lin Qian's serious expression. So, the study room was surprisingly harmonious. But, Lin Qian would probably never find out that within Li Jin's safe sat a report that revealed everything about her life.


Late at night, inside a fancy villa.

Feng Jing held onto a champagne glass as she sat in the garden admiring the night sky on her own.

A moment later, her assistant entered the villa. Apart from delivering a script for her new film, she also arrived with some surprising news.

"Jing Jie, my nephew contacted me. Someone recently did a fingerprint test at the police station and the result shocked him so much that he immediately gave me a phone call. According to the results, she appears to be your daughter. You've been avoiding her for so many years, yet she's finally appeared."

After hearing this, Feng Jing put down the glass in her hand and looked at her assistant, "Are you sure?"

"As you're aware, I've kept contact with the police over the years. Ever since you first told me about this matter, I've been preparing for the possiblity that someone may attack you with it. I just never imagined that your daughter was still alive."

Feng Jing froze for a moment before she fell into a panic, "Have the police already released the results?"

"From what I know, they have."

"Who is she?" Feng Jing was extremely worried about this matter.

"I've asked my nephew to send the results to my email. Come, have a look." The assistant opened the email on her phone and handed it to Feng Jing.

After looking at it, Feng Jing suddenly burst into laughter, "How's this possible? How could there be such a coincidence?"

"What coincidence?"

"Have a look at it yourself," Feng Jing handed the phone back to her assistant. A moment later, the assistant's eyes grew big.

"This...this is too..." the assistant was completely stunned. "Since this is the case and she is a part of the entertainment industry, why don't we bring her back to your side so she can help you?"

Feng Jing shook her head; she wasn't so optimistic.

"It's true that I abandoned her when she was young. If you were in her position, would you be able to accept it?" Feng Jing asked as she massaged her aching head.

"But, Feng Jie, that won't do. What if she finds out about this and decides to attack you for it? What will you do?"

"Yes, what should I do?" Feng Jing contemplated. "I guess I'll have to make up a story and put on a pity act. Perhaps things may turn out the way you hoped and we'd be able to pull her over to our side. No, we should strike first. Find a time to arrange a meeting with her for me..."

The assistant thought long and hard. Since Feng Jing was the only one that knew the truth, then making up a story was indeed the best solution.

"Don't worry Feng Jie, I'll make arrangements as soon as possible."

Lin Qian would have never imagined that her intention to investigate her background for the sake of getting married would end up triggering an even more spectacular story.


To help Luo Yinghong shake off her previous image, not only did Tangning tell Lin Qian to change her appearance, most importantly, she told her to make Luo Yinghong's scar less frightening.

Tangning specifically hired a beautician from South Korea to do some work on Luo Yinghong's scar. Even if they couldn't remove it entirely, they could at least make it less visible.

The Tangning at this time was still unaware of Lin Qian's background because Lin Qian had never mentioned it.

So, Tangning did not expect anything that was about to happen. In fact, it was completely out of her control.

Before Luo Yinghong began her training, Tangning organized for her to meet with her son so they could discuss each other's thoughts.

Hearing that his mother wanted to make a comeback, Luo Yinghong's son simply looked at her with ridicule.

"Mom, you're not young anymore. Why are you creating so much stress for yourself? You're just going to embarrass yourself even more."

Tangning had instructed Luo Yinghong to act indifferent and hide her desire to win her son back even if it killed her inside.

"You're already 22. I no longer have control over you. If you feel that being with that woman brings you happiness, then go ahead."

"I've thought it over. I have my own life to live. So, do what you want to do, I will no longer get involved."

The tall young man looked at Luo Yinghong in ridicule, "Don't try to break us apart with any tricks..."

"Listen carefully. I need to live my life, so you look after your own concerns and leave me to my own affairs. From today onwards, we are no longer mother and son. Whether I succeed or fail from now on, it will have nothing to do with you. Of course, if I end up returning to the film industry, don't come looking for me."

"Because I will no longer acknowledge that I know you."

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lassfromneverland1 year ago

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