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Personally Deal With The Matter

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The woman was aware of Tangning. After all, she had stirred up the international arena quite a few times.

But regardless of who they were up against, Cate's team was confident that their extra conditions would be added to the contract.

"In France, I am treated like a national treasure. Everywhere I stay is at a 5-star standard. But look at the hotel here in Beijing. Even the air conditioner is broken."

"I don't want to stay in a place like this."

If someone complained that Hollywood was mistreating foreign actors, they would have to endure it, because it was Hollywood. But, who did Superstar Media think they were in comparison?

Cate's team was prepared to battle it out with Tangning. They already had a thousand reasons to convince Tangning to accept the new conditions.

But, they had obviously underestimated Tangning's abilities as a manager and boss.

They thought she was here as an actress.

But, from the moment that Tangning stepped foot into the meeting room, she was no longer the actress Tangning.

The white suit on her body made her appear mature and gorgeous. Cate suddenly found that she was unable to tell what Tangning had planned.

Cate had brought along a few lawyers as well as her manager and assistant. All up, there were five of them. But, Tangning simply brought along Long Jie.

"I heard that your team requested additional conditions," Tangning said straightforwardly.

Cate did not say a word. Instead, her manager spoke on her behalf, "Our Cate is famous in France and has a considerable status in the international arena. We have the right to receive better treatment."

"You should have discussed these conditions when you first signed the contract. Since the contract is already signed, then you have the responsibility to abide by it. Or do you think Superstar Media is easy to pick on?"

"The contract was set by us, so there's always room for adjustments. Plus, you were the ones that invited Cate here. Shouldn't your responsibilty be to satisfy her needs?" the manager asked expectantly.

"If you want to blame someone, you should blame yourselves for not having anyone in China that is comparable to our Cate. Otherwise, why would you travel so far to beg us?'

"So what do you plan to do?" Tangning crossed her arms.

"Our lawyer will discuss with you the conditions that our Cate wants," the manager thought that Tangning was coming to a compromise, so he began to mention the lawyer.

But, as soon as Cate's lawyer stepped forward and handed Tangning some documents with Cate's conditions, Tangning stuck out her hand and gestured for them to stop.

"Before you make any new requests, I think you should sign this document first," Tangning gestured for Long Jie to hand over a document that was typed in French and placed it in front of Cate's manager.

"A contract cancellation agreement?" the manager was shocked.

"Superstar Media may have a lot of money, but we aren't stupid. The first time you made requests, I already had the intention to send you packing back to France."

"I have three reasons for this."

"Firstly, my country may not be well developed, but I still have access to entertainment news. At the very least, I know that Miss Cate's acting in France is skilled, but her reputation is a mess. So don't tell me that you get treated like a national treasure in France. Do you think I've never been to France? Or did you expect me to never go to France? How embarrassing..."

"Secondly, it's not that China has bad actresses. It's just that Cate suits the role we are trying to fill. If it wasn't because I was pregnant, I don't think she would have stood a chance. According to statistics, my influence in the Western Market seems to be much higher than hers..."

"Thirdly, from what I've heard, Miss Cate has reached a point in her career where she is trying to change her style, but she hasn't found any suitable roles and ended up partaking in a few flops, causing her agency to suffer. If we were to cancel our contract now, and your agency blames you for their loss, not only will Cate stay in a room with no air conditioning, she may be left with no room at all!"

"In conclusion, Superstar Media were the ones that chose you, not the other way around."

"So, go ahead, sign the contract cancellation and go home. Let's not waste anymore of each other's time."

The other party never expected for Tangning to say such harsh words.

So, Cate looked especially displeased.

"Long Jie, keep an eye on them as they sign the agreement. I don't have time to waste on them," Tangning said before she turned to leave. However, Cate's manager suddenly held her back.

"I can sue you for breaching the contract and request for compensation."

"The first time that we revised the contract, we already confirmed it as the final revision. In other words, you have no right to request for a second revision, or you'd be breaching the contract. So, I'm afraid the person that will end up paying compensation is you..."

The manager froze after hearing these words.

Obviously, they came here intending to get benefits from Tangning, but never expected that she never wanted them from the start.

What a bunch of trash!

Although Tangning expected foreign actors to receive special treatment, it was unreasonable for Cate to be so pampered.

Tangning's standpoint was clear, her approach was firm and her message was simple: either act or go home!

"Come on, sign it," Long Jie said in English.

But, the manager pretended not to understand English and refused to sign it.

Of course, Long Jie did not expose him. After all, Tangning didn't truly want them to leave. She simply wanted them to know that Superstar Media weren't pushovers.

Afterwards, the manager called Qiao Sen over and spoke to him in a much more polite manner.

Qiao Sen was quite surprised. It seemed, from now on, Tangning would need to personally deal with these matters.

After this incident, Long Jie waited for a suitable time to speak to Tangning, heart to heart, "I thought you'd take this opportunity to send Cate home and take on the role yourself. I never expected you to keep her around."

"Tangning, both Lu Che and I think that a domestically produced sci-fi film should starr one of our own. Otherwise, it wouldn't feel as pure and authentic."

"Neither of us feel like we can accept it."

"You worked so hard to prepare for this film. If you end up making Cate famous, the only face in everyone's memories would be hers."

"Even if you couldn't take the role, you should have found someone else from China to take it..."

"I didn't make the decision," Tangning replied. "I'm sure Qiao Sen made his decision from a business standpoint. Let's just stick with it for now and see how we go."

"Once the film begins shooting, there's no turning back," Long Jie reminded. "Plus, both Lu Che and I don't understand why you must give up your identity as an actress. Even though you're a manager now, why can't you still act?"

"Xu Xin's incident wasn't your fault..."

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