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Qian Qian, Come Home

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"Is there something wrong with your ears?" Quan Ziye shook his head with a look of pity.

"Are you saying that you and Lin Qian were having sex in the bathroom?"

"Regardless of what we were doing, you don't stand a chance," Quan Ziye said as he picked up his wine glass and walked away.

He did not admit anything, nor did he deny it.

Li Ai clenched her fists. She felt helpless against Quan Ziye's psychological torment. Even though Quan Ziye did not explain things in detail, he did not give her the slightest chance.

Li Ai was not the type of person to not admit defeat. However, she hated being defeated by Lin Qian.

After all, they were meant to be siblings.

With this thought, Li Ai walked over to Mother Quan and asked softly, "Auntie, could I speak to you for a moment?"

Mother Quan nodded and walked out of the room to the garden outside.

"Xiao Ai, what did you want to speak about?"

"Auntie, don't you feel that Ziye and Lin Qian's relationship is a little too close?" Li Ai asked suggestively.

"Xiao Ai, they are siblings, so it's natural to be close. Don't overthink it."

"But, just a moment ago, I saw the two of them kissing in the bathroom," Li Ai exaggerated with a shocked voice. "I even confronted Ziye about it and he didn't deny it."

Hearing this, Mother Quan froze as her eyes grew big, "Are you sure that you weren't seeing things?"

"No, when Ziye was walking out of the bathroom, I even saw him wipe the lipstick from his lips."

After hearing this, Mother Quan clenched her fists angrily and stormed back into the villa. Even though there were plenty of guests and it was an important event, she didn't care as she walked straight up to Lin Qian and threw a slap across her face.

The slap resounded clearly across the room, immediately drawing everyone's attention.

"I brought you up not so you could seduce your brother," Mother Quan yelled.

Lin Qian did not respond to Mother Quan's anger. Instead, she waited until Quan Ziye was in front of them before she threw a slap across his face.

"What are you doing?" Mother Quan growled.

"I will treat your son the way that you treat me..." Lin Qian replied coldly. "I'm sorry, but I never seduced your son. Your son is the one that's been seducing me."

"The Quan Family brought you up."

"But you also tried to sell me off," Lin Qian quickly retorted. "The gratitude of bringing me up was canceled out the moment that you tried to sell me. Yet, you still have the audacity to mention it."

"Either way, Quan Ziye and I are not blood-related. Even if I insist on being with him, there's nothing you can do. Weren't you certain that I seduced your son? In that case, I'll show you how I seduce him." After she was done speaking, Lin Qian hooked her arms around Quan Ziye's neck and perfectly matched her lips with his. After a few seconds, she let go and said provokingly to Mother Quan, "As you wished."

" are a complete sl*t!" Mother Quan had no choice but to yell.

However, Lin Qian pushed Quan Ziye aside and responded with a cold smirk, "The gratitude I have for the Quan Family officially ends today."

"And you, Quan Ziye, you either move out of my house, or I'm moving." After speaking, Lin Qian left the villa in front of all the guests. "How disgusting..."

Mother Quan was so angry that she almost had a heart attack. However, there was nothing she could do.

"Quan Ziye, you better explain to me what all this is about."

"Qian Qian already said it all..." Quan Ziye shrugged at his mother. "Are you trying to get hurt again?"

"That slut! Speak..."

"She's right, I'm the one that likes her. I've been chasing her all around the world and even became an actor because of her," Quan Ziye replied swiftly. "Also, to get close to her, I even moved next door to her."

"Aren't you ashamed of yourself?" Mother Quan punched Quan Ziye on the chest, "She's your sister!"

"I don't remember you ever giving birth to a sister." After speaking to Mother Quan, Quan Ziye put down the champagne glass in his hand and turned to the guests, "I'm sorry everyone. In order to chase after Qian Qian, I will now make my leave. You guys help yourselves."

After that, Quan Ziye ran out after Lin Qian.

In reality, he was very thankful towards Li Ai.

If Li Ai hadn't exposed them, he would've never known that his Qian Qian had become so tough. The slap she gave him a moment ago wasn't fake at all. In fact, she had used all her strength. Most importantly, his Qian Qian had learned how to protect herself...

So, when he thought about Lin Qian's slap, he was not angry. Instead, he couldn't help but laugh.

This time, after Mother Quan's scolding, Quan Ziye actually felt a sense of release, especially since it happened in front of so many people. Because, this was equivalent to announcing it to the whole world.

From today onwards, he and Lin Qian were likely to be called an 'immoral couple'. But for some reason, he felt that this wasn't a bad thing.


Lin Qian was truly angered. Just the thought of Mother Quan made her sick.

Because of this, she did not return home after leaving the villa. Instead, she ended up at Xing Lan's place. She did not want to see Quan Ziye tonight.

Seeing Lin Qian in her fancy outfit, Xing Lan could guess that she had come back from a big event. But, noticing the unhappy look on her face, she did not dare to ask too much.

"Take me in for tonight. I don't want to go home."

"Because of Quan Ziye?" Xing Lan laughed.

"You will never understand how I feel..." Lin Qian sighed.

"Yes, I don't understand. But, I feel that you and Quan Ziye have been entangled with each other for so long already. If you were to leave each other, who else would you end up with? Plus, would Quan Ziye actually let you go? Most importantly, how do you feel about Quan Ziye? You should stop lying to yourself."

Lin Qian did not respond.

"No matter who you end up with, there will always be difficulties...Don't be naive."

After speaking, Xing Lan stood up and patted Lin Qian on the shoulder, "I have practice tomorrow, so I won't be staying up to keep you company. You're welcome to stay, but you will eventually need to leave."

Lin Qian remained silent, but the look in her eyes was a little less confused.

A moment later, Lin Qian received a message from Quan Ziye, "Qian Qian, come home."

"No way!" Lin Qian thought.

She wasn't about to let the incident with Mother Quan go. Even though she had already given Quan Ziye a slap.

Soon, a phone call from Tangning cut into her thoughts, "Your incident was so big that it's already all over the news."

"What?" Lin Qian was shocked.

"Did you forget that both of you are in the entertainment industry? The news said that you are an incestual couple..." Tangning laughed. "Quan Ziye's already expressed his feelings out in the open. What about you? Are you planning to PR for Quan Ziye? All I need is one word from you..."

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lassfromneverland1 year ago

"Either way, Quan Ziye and I are not blood-related. Even if I insist on being with him, there's nothing you can do. Weren't you certain that I seduced your son? In that case, I'll show you how I seduce him." Go Lin Qian!

lassfromneverland1 year ago

Incest? When they aren't even related by blood at all? Lin Qian was just adopted and her evil mother didn't even treat her as a daughter at all...

Bald_Chanyeol_1 year ago

It would be deemed immoral seeing that they were raised as siblings, but they only took her in. It's not like they share the same mother by blood?? Do you kids..