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Out Of The Two Sisters, Which One Was The Thief?

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"So, out of the two sisters, which one is the thief?"

"According to Lin Qian, Li Can stole her sister's victory a few years ago. She must have felt uncomfortable seeing her sister participate in another competition, so she decided to reveal her sister's past to everyone again. How dare she try to act level-minded. If this is the truth, then Li Can is much too cruel and frightening."

"It's obvious to everyone that Li Xin is talented. She never had any motive for stealing. As a fan that watched the competition three years ago, this is what I truly feel."

"Where's the proof? Does anyone have evidence to prove it?"

"I think, in this whole matter, Li Xin is more worthy of sympathy."

Underdogs always attracted empathy.

Li Can never expected that Li Qian would say such words in public. As she began to watch public opinion sway online, she clenched her teeth in anger.

"I told you before that you'd be sacrificing yourself just to hurt your enemy, but you wouldn't listen to me. Now that you've gotten yourself into deep trouble, are you happy?" Li Can's manager asked beside her ear "Your only option now is to produce evidence and pay for fake comments. Something you shouldn't have had to do initially."

"I can't let that wench debut. Mind your own business." Li Can said recklessly. "It's bad enough that you're not helping me. Stop talking nonsense beside my ear and making me uncomfortable."

"In that case, I'll leave then," the manager said angrily as she left Li Can's apartment.

Li Can knew there was no point being angry. Three years ago, she was the one that testified against Li Xin and placed the stolen item in her bag. When it was discovered, Li Xin had nothing to say. As long as Li Can clung to this fact, Li Xin would never have a chance at revival.

So, she personally stepped forward and said to the public, "If we look back at the incident, all the contestants at the time can testify that I had no reason to slander my sister. I also felt guilty about the incident for a long time But, we indeed found the stolen item in her bag. All the witnesses can prove it."

As soon as Li Can's explanation was released, Lin Qian immediately fought back.

"Xing Lan and Li Can are twins, so their appearance is the same. If Li Can stole something and placed it in her sister's bag, no one would notice a thing. After all, no outsider can differentiate between them. What do you think, Li Can?"

"B*tch!" Li Can threw her tablet on the floor in anger after she saw Lin Qian's response.

She couldn't believe that there were actually people online that supported Lin Qian and Xing Lan.

"Three years ago, I competed with Li Xin. She is a kind person that would never steal from others. On the other hand, Li Can is full of possessiveness and ambition and is easy to hate.

"In any case, I will believe the person that can produce evidence!"

"I'm on Li Xin's side!"

"I'm on the younger sister's side!"

The entire internet was debating about the two sisters and which one they believed to be the real thief as it was a very controversial topic.

One was the much-loved Queen of Ballads, while the other was an up-and-coming new singer. The two women were twins and each had convincing arguments. Even though the stolen item was recovered from Xing Lan's bag, the mystery was in the fact that the sisters looked exactly the same!

If one wanted to frame the other - it was much too easy.

Li Can knew that it was difficult to win public opinion based on her one-sided claim. So, she needed to call for backup!

Her parents!

The news of Li Xin being a thief had turned into a huge scandal and the Li Family's pride had been destroyed. She wanted to see how her parents were planning to deal with the wench.

With this thought, Li Can called her parents emotionally.

When Father Li saw that the phone call was from Li Can, he refused to pick it up. So, he handed it to Mother Li instead.

Although Mother Li didn't want to give her despicable daughter any attention, she couldn't ruin Long Jie's plan, so she picked up anyway, "Can Er..."

"Mom, did you see what they wrote online? Li Xin was obviously the thief, yet she slandered me for framing her. You need to get justice for me," Li Can pretended to sob so her mother would pity her.

" did this matter suddenly get exposed?" Mother Li asked.

Li Can froze.

"I'm not sure, mom. I haven't had time to contact the organizers yet. I don't know what happened either. Perhaps someone recognized Li Xin," Li Can lied. "Either way, mom, this is not the main point right now. The main point is...sis slandered me. You should help me get justice."

"How do you want me to help you?" Mother Li asked.

"You know that the stolen item was found in Li Xin's bag. Just tell the media what you know, otherwise, our family will be finished."

"OK, how do you want me to do it?"

"My management agency is arranging an interview to clarify the matter. When the time comes, the two of you will also be invited. I hope you can help me," Li Can said.

"OK," Mother Li immediately replied.

"I knew you've always treated me the best, Mom. I'll call you later then."

Li Can had probably turned crazy from her ambition to win, so she treated everyone like fools.

Father Li sat to the side and listened to the conversation between the two women. After Mother Li hung up the phone, he coldly snorted, "Does she still expect me to help her?"

"Old man, we definitely need to speak up. But..." No one would be able to predict who they were going to speak up for.

Li Can had no self-awareness. She even wanted to use her parents. To be exact, she had already used them for many years...

However, she would have never expected that her parents wouldn't be so easy to fool this time.

"With mom and dad helping me, let's see if you can still survive!"

Li Can was full of confidence as she called her manager. Although the two women had an argument over a small disagreement, they were still on the same team. If one fell, the other would go down with them, so they still needed to agree on the big things.

"I've already asked my parents to testify for me, so now it's up to you to arrange an interview."

"I hope this will be the last time." After her manager was done talking, she hung up the phone without hesitation. She was honestly tired. After all, Li Can never listened to her.


Soon after, Long Jie heard from the Li Elders that Li Can had accepted an interview.

Which meant, the game was reaching its climax.

Li Can would have never expected that inviting her parents to testify for her, would end up being the worst decision of her life. At a time like this, no one wanted to help her. 

Out of the two sisters, which one was the thief? Probably, the entire Beijing wanted to know this answer. So, Li Can released word that she'd be presenting evidence to everyone.

But, what about Xing Lan?

"The level of excitement produced by the argument between these two sisters is no less than the argument between Tangning and Tang Xuan in the past."

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