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Her? First Place?

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Li Can waited and waited, but she didn't hear anything from her parents about Xing Lan. As a result, she curiously dissected the situation with her manager, "According to the damaging power of my parents, destroying Xing Lan should be a piece of cake. Why haven't they made a move yet?"

"Call them and check."

"My mother called about staying with me for a few days and I brushed her off."

"You currently need their help. Can't you just appease them for a while?" her manager was a little surprised. "Is there something wrong with your brain?"

"I know what I should do, but it's embarrassing if someone captures photos of us living together," Li Can replied. "I don't care, I'm giving them a call to see what's going on."

After speaking, Li Can pulled out her phone. But this time, she ended up calling her father instead of her mother, "'s the matter with sis going?"

"Your mother and I are trying to think of a plan," Father Li lied. "We're just average people. It's not easy to get close to Li Xin."

"Dad, don't blame me for being ruthless towards Li Xin. If her past gets revealed, our entire family will be implicated," Li Can deliberately manipulated her father by triggering his pride.

"We understand," Father Li said before he hung up. But, he was so angry that he almost smashed the phone on the floor. "This animal only knows how to check if we've ruined her sister yet. What a heartless wench."

"Old man, what should we do now?" Mother Li asked.

"Give Miss Long a phone call."

Li Can was now an eyesore for Father Li.

The child that they previously considered as promising, was suddenly a cruel, scheming wench that plotted against her own family.

So, Father Li called Long Jie and asked her what to do next.

Long Jie could tell that the elders had taken her bait. So, she decided to increase their misunderstanding, "Uncle, just wait. Li Can is actually the daughter that will end up embarrassing you. In order to oppose her sister and prevent her from winning the competition, she is going to personally expose the past. Just wait and see."

"She wouldn't dare!"

"If she does decide to do it, then uncle should pretend to help her and we will take the opportunity to clear Xing Lan's name. If she is to win the competition, she can't have any black marks against her."

After Father Li received Long Jie's instructions, he nodded his head.

If Li Can dared to make a move, he was going to throw everything out there. He was going to disown this daughter and help Li Xin instead.

In the end, as expected, Li Can could not be restrained.

The list for top 100 had already been announced, but Li Can hadn't heard from the old couple. As a result, she decided to trail them. She discovered that they had indeed gone looking for Xing Lan and tried to cause trouble. But, Xing Lan's powerful manager hired some bodyguards, making it impossible for them to see her.

In reality, this was all pre-planned by Long Jie.

The entire aim was to bait Li Can.

That night, Li Can gave her parents another phone call, "Since the two of you can't do anything about her, I'll have to take matters into my own hands."

"What are you planning to do?"

"I will need to rely on my contacts to notify the organizers of the competition about my sister's history of stealing. It will force them to deal with her internally and disqualify her. That way, we won't be implicated."

"But, no one has identified your sister yet!"

"Identifying her is only a matter of time," Li Can warned. "I'm going to hang up now. I am determined to stick to my plan."

"What a monster!" Father Li finally saw the real Li Can. Li Can simply didn't want her sister to be more successful than her.

"Old man, since Miss Long has already made arrangements, let's do as she has instructed."

"OK," the old couple came to an agreement. "After this incident is over, we'll go take the house back. I'd rather let a dog live in there than to let a piece of trash occupy it."

It turned out, forming a united front was actually quite easy to achieve.

Meanwhile, Li Can decided to reveal Xing Lan's past before the top 100 round began so she'd have no chance of redemption. Unfortunately, everyone was already on Xing Lan's side. So, there was a good show on its way.

"Are you really planning to do this?" Li Can's manager was worried. She still felt things weren't going to end well.

"When the time comes, I am going to deny any involvement with her so I won't be implicated," Li Can scoffed. "Her? First place? She should first consider who she's up against!"


After the top 100 list was released, Xing Lan gathered with the other contestants to hear the new rules of the competition.

Following on, they would go from 100 contestants to 64 with no second chances and eliminations would be decided by popularity with votes from the public.

It finally felt like the real competition had started. As a result, Xing Lan suddenly felt stressed.

"Don't be nervous. At least, after 'that matter' is over, you won't have any external obstructions and you can focus on the competition."

"Are you sure that Li Can will go ahead with her plan?"

"Why not?" Li Qian asked. "This is her only chance to destroy you."

"In that case, she is very pitiful..."

With Tangning's arrangements in place, Xing Lan was confident that her name would finally be cleared. All she had to put up with was initial backlash, but as soon as her innocence was proven, she knew she would receive the same amount of sympathy as the amount of suffering she was experiencing now.

Soon, Long Jie received information from her contacts and gave Tangning a phone call.

It had been a long time since Tangning had seen a good show and she was getting bored. If Li Can wanted to perform, she wasn't stopping her. "Prepare for our counterattack. In particular, make sure that Xing Lan's parents are ready."

"Don't worry, we have everything in the palm of our hands."


"Luo Sheng also has good news. The director took him under his wing and has been taking him to many different events. He has now learned to negotiate his own contracts."

"Let Luo Sheng know that Superstar Media will always support him no matter if he succeeds or fails," Tangning instructed. "Also, make sure to help him fight for a Fei Tian Award next year."


"Lastly, after the incident with Li Can is resolved, it should be time for Superstar Media to face the world."

Tangning's​ babies could already walk. Although they weren't perfect at it yet, it still felt like the right time for her to take back what belonged to her. This time, no one would get the chance to knock her down like Xu Xin did.

This was the scene that Long Jie had anticipated for a long time. Especially when she thought about how her mother-in-law had turned up demanding for Lu Che's sperm...

She would never forget that humiliation.

So, she knew, only when she improved on herself, would she deserve respect from others!


By this time, Li Can had already contacted the paparazzi and typed out a spectacular story. She even thought of an interesting headline.

[Former thief battles the stage again: changes name as a cover-up]

In reality, she wanted to be simple and crude and directly point Xing Lan out as a thief.

But, the paparazzi felt that she should tone it back and not force her sister into a corner...

Haha, force her into a corner!

Even the paparazzi knew that a story like this could ruin a person!

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