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She Was Much More Pitiful Than You

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"That's because the director hasn't been completely bewitched," Tangning replied as she lay back on the sofa and looked at a photo of her two sons. "Plus, he can't let one person ruin the entire film. After all, the other people in the cast and crew did nothing wrong."

"That's true," Lin Qian nodded. "By the way, I just had a look at your schedule, after 'Survivor' finishes, are you planning to take on another film?"

Other actors like Tangning already had packed schedules for the entire year filled with all sorts of activities. But, when Lin Qian looked at Tangning's schedule, there was nothing after 'Survivor'.

"I want to go home and spend time with my kids," Tangning replied.

"You're not taking the opportunity to build up your momentum?"

"Are you afraid that you'd have no work while I'm taking a break?" Tangning suddenly laughed. "Don't worry, you'll have plenty to keep you occupied. I have other plans."

Lin Qian did not know what Tangning had planned. She simply listened patiently because she knew the answer would eventually be revealed


That night, Xu Xin tossed and turned beside the director, unable to fall asleep. The director knew what she was worried about, so his lips slowly curved upwards before he fell asleep.

Luckily, he listened to Tangning's advice and did not fall into this evil woman's trap. Otherwise, the consequences would have been dire.

Tomorrow, he was going to see how Xu Xin planned to continue with her act.

Meanwhile, from what he saw, Tangning indeed lived up to her reputation as not only a convincing actress, but also a disciplined and flawless person.

He had completely met his savior.

The next morning, Xu Xin woke up early hoping to find a way to save herself. But, to her surprise, the director was awake earlier than her.

"In order not to delay filming, let's go to the hospital earlier."

Xu Xin clasped her hands nervously, wanting to reveal the truth, but in the end, she couldn't gather enough courage to do so. So, as the couple stepped out of the hotel, Xu Xin's face began to turn pale.

"What's wrong? Are you feeling unwell?" the director asked. "I heard that pregnant women have mood swings and discomfort around their bodies. Let's rush to get it checked."

"No, that's not it..." Xu Xin shook her head.

"Then let's keep going," the director opened the car door and drove Xu Xin to the gynaecology and obstetrics ward of a nearby hospital. His face looked obviously excited. Xu Xin clenched her fists with the intention to escape, but the director did not give her the chance. Because, even when she went to the bathroom, he would wait for her at the door.

Soon, Xu Xin was pushed into the ultrasound room as she desperately thought of a way to explain why she wasn't pregnant.

A few minutes later, the director received the results of Xu Xin's scan and looked at her confusedly.

"Didn't you say you were pregnant?"

"I did a pregnancy test and it indeed came out positive," Xu Xin explained.

"Where's​ the test results, don't tell me you threw such an important thing away..."

"But, I did throw it away..." Xu Xin replied with a lowered head.

"Where did you throw it? I'll go look for it. Even if it's in the trash, I'll dig it up," the director said as he dragged Xu Xin out. "Did you know that I thought you were pregnant, so I revealed my divorce to the public. But, what about you? How did you end up treating me?"


"Do whatever you want..." the director yelled as he boarded his car and left Xu Xin behind.

Xu Xin stood in the corridor of the hospital and clenched her hands angrily into fists. She knew that if the director revealed that she wasn't actually pregnant, then her career would be over. The director had done so much for her, yet she deliberately lied to him. Just the thought of being spat on by the disapproving public was enough to drown her.

Meanwhile, after returning to the set, the director resumed his usual work like the entire incident with Xu Xin never happened.

Because, he was now confident that no matter what Xu Xin did, it would not affect the production.

After the morning shoot was done, the director approached Tangning both apologetically and thankfully, "Thanks to your reminder, the sl*t could not make things worse. Her pregnancy was fake as expected."

"Director, I did it for the sake of the crew and not to get on your good side."

"I know," the director nodded. "Either way, you did me a huge favor. From now on, if you need anything, just ask for it."

Tangning smiled and did not say another word. As long as the director learned his lesson and never buckled under temptation like this again, it would already be the best form of gratitude.

"Don't worry, thanks to 'Survivor', you will definitely go home with another Best Actress Award."

At this moment, Xu Xin was hiding in a hidden corner watching the conversation between the director and Tangning. Although she couldn't hear it clearly, she had a feeling that her incident with the director had something to do with Tangning.

Only Tangning had the ability to recover a losing battle like this.

With this thought, Xu Xin clenched her fists tighter...

It was Tangning again...

Not too far away, Lin Qian arrived with Tangning's lunch and the two women began to chat and laugh amongst themselves like nothing had happened. But, Xu Xin knew herself, how unwilling she was to accept this fate.

"Now that the director has exposed Xu Xin's lie, she can't possibly have no response. She will definitely strike back when she gets the chance," Tangning said as she ate. "You need to pay close attention to her."

"Understood," Lin Qian nodded. "People like her are the most annoying. You know that she doesn't do much harm, but you can't help shooing her away because she's like an annoying fly."

"She absolutely had the choice to walk a clean and honest path."

"But, if she chose that path, she wouldn't have survived in this industry," Lin Qian sighed. "Of course, you are an exception."

Tangning did not say another word. Her heart simply ached for those that had talent but didn't have good EQ.

Meanwhile, Xu Xin glared at the two women with the urge to tear them apart.

However, she did not act on impulse. Instead, she waited until the director had his afternoon break before she approached him and asked, "You don't look hurt at all. You're just putting on an act, aren't you?"

"Don't forget that you lied to me first!" the director sneered.

"So you thought of an idea like this to control me, didn't you? No, to be exact, you didn't think of it, Tangning did, didn't she?" Xu Xin asked emotionally.

The director did not reply.

"Is that a silent admittance? Great..." Xu Xin sneered as she promised to herself that she'd make Tangning disappear from the face of the earth.

"If you don't have any other business here, you can go report on set at the new production. The fact that I didn't expose this matter to the public is already a kind enough gesture. Stop clinging to me." After speaking, the director pushed Xu Xin away, "You can wait a bit before you tell everyone that we broke up. After that, you can find another victim to sell your tricks to. On the surface, you are looking for a partner, but in reality, you are merely using your body in exchange for benefits."

"If not, what else could I do?" Xu Xin laughed. "I don't have any background whatsoever."

At this moment, the director pointed towards Tangning, "She was previously swindled out of everything she had and was much more pitiful than you."

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"Xu Xin sneered as she promised to herself that she'd make Tangning disappear from the face of the earth." Lol. Xu Xin, if there's someone who should disappear. It should be you. You're not needed here.

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She's annoying. Hurry and get rid of her.....

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B*tch, Tangning was in a ****ty situation before, but our Queen ain't be *****ing about it. She worked hard, to achieve everything she has today. She didn't rely on anyone or anything. So keep your whining ass away our Queen and work girl!