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It's My Fault For Not Handling The PR Properly

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[Exposed! Tangning's child admitted to hospital three times, but Tangning doesn't appear even once!]

[Rumor has it, Tangning has no love for her child and her relationship with Mo Ting is based on mutual benefit]

[Best marriage of convenience acting: Tangning's acting ability applied to her lies]

"According to the Entertainment Weekly's latest discovery, it has been revealed that Tangning has no love for her son. While she was filming her latest film, it has been reported that her child was admitted to the hospital three times. But, Tangning wasn't present even once. It seems, she has no concern for her child's health and it has been rumored that her relationship with Mo Ting has always been a marriage of convenience."

"After being made aware of this situation, we sent our reporters to investigate this matter at the hospital that Tangning's child was admitted to. In the end, it was confirmed by the medical staff that Tangning's son had indeed been sick multiple times, but Mo Ting was the only one they had ever seen. It seems, the rumors of a marriage of convenience may not have no basis."

"On top of that, we also interviewed the doctor that previously treated Tangning's child. For the truth, please continue to watch the following video..."

"It is the hospital's mission to maintain confidentiality for its patients, so I have no right to reveal anything about the child's illness. But, during the multiple times that the child was admitted to the hospital, I had indeed not seen his mother even once, only the father," Tan Suling said calmly in the video that was playing.

"As for whether Tangning loves her child, I'm afraid only she knows."

If her first few sentences didn't really suggest anything, her last sentence definitely did.

It obviously had a hidden meaning.

By saying what she did, Tan Suling was deliberately making people misunderstand the situation.

"It's not convenient for me to discuss any other matters. Thank you."

After the video was released, most people felt that it wasn't something that Tangning would do; it didn't suit her character.

But...the doctor at the hospital had personally confirmed it: while her child was sick, not only did Tangning not care for it, she didn't even appear at the hospital once. Was the image that she previously created, a complete facade?

Of course, this ignited the hatred of 'mother fans'. In their hearts, no matter what the situation was, Tangning was already a mother. They could disregard that she couldn't provide care for her child, but she should at least visit it once while it was sick, right?

However, she didn't!

"She deserves being criticized. Recently, when her child was seriously ill, she forcefully transferred it to another hospital, simply because our paediatrics specialist, Doctor Tan, had a few opinions about her. As a result, she completely ignored the well-being of her child and transferred him away."

"Although Doctor Tan's words may have been a little harsh, it was for the sake of the child. She simply dislikes irresponsible parents. If they don't want to take care of it, they shouldn't have given birth to it in the first place."

"Celebrities these days are nothing like the ones in the past. For the sake of their own interests, they would sacrifice anything."

In the end, the public simply had horrible words to say about Tangning.

Seeing this, Mo Ting erupted in anger for the first time in his office. He had never paid attention to the medical field. Who would have thought that the industry was just as messed up and incapable of differentiating right from wrong.

Seeing Mo Ting in silence, Tangning understood that he was angry. So, she gently held onto his hand to comfort him.

"It's my fault for not handling the PR properly and not protecting your reputation. Most importantly, I should have notified you about our son's condition earlier."

"How many storms have I come out of alive? Did you think I'd be afraid of a small bit of slandering?" Tangning shook her head with a smile.

Mo Ting placed his hand on Tangning's head and pulled it onto his shoulder.

"Don't worry, I will help you get justice."

The PR this time was difficult to manage. Doctors were a special group of people and the words that came out of their mouths always had a sense of authority. Plus, their responsibilty was to save lives and simply say things as they saw it. After all, it wasn't like they had any resources to compete with Tangning for, so they had no reason to deliberately defame her.

With the added fact that modern society was filled with pressures and the majority of people developed paranoia, it was understandable that they would naturally assume the worst.

Soon, the director of 'Survivor' gave Mo Ting a phone call, "President Mo, Tangning's situation is getting out of hand. Please hurry and resolve it before it affects the films reputation and progress."

"Don't worry," Mo Ting replied with two simple words.

Meanwhile, Tangning remained as calm as ever. Apart from making a few phone calls to Tang Yichen to check on Guo Guo's condition, she did not take the current scandal to heart; after being defamed so many times, she had already gotten used to it.

But, Mo Ting knew that if Hai Rui was to speak up at this time, it would simply feel like they were making excuses. So, he instead thought of Tang Yichen.

After seeing the news, Tang Yichen expressed her disgust towards Tan Suling. Even if Mo Ting didn't ask her, she would have stepped out and vouched for Tangning anyway. "Guo Guo is currently being treated at the military hospital because his weak immune system has triggered a fever. He is not in a serious condition as per the rumors and is not in a life or death situation," Tang Yichen released a copy of Guo Guo's examination results.

"Also, I would like to clarify the reason why Tangning decided to transfer her son to another hospital. Firstly, Guo Guo had a fever and a slight lung infection, so Tangning asked a particular Doctor Tan for help. However, due to her own personal emotions, this particular doctor lectured Tangning. At first, Tangning did not respond. But, the doctor was completely immoral and ended up saying that she wouldn't treat the child because it had a mother like Tangning. Since she wouldn't treat the child, Tangning had no choice but to find another capable doctor. As a result, she contacted me. Was she wrong for doing that?"

"Secondly, in regards to the rumor that Tangning did not show up at the hospital while her son was ill, I would like to ask if anyone has considered that there may be a reason for this? For example, it could be possible that Tangning did not know about this matter from the start. Everyone knows that my brother-in-law is famous for doting his wife. To prevent Tangning from being worried, it was completely possible for him to take on this entire problem without telling her. Most importantly, I would like to say one thing: a certain doctor at a certain hospital should take note of their own image before they go around lecturing others."

"As a doctor that demands parents to care for their children 24 hours a day, has she not considered that she will be held liable for these words? For those that are already parents, how many of you are capable of prioritizing your children at all times of the day. Isn't 24 hours too tiring?"

"After what I've said today, you are free to believe what you want. But, those that spread rumors about my nephew being seriously ill should disperse and get some good karma for themselves."


Regardless of the truth, it was certain that Guo Guo was not seriously ill.

As for Tang Yichen's words, they reminded all the parent's in the nation that not every doctor knew how to be responsible. In particular, those parents that had previously been tormented by Tan Suling were well aware of this.

"I never thought that this doctor was still around. Although her medical skills are not bad, there's definitely something wrong with her. Previously, when my mother took my child to see her, she requested my mother to watch over him through the entire night without sleeping. Even though my mother is already old, she told my mother that she can't allow the child to feel like no one cares about it. Is she mentally ill?"

"This doctor is very difficult to deal with. I definitely think that Tangning has been framed."

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