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As Long As It Makes You Suffer

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"Children are always like that, they have weak immune systems. So, there's no need to worry." After falling pregnant, Long Jie had become an expert in this aspect. "Either way, your family has so many people to help you take care of the kids. Your worries are uncalled for."

Tangning looked at the two sleeping rascals with a worrying look. No matter how many people they had at home to take care of them, no one could take the place of their mother. Regardless of everything, she would always worry about her babies.

After filming 'The Forensic Concubine', Tangning visited director Chen Feng once at the hospital. Seeing that his leg was recovering, she felt a lot more relieved.

"I originally thought that the broadcast of 'The Forensic Concubine' would be affected because there are a few important scenes that haven't been filmed yet. I never expected President Mo to adjust the sequence of events so that the drama would end on the climactic scene where Jun Yilan is forced to step down from his throne. There's actually ten episodes left to film. What a pity," Director Chen Feng said regretfully. "Because that last little bit wasn't filmed, we couldn't broadcast it."

"Everyone felt that the ending created a unique vibe. Although it wasn't as complete as the novel, it's still a great production," Tangning replied with a smile.

Director Chen Feng also smiled before he looked at Tangning seriously.

"Does Director Chen have something to say?"

Director Chen Feng pulled out a script from under his pillow and handed it to Tangning. He then said in a very careful voice, "I recommended you for this production. If you take part in this film, I think your portrayal would make it extremely spectacular."

Tangning looked at the script, the film was called 'Survivor'.

"This film is based on a true story about a plane crash that happened in Beijing 20 years ago. I've read through the script already. The main character is well-rounded and intriguing. That's why I recommended you. Go home and look through it in detail before you make a decision."

"Thank you Director Chen."

"Probably, throughout the entire film, you won't get the chance to wear a single piece of clean clothing or eat a decent meal, and let's not even talk about your appearance; you are going to appear like a crazy woman. A lot of actresses are too afraid to take on this role, in fear that their image would be destroyed. But, I believe in you."

Director Chen Feng believed that the Tangning that changed careers to acting, would not worry about her image if she came across a good role.

"I will take a good look at the script."

Tangning gave Chen Feng her sincere promise. But, unlike before, the feeling of holding this script was heavy.

This was a film based on a true story. If she accepted the role, she would have a new mission entrusted upon her. It felt like a huge responsibilty.

A disaster film like this was similar to 'W.H.', but also had its differences. 'W.H.' relied on imagination and created a visual impact and experience, but 'Survivor' was different. This was a true story; it had happened before. So, her aim was to make it feel realistic.

However, Tangning had no idea that 'Survivor' was about to set a new record for box office sales and she was to reach new heights because of this film. But, of course, that was to happen a little later.

After returning home, Tangning handed the script to Mo Ting, "Old Chen gave this to me..."

Mo Ting put down the documents in his hand and had a flip through the script, "Old Chen really understands you."

"So you agree that I should film 'Survivor'?"

"What reason do I have to reject it?" Mo Ting asked.

Tangning didn't know why, but the thought of taking on this film made her excited. She even walked into the nursery to hug and kiss her babies. Others may not have understood why, but Mo Ting understood Tangning's every thought. 'Survivor' posed a good challenge and was an extremely attractive role for Tangning.

In fact, Mo Ting had a feeling...

...this film was going to make Tangning into the indisputable Queen of the Film Industry!


'Survivor' was produced by the National Film Association and was affiliated with the Beijing government. So, when they were recruiting actors, they clearly noted that the pay was going to be low and the main actress' image may be ruined.

With such a depressing topic and a variety of restrictions, plenty of actresses turned the other way. But, Tangning, straight out agreed to it, without any requests regarding pay or image.

As a result, they officially announced that Tangning was the female lead of 'Survivor'. But, this was within most people's expectations. When it came to a challenging role like this, Tangning was expected to jump at it even if she had to be old, ugly and receive no pay. In fact, she may even pay for it instead.

So, the public came to a conclusion about Tangning, "No wonder she managed to receive everyone's acknowledgment in such a short amount of time. As long as there is a good script, she would go for it regardless of the consequences."

"Tangning has a thirst for good scripts. Of course...this also means that we are guaranteed a good script."

"Haha, an actress like Tangning should be classified as a national treasure. We never have to worry about her repeating the same role, so her projects always fill us with anticipation."

Most people in the industry had high hopes for Tangning's participation in 'Survivor'. But, of course, there were a few that disliked it.

"I refuse to believe that there is really an actress who doesn't care about her image. Just wait for it, I'm sure Tangning will regret it."

"For a film like this, if an actress doesn't portray it well, she will be destroying her career. It's no surprise if she ends up being flooded with criticism."

"Does she really think that she's a national treasure actress? Isn't she overestimating herself?"

Regardless of everything else, the news of Tangning filming 'Survivor' attracted a huge amount of reactions. Meanwhile...what was Bai Yu doing at this time?

Ever since she discovered Bai Linlin and her husband having an affair, she didn't seem to hate Tangning as much as before. No matter how much she hated Tangning, at least Tangning never stole her husband or broke apart her family.

Yet, Bai Linlin, her own sister...she actually...

Thinking of what had happened, Bai Yu felt extremely disgusted.

Especially since, after things were laid out on the table, Bai Linlin and her husband, Jeff, had become even more fearless in front of her. Yet, as a public figure, there was nothing she could do to get justice for herself.

"While the mood hasn't gone sour yet, it's best that you sign our divorce papers. Otherwise, both of us will only look bad."

Bai Yu wanted to kick Jeff out of the house, but the house belonged to him, so she had no right. Yet, if she was to leave, she was sure that Bai Linlin would claim ownership of the place without feeling any sense of guilt. If that happened, she would be dreaming if she thought she could ever return again...

"I've never seen someone cheat in such a proud and bold way."

"Even if I break up with Linlin, I can't continue to be with you."

"I can. As long as it makes you suffer, I can do anything..."

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LittleDragonMaiden1 year ago
Oh my Gosh! I'm soooo excited for my Queen's new project! I kinda feel Bad for Bai Yu. I mean, she was in this mess because of her stupid sister in the first place.
lassfromneverland1 year ago
"An actress like Tangning should be classified as national treasure" Indeed. You won't ever come across a person like Tangning again.
Bald_Chanyeol_1 year ago
Ning about to officially crowned as Queen 💁 Lowkey pity that Bai Yu but she had it coming.