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"Out of all the celebrities that have ever participated in reality shows, I've never seen one that is so fake."

"She deserves to be eliminated. This is a show about teamwork, yet she keeps trying to show off while dragging everyone down. She must be crazy."

"From the start, she already appeared like she didn't want to walk and wanted people to carry her. Unfortunately for her, no one fell for her trick."

"Bai Yu's personality is not bad, but she likes to show off too much. If I had a friend like her in real life, I would be quite frightened."

"If I must be blatantly honest, she is a 'green tea b*tch' and 'white lotus'.

"It's so obvious that she is acting. No wonder her teammates eliminated her."

"When I watched the second half of the episode without Bai Yu, everything was a lot more normal..."

Bai Yu wanted to display her high EQ in front of everyone. But, she was too self-obsessed. Who was going to accept this on a reality show? So, even though the viewers scolded her, she deserved it.

This made Bai Yu almost explode in front of the staff. Why didn't they tell her that everyone was against her from the start? After she got off the helicopter, she rushed into the bathroom to release her anger.

Soon, her assistant came to take her away. After they boarded their van, Bai Yu swiped everything onto the floor. She even cut her assistant's face with her phone.

However, she wasn't aware that there were paparazzi trailing closely behind and her tantrum had been captured on camera.

Was this so-called high EQ and well tempered person about to fall apart?

Bai Yu was completely unaware of this as she continued to rush home. But, just as she opened her front door, she heard some noises coming from her bedroom. Bai Yu tilted her head and listened carefully before she threw open the bedroom door. That's when she saw Bai Linlin and her husband lying in bed, kissing affectionately...

At that moment, Bai Yu stared into the room in shock. Especially at the two naked bodies. All of a sudden, she didn't know how she was supposed to react.

"Honey, why are you home..."


Like a bolt out of the blue, Bai Yu finally realized what was happening as her face turned red. She was completely disgusted and humiliated. She never expected that her two closest people would be cheating behind her back.

"Bai Linlin, you are amazing. You actually seduced your brother-in-law!"

Seeing that she had been exposed, Bai Linlin did not hide anymore. She wrapped herself in the bedsheets and said straightforwardly to Bai Yu, "Sis, I'll be honest with you. I'm already pregnant with brother-in-law's child and we've decided to keep it!"

Bai Yu's assistant was just standing in the doorway, yet Bai Linlin dared to speak with no restraint.

Bai Yu pushed her assistant out and stormed up to Bai Linlin to give her a slap, but she was stopped by the man in the room, "Bai Yu, that's enough! Linlin's pregnant!"

"So? Are you expecting me to bless the two of you, or are you expecting the three of us to live happily together? Let me tell you, it's impossible. I will never let this child be born. Otherwise, the three of us will go down together."

"Are you crazy? This is a matter between the adults. Don't get a child involved."

"Did you guys ever think about me when you decided to cheat?" Bai Yu cried. "Why? Why did it have to be my sister and my husband? Bai Linlin, have you no shame?"

"That's enough," Bai Yu's husband grabbed onto her wrist and threw her away. "Since things have gotten to this point, let's get a divorce. I will return to the US with Linlin."

"Divorce?" Bai Yu stared at the man as tears rolled down her cheek. With a cold laugh, she said, " Impossible! I'd rather be destroyed together."

"You're impossible to reason with." After speaking, the man grabbed onto Bai Linlin's hand and dragged her out of the bedroom. Meanwhile, Bai Yu was left feeling empty. She was in so much pain that she couldn't say a word.

Her assistant simply stood by the doorway. After seeing Bai Yu catch the two adulterers, she immediately approached her and asked, "Yu Jie, are you OK?"

"Are those two planning to live happily ever after? They must be dreaming."

"But, Yu Jie, if you reveal it, you will be the one to lose out..."

Bai Yu's image was already not as good as in the past. Especially after the recent reality show appearance. If she was to reveal that she was getting a divorce, it wouldn't matter that her husband cheated, it would forever be a an unerasable flaw in her life.

"Let's think this over, don't act too recklessly."

Bai Yu gripped onto her assistant's arm. It was obvious that she was almost at her breaking point.

"Why? Why did God have to punish me in this way?"

However, this wasn't all. Afterwards, the paparazzi released a video of Bai Yu chucking a tantrum and hurting her assistant. In an instant, her high EQ and approachable image collapsed like a building that had lost its foundation...


Seeing Bai Yu's pitiful state, Tangning was calm. Ever since the incident with 'Concubine Ning', the distance between her and Bai Yu had gotten further and further apart. She no longer had to take Bai Yu to heart.

Even so, the people beside her felt like she had gotten payback from Bai Yu.

Above all, Long Jie received information that Bai Yu's marriage was going through a change.

Of course, Tangning already knew about this since An Zihao had already given her the evidence. But, Tangning did not mention it to anyone.

If there was a rumor that Bai Yu's marriage was going through a change, then...

...she must have discovered what was going on between her husband and Bai Linlin.

The blow she received must have been apocalyptic.

"Hey, how come you had no reaction when I mentioned this matter?" Long Jie asked as she supported her belly.

"I should be the curious one. You're about to give birth. How coukd Lu Che let you wander around like this?" Tangning said as she glared at Long Jie. "Either way, I already knew about this matter long ago. I previously held it in my hand as a bargaining chip. I didn't expect Bai Yu to be destroyed like this. I had already forgotten about it."

"I don't think you forgot about it. You knew that you didn't need to personally make a move because Bai Yu was going to find out sooner or later," Long Jie snorted.

When going against an enemy, Tangning never held back.

"It's already like a living hell for Bai Yu. So, from now on, we don't need to waste our energy on her anymore."

Tangning still had a long way to go...

Whereas, Bai Yu, had reached her end.

The victor was apparent and there was no longer any need to dwell on the matter.

"That's right, you are the favorite for the Fei Tian Best Actress Award this year..." Long smiled. As she looked at Tangning at this moment, it felt like she was glowing with a bright aura.

"But, Guo Guo has been having a fever for last two days. The doctor said it's because he developed slowly in my stomach and didn't absorb enough nutrition. That's why he's weaker than Tang Tang." With everything that was going on, Tangning did not forget that she was the mother of two children.

  1. An internet slang used to describe a young woman that likes to dress and act in a certain fashion in order to portray herself as pure and innocent. But, is far from that.
  2. Someone that appears clean and pure on the surface, but is actually a horrible person on the inside.
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