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This Competition Was Exciting Enough, Wasn't It?

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Soon, the video received a large number of views. In fact, a few detailed fans even noticed that clicking on the video would take them straight to the official website of 'The Forensic Concubine'.

This time, the official website was no longer plain and deserted. Because now, sitting in the spot where a question mark previously represented the male lead was a photo of Jun Yilan.

That's right, it was a photo of Jun Yilan from the drama!

And there, written on the top right hand side of the photo in beautiful ancient calligraphy were the words, Jun Yilan -- played by Mo Ting.

"I'm going to go crazy! I've never seen an actor that is so accurate to the author's description. Mo Ting is perfect! Especially when he is dressed in armor. He looks powerful, but heartbreaking."

"But, the problem is, can Mo Ting act?"

"I don't care if he can act or not. Even if he just stands still and does nothing, I'm willing to sit through 80 episodes."

"When will 'The Forensic Concubine' be aired? I really want to see Jun Yilan. I'm so excited!"

"My heart has never felt so much suspense from a drama before. I hope Hai Rui announces their air date soon. Otherwise, a few snippets from the drama would be just as good..."

"It's so good. Tangning and Mo Ting are exactly what we wanted from Qing Lan and Jun Yilan. The vibe is perfect!"


There were plenty of cheers from the audience, especially from youngsters. Because anyone that watched the video were drawn in by the short 10 seconds of footage.

Since the youngsters were all focused on finding more information about 'The Forensic Concubine', the number of people sitting in front of the television diminished. Even though Bai Yu still had complete confidence in her drama.

"I refuse to believe that a short clip like that would be able to cause much of an impact."

Indeed, a short clip wasn't going to do much, but, the next day, the viewership ratings for 'Concubine Ning' still shocked the industry.

During its opening, the rating exceeded 2. But, after 2 days, it had already dropped to 1.4, all because of the simple video released by 'The Forensic Concubine'. 10 seconds was all it took to almost cut 'Concubine Ning's' viewership rating in half.

As for the fact that Mo Ting was acting as Jun Yilan, the entire industry was shocked.

After all, no one expected that Mo Ting could act.

Above all, plenty of experts doubted that he had any acting skills at all.

But, in the past, didn't Tangning manage to change from a model to an actress?

Regardless, the most shocking thing was, the reaction towards Mo Ting acting as Jun Yilan was huge. For the entire day, the words 'Mo Ting Jun Yilan' sat at the top of search rankings. One could imagine that the amount of attention it attracted was frightening.

Mo Ting seized the moment. So, as if on purpose, that night at 8pm, during 'Concubine Ning's' broadcast, he released the latest trailer for 'The Forensic Concubine'. This time, the video lasted for 3 minutes!

With the release of this 3 minute trailer, the fans once again went crazy. After all...

...the Jun Yilan portrayed by Mo Ting was so handsome that even the Gods had to agree!

Everyone aimed to watch the trailer because of Mo Ting's handsomeness. But, they ended up being convinced by the 3 minute clip. They had to admit that the acting in the drama, especially Tangning's was realistic and full of life. As for Mo Ting, he exceeded everyone's expectations. He completely looked like an experienced actor who handled every scene with ease.

"Boo, this is no fun. I want to watch the real thing."

"How is 3 minutes enough? Just release the real thing, Hai Rui!"

"Wow, I originally thought that since Tangning and Mo Ting were a couple, their acting would be lacking. But, as soon as they got into character...I couldn't find any trace of the real them."

"I don't care. This is the Jun Yilan that I wanted! I'm extremely satisfied!"

Because of the 3 minute trailer, plenty of people ended up losing interest in 'Concubine Ning'. After all, it had only started airing for 2 days and they hadn't developed any sentimental feelings towards it yet. Above all, 'The Forensic Concubine' was an adaptation of a quality IP with fans that already felt deeply about it. So, with the addition of Mo Ting, the drama created quite a stir.

As a result, by the fourth day, the viewership ratings for 'Concubine Ning' dropped to 1.1. If it continued at the same rate, it was possible that it would even drop below 1. So, the crew of 'Concubine Ning' suddenly felt a sense of panic.

Meanwhile, Bai Yu was so angry that she smashed everything on the floor.

She never imagined​ that 'The Forensic Concubine' would make a comeback like that.

Her glory, her viewers and her chance to become the Queen!

Because of Mo Ting and Tangning, she had lost it all.

In response, 'Concubine Ning' decided to host a few events to save the situation. But, trying to win back viewers that had already been lost was not an easy task to achieve.

As she watched Tangning and Mo Ting's followers increase and 'Concubine Ning's' viewers decrease, Bai Yu finally felt it was impossible to make a comeback. Initially, she thought that she'd be able to take a breath after 'The Forensic Concubine' finished its first round of promotions. But, the thing that made her breakdown even further was the announcement that 'The Forensic Concubine' would be airing on an opposing channel during the exact same primetime slot.

Previously, when the channel that 'Concubine Ning' was airing on, saw that the popularity of 'The Forensic Concubine' was through the roof, they had contacted Mo Ting in private. At that time, Mo Ting simply said to them, "If you are willing to remove 'Concubine Ning' from your channel, then I'm happy to air 'The Forensic Concubine'. Otherwise, don't even mention it."

But, of course, the channel couldn't just remove 'Concubine Ning' for no reason. So, they had to regretfully give up on the right to air 'The Forensic Concubine'.

They must have never imagined that cooperating with 'Concubine Ning' was equivalent to offending Hai Rui and Mo Ting...

So, Mo Ting ended up cooperating with their biggest competitor and chose the same airing time.

This competition was exciting enough, wasn't it?

Although everyone expected 'Concubine Ning' to suffer a huge blow, when they actually saw the ratings, they were still shocked beyond belief.

0.59 vs 3.1.

The viewership ratings for 'Concubine Ning' was even worse than the morning news broadcast.

'Concubine Ning' was the perfect example of opening high and ending low.

But, in reality, everyone knew that the situation had changed because of Mo Ting's attack.

It was because he was a smart decision maker.

So, the first day of airing for 'The Forensic Concubine' resulted in rave reviews.

"Haha, I'm so happy. Seeing Qing Lan and Jun Yilan together fills me with joy."

"Their characters were once young and pure!"

"Although we know that sadness awaits them, I still want to keep watching."

The audience were cold-hearted. Even though they appeared to be loyal on the surface, they had pretty much forgotten that they had previously said that they'd only support Bai Yu when they watched 'Concubine Ning'. Now, apart from 'The Forensic Concubine', they no longer had any intention to watch any other drama.

Meanwhile, Mo Ting used solid proof to show everyone, if they provoked Hai Rui, they would only end up like Bai Yu, regardless of how much they appeared to be at an advantage.

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lassfromneverland1 year ago
The Forensic Concubine will be aired at the same time slot. Who'd want to watch Bai Yu's show? No one. From 2.1 to 0 real quick 😂😂😂
Bald_Chanyeol_1 year ago
Ting ain't playing around 🤣
girl_frm_neverland1 year ago
Haha xD this seems so damn satisfying. However real face slaps is waiting to be ticked off.