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Bai Yu Was So Tacky!

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"I'm not a child, is it necessary for you to worry about this?" Tangning patted Mo Ting on the back of his hand and smiled, "Don't worry, everything will be perfect."

"After being suppressed for so's time for my Ning to shine," Mo Ting spoke like a fan. "Although the event tomorrow isn't anything important, it will be your first appearance in front of the public after giving birth. Also, it will be the perfect chance to prove things..."

It was the perfect chance to prove that Bai Yu was stupid.

"I understand!" Tangning nodded.

"By the way, you will have a costume fitting in two days time. Right now, my mind is filled with images of how you will look in ancient attire," Mo Ting said as he looked at Tangning in the mirror, "You will definitely look perfect."

In reality, Tangning was also imagining how Mo Ting would look dressed as an emperor. The sight would definitely amaze everyone.

Mo Ting looked into Tangning's eyes through the reflection in the mirror. The couple's hearts were connected, so they naturally understood what the other was thinking, but Mo Ting did not let her know that he knew. He simply kissed her on the back and stepped out. He was afraid, if he stayed there any longer, he and Tangning would put on a passionate, love action scene...


Meanwhile, after seeing Tangning's commercial, Bai Yu spent the entire night struggling to sleep. So, she got out of bed and made a few phone calls to some friends in the industry.

"Once Tangning strikes, she never shows her opponent any mercy..."

"Bai Yu, how did you get on Tangning's bad side. She's not easy to deal with. She's already thrown a couple of enemies into prison."

"Tangning is backed by Mo Ting. Why would you compete with her?"

Bai Yu wanted to hear a different point of view. But, everyone simply avoided Tangning. As soon as she mentioned Tangning's name, they would end the conversation.

"Bai Yu, you should make the most of your role in 'Concubine Ning' and stop competing with Tangning. She simply appears weak on the surface."

Why didn't these people say all this before the headlines began saying that she was crushed and suppressed by Tangning?

Only after Tangning made a comeback did they try to convince her.

But, Bai Yu simply viewed it as the first encounter with Tangning. She couldn't allow herself to be flustered. After all, she had been in Hollywood for many years. Was there really a person that she couldn't go up against?

With this thought, Bai Yu returned to her room. Seeing her husband sitting up against the headboard waiting for her, she let out a sigh. At least she had someone to depend on: a husband that was obedient towards her...


It was Tangning's first time making an appearance in front of the public since giving birth, so, her ability to attract the media's attention could not be underestimated. After all, Bai Yu had made the media think that she overshadowed Tangning in multiple aspects: including her figure and EQ. And Tangning appeared like she couldn't refute even a word. Yet, she suddenly appeared as the spokesperson for a big name brand. The turn of events was too satisfying of a face slap.

But, even though Tangning easily demonstrated her capability and showed off her figure with a 30 second commercial, what about her EQ?

During the time that Tangning was suppressed by Bai Yu, the media had no way of knowing how she felt because they never got the chance to see her. So now that they finally got the chance, they were definitely going to ask for her thoughts.

But, thoughts?

She never had any thoughts, she simply had actions.

The time was 7pm.

The press release for the new product launch of the famous luxury brand was attended by many well-renowned fashion personalities. But, with Tangning's current status, she was arranged to enter last.

As they faced the star-studded red carpet, the media waited on the two sides. It had been too long since they last saw Tangning, so they were extremely curious whether she was exactly how she appeared in the commercial, flaunting a perfect body.

The time spent on the red carpet was one hour. Although the media knew that Tangning would be entering last, their anticipation continued to increase. Every now and then, they would take impatient glances towards the entrance.

"The pharmacy is going to be popular tonight. I noticed everyone's contracted the crooked neck disease! Haha, I can tell that everyone is excited for Tangning's appearance," the host joked with a smile. Who said Tangning's outdated? he thought to himself. From the degree of anticipation, it was clear to see that Tangning was still the same Tangning.

"Alright, there's not much time left on the red carpet and I'm sure everyone's patience is wearing out. So, following on, please welcome our Tangning!"

As soon as the host mentioned Tangning...

...the two sides of the red carpet erupted in excitement...

All that could be heard were the sounds of camera shutters...

A moment later, Tangning appeared on the red carpet wearing an elegant watery blue long dress. Her light makeup and curly shoulder-length hair made her appear extremely soft and gentle. Most importantly, her gaze was lively and filled with spirit. Previously, when Bai Yu paraded in front of the cameras on her own, it was impossible to truly compare the two women. But now, with one single glance at Tangning, everyone had the same thought: Bai Yu was so tacky!

"Oh God, Tangning's here!"

"Tangning, look over here..."


The media squeezed onto the red carpet like they had gone mad. In response, the security guards quickly put things back into order.

Meanwhile, Tangning maintained a smile the entire time as she walked up to the host. After bowing to everyone, she turned to look at the host. She knew the host also had a mission to accomplish.

"Tangning, after anticipating your appearance for so long, you're finally here!"

"Everyone has worked hard," Tangning replied appropriately as she held onto the microphone.

"You've also worked hard. Your commercial was done really well. Even my daughter has watched it a few dozen times at home. I'm really surprised. Plus, I think you've maintained your body better than before. What's your secret?" the host asked nosily.

"Actually, it's all thanks to maintaining a reasonable diet," Tangning replied with a general answer.

"Tangning, can you answer a few of our questions?" the reporters on the two sides were getting impatient. They finally saw her and she didn't disappoint, but...

...they couldn't go home empty-handed.

"Sorry, the event is about to start and our Tangning needs to head in," the host quickly helped out.

However, at this time, Tangning lifted her wrist, looked at her watch and said to the reporters, "I know what you want to ask. After the event is over, I can spare a few minutes. But for now, the event is indeed about to start. I'm sorry, everyone."

"We can wait!"

Tangning smiled and entered the venue under the protection of the security.

If Bai Yu was in her position, she would have appeared in front of the media looking innocent like she was forced to accept an interview when she didn't want to, forcing the reporters to feel sympathy for her.

Yet, Bai Yu's fans claimed that Tangning was putting on an act.

"When has that b*tch ever been so nice as to appear in front of the media on her own? Isn't she just trying to compete with our Bai Yu in terms of EQ?"

"She's fake, she's completely fake! Let's see how long she can put on her act. Her temper is obviously not that good, yet she's forcing herself to put on an act. How shameless!"

"I can't wait to see what she'll say to the reporters after she faces them..."

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lassfromneverland1 year ago

"Isn't she just trying to compete with our Bai Yu in terms of EQ?" We all know who the winner is when it comes to EQ. Bai Yu wouldn't even compare. And how dare they call Tangning fake? Bai Yu is the fake one, having two faces.

NADPH1 year ago

Our REAL EQ queen mo is here, the fake can leave already

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