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Turn The World Upside Down And Disregard Everything Else!

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" only know how to bully the weak. Why don't you get Chen Xingyan to fight her own fights. Just because she can't beat me, she called for help!"

"How much better than her do you think you are? If you want to insult me, you should say it to my face. You aren't any better for talking behind my back," Tangning struck back.

"There are plenty of people that talk about you. Why don't you interrogate every single one of them?"

After hearing this, Tangning decided that she'd put things to an end. After all, she had come all the way here and Bai Linlin happened to be present. So, she said to Lu Che, "Open the door."

"There are a lot of people trying to eavesdrop outside," Lu Che warned.

"Let them watch properly," Tangning replied casually.

Lu Che nodded and opened the door to the waiting room. Quite a few people were gathered outside, all doing the same gesture. It seemed, they were all trying to lean against the door and listen in on what was happening. As soon as Lu Che opened the door, their faces swept over with awkwardness, including the host of the broadcast show.

"Ummm, I'm here to notify Chen Xingyan that the show will start in 10 minutes, but never expected to see Tangning..."

"Xingyan, get ready. I'll handle this," Tangning was unaffected by the observers as she spoke in her usual calm.

"Tangning, can you give me an autograph...?"

"Yes Tangning, we all like you very much. It's rare to see you, so we are a little overexcited..."


It turned out, these people weren't here to be nosy. They simply heard that Tangning had appeared and wanted to get autographs.

"That's no problem," Tangning agreed. After she finished signing the autographs, one of the girls said "You're still as beautiful as ever. You don't look like you've given birth at all."

"That's right, you've taken extremely good care of yourself. You're really beautiful..."

"Thank you," Tangning thanked them politely.

Chen Xingyan wanted to remain in the room, but remembering that An Zihao had put in a lot of effort to secure the appearance for her, she had no choice but to stand up and walk out to the studio past everyone that had gathered in the room.

Afterwards, Tangning sat on the sofa and looked at her phone without saying a word. Every now and then, a few people would come in to ask for her autograph. Tangning was not annoyed at all as she satisfied the requests of the television station staff, one at a time.

Not only this, everytime someone came in, they couldn't help but sigh in admiration. How did Tangning take care of herself so well that she did not show any signs of having given birth? In fact, she looked especially youthful and beautiful.

Even the higher-ups in the station pretended to pass by, just so they could greet her.

The waiting room somehow transformed into a meeting room as people continuously entered and exited. However, Bai Linlin remained in place, too afraid to make a move as people came and went and gossiped about her.

Seeing this, Bai Linlin's manager interrupted, "Errr...Miss Tang, our Bai..."

"It's none of your business," Lu Che stopped the manager threateningly.

The manager was helpless as she quickly shut up and pretended to be mute.

Bai Linlin continued to stand in the same spot. It was now her turn to be ridiculed by others. News had already spread that after she threw sewage water on Chen Xingyan, she could only stand still like a primary school student accepting a punishment, when faced with Tangning.

No matter how long Tangning remained in the waiting room, Bai Linlin stood in place for the same amount of time.

By the time Chen Xingyan completed her show at 10pm, Tangning was still in the waiting room and Bai Linlin was still standing.

Chen Xingyan was a little surprised...

She, of course, did not understand how smart Tangning's method was.

As a senior, she couldn't possibly cover Bai Linlin in poo, nor would she do something so embarrassing anyway. So, the best thing to do was to make Bai Linlin stand around like a retard as everyone watched. She did not need to exhaust any energy to make Bai Linlin's arrogance completely disappear.

As for the reason why Bai Linlin did not dare to move: she was much too afraid...

Tangning did not say a single word to her, yet she did not dare to even take a step.

"You've finished? Remove your makeup and let's go..."

Chen Xingyan looked at Tangning and gestured that 'someone' was still standing around.

Tangning chuckled and replied, "I didn't tell her to stand there!"

Bai Linlin glared at the two women. But, she could only wait until Tangning left before she yelled at her manager, "Hurry over and lend me a hand. Sl*t! I will definitely get her back for this."


Tangning led Chen Xingyan to her car. After they boarded, she said, "I did not lay a hand on her today. If I did, I would appear unreasonable and would truly become the bully that others say I am. That would be of no benefit to you."

"But, she's still afraid of you..."

"Do you know why she's afraid of me?" Tangning glanced at Chen Xingyan and answered calmly, "Because I've encountered plenty of people like her in the past. At first, I would simply endure and not say a word, but afterwards, I would always make them pay me back double. Whether it's a small matter or a big one, as long as they owe me, I will chase them down for it!"

"Bai Linlin was afraid because she knew, when it was time for me to truly make a move, I'd be willing to turn the world upside down and disregard everything else!"

"So, she was silent like a cicada in winter..."

This was the frightening thing about Tangning. Just a small move was enough to trigger a huge response. Because soon, news spread like wildfire: Bai Linlin was punished by Tangning and forced to stand still for two hours without making a move!

This sent the public one message.

No matter how powerful Bai Linlin was and how capable she was, in front of Tangning, she couldn't ​even breathe loudly.

As a result, Bai Linlin's older sister, Bai Yu, felt extremely humiliated.

The other reason why Tangning did not directly teach Bai Linlin a lesson was because Bai Linlin and Chen Xingyan were currently on the same level. Even if she taught Bai Linlin a lesson this time, she still would not acknowledge Chen Xingyan.

Meanwhile, the other point that the public focused on was, of course, Tangning's current state and figure.

Even though the staff at the television station praised her for being more beautiful than before...wasn't she still a mother?

Since she was a mother, wouldn't her body just smell like milk...?

Chen Xingyan truly admired and thought highly of Tangning, because, no matter who she faced, she was capable of making them docile and obedient.

After hearing what had happened, An Zihao tried to hold back his laughter for a while, before he said to Chen Xingyan, "The suffering that Tangning has gone through isn't something that you can imagine. She originally fell from a high point in her career to the lowest low and experienced betrayal and schemes. Under those circumstances, any person would explode frighteningly."

"You may never reach the same level as her..."

"...because you don't know how to handle provocation."

Chen Xingyan thought for a moment and tested An Zihao, "Will you always treat me this well?"

"Of course," An Zihao replied as he placed a kiss on her lips. However, he never expected that their current lifestyle would soon be flipped upside down...

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sailorambo1 year ago
Funny! Tangning didnt say or do anything. The little Bai-bully kid punished herself - nobody told her to stand still but she did. So who's fault? Hahahahw! Tangning is a legend already.
lassfromneverland1 year ago
"You're still beautiful as ever. You don't look like you've given birth all."
Hime031 year ago
I bet An Zihao's dead girlfriend's parents is going to cause problems. Honestly, he doesn't owe them anything. He is already kind enough that he takes care of them on behalf of their dead daughter when she isn't even his wife. Old people are just too much.