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President Mo Sure Dotes On His Wife!

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The scene today wasn't foreign to Chen Xingyan. She had previously experienced it with Annie...

Thinking about her unhappy memories, Chen Xingyan huddled up and allowed An Zihao to wash her off. The assistant soon returned with a set of clean clothes and the trio ended up spending 40 minutes in the bathroom. However, they still could not remove the strong smell from Chen Xingyan's body.

As a relatively careless artist, this was a common occurrence. If one simply thought about everything that Tangning had experienced, it was clear to see the entertainment industry was a place where people supported the high and tread on the low; it would never change.

Chen Xingyan had already fallen into many traps in the past, yet she was schemed against this time. An Zihao couldn't be blamed for feeling a little disappointed; Chen Xingyan was maturing too slowly.

After returning home, Chen Xingyan locked herself in the bathroom and washed herself off for four long hours. During this time, An Zihao contacted the producers of the talk show, warned them to keep the incident a secret and requested for them to find the culprit. But, it was easier said than done.

By the time Chen Xingyan came out of the bathroom, it was already 3am the next day. Seeing An Zihao waiting for her in the living room, she lowered her head and walked towards him.

Amidst the darkness, An Zihao wrapped his arm around Chen Xingyan's waist and pulled her onto his lap. The couple looked each other in the eyes, but Chen Xingyan was unhappy, "I don't think I can ever be as calculative as Ning Jie. It's too tiring. I think I'm truly not suited for this industry."

"Forget about it for now..." An Zihao sighed as he pinched her nose.

Since Chen Xingyan couldn't grow stronger and protect herself, then he would have to grow stronger to protect her.

At times, he realized he was forcing people to do things that were beyond their powers, "If you feel that you truly don't like acting anymore and you don't want to rush around to different jobs all the time. You don't need to do it from now on."


"Who told you to make me worry?" An Zihao asked helplessly.

Chen Xingyan was silent for a few seconds as she began to realize that she hadn't given much in their relationship.

She refused to do this and refused to change that. It seemed, An Zihao was always catering to her...

"I will persist for a little longer. If I really can't handle it anymore, I will let you know."

But, Chen Xingyan had no idea that the news of 'Mo Ting's sister covered in poo' would spread like wildfire the next day.

The name 'Chen Xingyan' wasn't important. The important thing was, she was Mo Ting's sister.

"This measly stunt double was previously rumored to have drunk urine. This time, someone covered her in poo. She's sure fated to be involved with stuff like this."

"Haha, I know right?"

"Mo Ting's sister doesn't seem like she's anything impressive."

"Compared to the Mo Couple, she's miles behind."

Mo Ting never expected that Chen Xingyan would cause news like this. It seemed, everytime she entered the headlines, it would be because she got bullied. So, Mo Ting began to feel that An Zihao was not a qualified manager.

Initially, Mo Ting did not have the intention to get involved in Chen Xingyan's matters. Until, he received a phone call from Tangning, "Xingyan is your sister. Even if Hai Rui doesn't say anything, we can't just stand idly by."

But, what were they to do about a matter like this?

"You're not going to sit and watch as a Mo Family member gets bullied, right?"

Mo Ting lifted an eyebrow before he asked Fang Yu to contact An Zihao. He told Fang Yu to tell him, if he couldn't protect Chen Xingyan, then hand her contract over to Hai Rui. Hai Rui would never allow its artist to suffer like this.

Meanwhile, An Zihao had utilized his contacts to lock down on the culprit and they had confirmed who it was.

However, there was a problem. The little rookie had a powerful older sister!

Amongst the most famous actresses on the international stage, the little rookie's sister was one of the them. This was perhaps the reason why she dared to make a move on Chen Xingyan; she had a solid backing!

This actress had previously been signed to Hai Rui. But, after her career progressed overseas, she started her own agency and signed a contract with Hollywood.

These days, she no longer acted, but instead changed to being a producer. Although she mainly focused her efforts overseas, she was still famous in China. People simply didn't see her very often.

After realizing the other party's strength, Chen Xingyan held An Zihao back, "You already gave up your assets for me last time, what are you going to sacrifice this time? It's just a bit of poo. I can handle it."

An Zihao looked deeply at Chen Xingyan, "I will definitely get revenge for you. I always do as I say. You don't have to worry about my methods."

Chen Xingyan looked at An Zihao in seriousness for a few seconds. In the end, she nodded her head, "I will try my best to behave from now on..."

"But, Mo Ting can't ignore this matter. After all, this was all because you tried to defend his wife," An Zihao scoffed. Even if he wasn't a great manager, Mo Ting wasn't much of a brother either.

So, An Zihao gave Fang Yu a phone call and gave his response to Mo Ting, "The other party was insulting Tangning. She said that Tangning's stretch marks could squish a mosquito and that she'd be old and unattractive in a few years. They even claimed that you'd eventually abandon her."

In other words, Mo Ting did not protect his woman's reputation either because the public did not have faith in him.

After hearing An Zihao's response, Mo Ting laughed. He then told Fang Yu, "Contact the CEO of Yi Xing Film and Television. Her sister has offended my sister. Tell her to give me an explanation."


This was the first time that Fang Yu had heard Mo Ting say this word. But, of course, Fang Yu knew that Mo Ting wasn't holding them accountable because of his sister. It was because of his wife. How dare they claim that Tangning had stretch marks?

Even though plenty of people assumed this...

...who dared to actually say it out loud? They were being much too brave!

Soon, they received a phone call from the CEO of Ying Xi, "We should meet and discuss this matter. After all, we used to work together."

The woman was an international superstar and had successfully changed career paths. So, she was naturally quite capable. Coupled with the open-mindednes she had adopted from the Americans and the ideals of an independent woman, she was, of course, unafraid of Mo Ting's threat, "It's just a small argument amongst the youngsters. President Mo shouldn't take it to heart."

Small argument?!

Was this what she considered it as?

"Plus, from what I'm aware, President Mo doesn't seem to be truly concerned about the argument amongst the youngsters, but rather the fact that my sister accidentally said a few insulting words about Mrs. Mo. President Mo sure dotes on his wife. I would love to see it in person."

"You will see it very soon."

Even Mo Ting couldn't get the other party to apologize, let alone An Zihao.

Since the other party considered this incident as a 'small argument', then Mo Ting was going to respond to this 'small argument'.

"Even so, I would still like to say a few things out of concern. I heard your wife has given birth. Since that's the case, it's normal to have stretch marks. It's a pity, whenever great supermodels or genius actresses give birth..."

"...they end up declining in value..."

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