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"But online, netizens are saying that Tangning's film was forced to do a revision and Tangning is being secretly banned because your grandfather utilized his contacts," the reporters dug a hole for Song Xin to step into. After all, Song Xin was currently blinded by anger, so it was easy for her to speak and act incorrectly.

"If my grandfather was so capable, would I still be bullied by Hai Rui?" Song Xin replied disdainfully as she glanced sideways at the reporter.

"In that case, was the Duan Jinghong that got caught for stealing really the same Jinghong that is currently in AOB?" the reporter asked.

"You will know as soon as you look at the photos online. She previously snuck into Mo Ting's office and was bitten by a dog, afterwards, through some unknown methods, she managed to change her image and debut as an artist. Although it's been 2 months since the incident, I would never speak recklessly about this. I can't believe she was my former manager, how shameless!"

"What about the car accident today? Can you explain that in detail?"


The public had already witnessed enough arguments in the entertainment industry. 

Everyone always claimed to be a victim. But, whenever they were finally exposed, they would look extremely shameful.

Most things, Hai Rui didn't need to explain, after all, it was just the usual nonsense. But, when it came to Duan Jinghong, the public suddenly viewed Hai Rui differently.

If Duan Jinghong was really the same Duan Jinghong that had tried to steal from Hai Rui, wasn't Hai Rui's response too weird?

If a thief could become a superstar, what kind of image was Hairui creating for the public?

In actual fact, Hai Rui had already handled the matter in secret. Since Mo Ting wanted Duan Jinghong to debut, he had obviously made necessary preparations. As a result, no one could find any photos online of Duan Jinghong from when she was caught for stealing and was bitten by a dog. So, with her completely different image, as long as the PR at Hai Rui argued that they were two different people, no one would be able to prove otherwise. After all, no one could find anything for comparison.

After seeing the news, Tangning gave Duan Jinghong a phone call, "Don't worry, continue on the path you are on. No one will be able to confirm your identity."

Although Duan Jinghong knew how powerful Hai Rui was, as soon as she heard the word 'thief', she still couldn't control her anxiety. After all, she was Duan Jinghong; she was the Duan Jinghong that had been bitten by a dog after sneaking into Mo Ting's office.

She had been relying on luck in the past. She thought that if she didn't expose Song Xin, Song Xin would not go around and speak recklessly about her. But...

...someone like Song Xin...

...was heartless!

Because she assumed that Duan Jinghong had no evidence.


"Yes?" Just before Tangning hung up, Duan Jinghong held her back. "Actually, I think it's enough?"

"What is enough?"

"I've had my taste of glory, but there are things that I can't avoid. I finally believe what you said about eventually paying back for what one owes and what one has done wrong. So, I don't want to hide anymore!" Duan Jinghong said after gathering her courage. "I would like to ask President Mo not to prepare any PR for me. Even though I know my road to stardom would be trouble-free after Hai Rui works their magic, I'm not someone that is free from troubles."

"Tangning, I'm sorry for what I previously did to you and your friend. I'm deeply apologetic."

"I don't know how to make up for my sins and prove your innocence."

On the other side of the phone, Tangning remained silent for quite some time before she finally asked, "Have you thought about this carefully?"

"I've never been this certain," Duan Jinghong smiled. "After I step out, I may be completely ruined, but I think I'll live a more honest life. Tangning, thank you for everything you've done."

Tangning did not stop Duan Jinghong. Because, even though she was about to lose everything, she was about be freed mentally.

"What do you plan to do?"

"I'm going to attack her head-on," Tangning laughed. "I don't want anything, I simply hope that if anything happens to me, you can take care of my parents. They are simple people and aren't greedy like I am."

"Don't worry!"

Hearing this, Duan Jinghong smiled at Tangning and bid her farewell.

Tangning once promised her, even if Song Xin was exposed, she would not be condemned. At that time, she felt that Tangning was merely luring her, but now, she actually wanted to be condemned. That way, she wouldn't feel so guilty. Tangning could definitely keep her promise, but Duan Jinghong no longer needed it...

"Hai Rui has been very quiet. Why isn't their PR department doing anything?"

"I tried to find photos of Duan Jinghong, but all I found were blurry silhouettes that did not match what Song Xin said."

"Song Xin didn't explain the car accident properly. So, I can't confirm who's at fault."

"Tangning, come out and do some PR. Don't help a thief become an artist."

"All I see online are complaints from Song Xin; Hai Rui has not responded with a single word. I wonder what the truth is. I feel like there's a huge secret behind the entire thing."

"Me too!"

"Me too +1."

In the end, Hai Rui remained silent about the entire incident while Song Xin's complaints spread through the streets, providing everyone with a bit of entertainment. After all, as soon as new news appeared, they were bound to quickly forget who was on the headlines the previous day...

Elder Song and the driver finally came out of the operating theaters 5-6 hours later. As Elder Song was relatively old, he remained unconscious. On the other hand, the driver woke up first.

Song Xin watched over the driver's bed. As soon as he awoke, she immediately approached him and asked, "Uncle Chen, are you OK?"


"Do you still remember how the accident happened?" Song Xin questioned as soon as she saw he had come to his senses.

"I remember it was Miss..."

"No! It wasn't had nothing to do with me," Song Xin said before she leaned forward and warned, "If you dare to tell the public that I caused the accident, then you have to be careful of your family's safety."

Uncle Chen's eyes grew big, but he did not say a word.

Song Xin assumed that Uncle Chen had obediently accepted her warning and wasn't going to say anything, so she said, "Uncle Chen, have a good rest. I'm going to go check on grandfather."

Uncle Chen blinked as his heart filled with frustration. But, as the words he wanted to say reached his lips, he swallowed them back down.

He had been a moral person all his life. Who would have thought, as soon as he got into a car accident, he would be threatened.

This was obviously Song Xin's fault...

Uncle Chen knew what he was to do. He knew that there were some words that only had value when said to someone with authority.

But, Song Xin had no idea that she had dug her own grave this time...

If Song Xin had not been so impulsive as to call out Hai Rui, she may not have triggered Duan Jinghong...

Because, while Song Xin only had the guts to act arrogantly in front of the media...

...Duan Jinghong had directly gone to the police station to surrender!

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lassfromneverland1 year ago
"No. It wasn't me..." Keep denying Song Xin, the police are coming to get you.
toria11211 year ago
Jinghong to me, was led wrong by Songxin. She did wrong but at least she knows when to confess what she had done wrong
Lilyeddy1 year ago
Duan girl u brave baby that song xin really shameless at all