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Is Elder Song Still OK?

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"It's simple. All those you previously contacted to ban Tangning, call them back and tell them to cancel their ban," Mo Ting replied; straightforwardly revealing his motive without hesitation.

"Are you telling me to go back on my words?"

"That's your problem," Mo Ting's voice slowly turned cold. "If you don't feel sorry and guilty for all that your granddaughter has done, then there's no reason for me to care about your pride. I simply want to see you slap yourself in the face."

Elder Song turned his head, unwilling to accept this fate.

"What is it? Weren't you telling me not to be arrogant just a moment ago? Where did all your strength go?"

"Elder Song, I almost forgot to tell you, if you don't make up for your granddaughter's actions today, I will have to get payback directly from her. Your granddaughter almost made my wife and two sons lose their lives. If your were me, how would you get payback?"

Elder Song opened his mouth, but nothing came out.

There was nothing he could say...

"One must payback for what they've done sooner or later. Will you pay me back, or will she pay me back?"

Elder Song had never suffered in such a way. He had never been rendered speechless by a youngster like this.

"Is a life worth so little in your eyes?"

Hearing this question, Elder Song calmed down and thought things over carefully. He understood that Mo Ting's actions weren't wrong; as a man, protecting his wife was expected. As for Mo Ting's question about what a life was worth... could it not be worth anything?

However, he never expected that he appeared so weak in his granddaughter's eyes.

"Because of the way you've spoiled her, Song Xin acts without restraint. Don't you think that you should be held responsible for what she's done?"

The old man remained silent for a short moment before he took a deep breath, "Speak...what else do you want?"

Seeing that the old man was coming to a compromise, Mo Ting leaned back in his seat and laughed, "You're asking me what I want? I'm waiting for Elder Song to give me a satisfactory solution."

"Apart from what I requested earlier, I'm waiting for Elder Song to show me what he's capable of. I'll give you one day to think it over. If I don't see a response within one day, I will have to make a phone call to the police..."

The old man's face turned blue. He was so angry that he couldn't say a word. As he stood up, he almost fainted from his rising blood pressure and only managed to leave after Mo Ting called for his secretary to escort him out.

If it wasn't because of Elder Song's inability to differentiate between right and wrong, Mo Ting would never make things difficult for an old man.

But, when an elder wasn't deserving of respect, they would need to pay for their actions.

Apart from requesting Elder Song to remove Tangning's ban, Mo Ting did not ask for anything else. Instead, he forced the old man to think carefully and to guess what he was thinking.

He wanted to see what the old man was willing to sacrifice in order to protect his granddaughter.

He also wanted to see the solution that the old man would come up with.


Song Xin was completely unaware that Elder Song had been made aware of her bad deeds. After returning home and seeing the old man sitting on the sofa, she originally wanted to make use of his authority again. But, Elder Song glared at her coldly and ordered, "Come over here."

"Grandfather?" Song Xin appeared surprised.

"I told you to come here!" the old man repeated coldly.

Song Xin approached the old man curiously and cautiously. A moment later, she felt a burning sensation on her right cheek accompanied by a loud 'PAK' sound.


"I want you to kneel in front of our ancestors for the rest of the night. Unless I tell you to, don't you dare get up. Housekeeper, keep an eye on her," the old man did not give an explanation for his anger as he pointed towards the ancestral shrine.

"Grandfather, why?" Song Xin refused to obey as she held her cheek, "What have I done to make you so angry?"

"You will find out tomorrow," Elder Song calmed down. He had thought long and hard about everything that had happened. Even though he disliked Mo Ting's methods, he understood that he did it for his wife. And, even if Tangning meant nothing to him, there were still his children. They almost died in the hands of his granddaughter. If he was in Mo Ting's position, he would directly pull out a gun and shoot the culprit to death.

But, the thing that hurt him the most was the fact that Song Xin had been using him and taking advantage of his identity to benefit herself and achieve her motives, whilst acting like a perfect little angel in front of him.

He was a complete accessory to her crimes!

After careful consideration, Elder Song finally decided to drag Song Xin to Hai Rui the next day for Mo Ting to apply his punishment; he would let Mo Ting do whatever he wanted.

Because of Song Xin, he had turned into someone that couldn't differentiate between right and wrong. This image of his was hard to accept.


Later that night, Mo Ting returned home to find Tangning coaxing the two babies to sleep. So, he walked over to help her.

Although they had only interacted with each other for a short period of time, the babies were already used to their father's embrace. They needed to feel his warmth to be able to sleep.

Afterwards, the couple placed the babies into their cots and entered the walk-in wardrobe. After helping Mo Ting remove his suit jacket, Tangning asked, "Did you meet with that person today?"

"Go rest in bed. Why is a person that just gave birth not taking care of themselves?" Mo Ting said as he lifted Tangning in his arms.

"I'm fine. I don't believe in the old tradition of resting for a month after giving birth," Tangning laughed.

"I ordered him to give us a satisfactory solution," Mo Ting explained as she placed Tangning on the bed.

"Is Elder Song still OK?"

"At first, he was simply angry. But, after thinking things over, I'm sure it must have been tough for him to come to an acceptance."

"Of course. How could anyone feel good about being used by their granddaughter?" Tangning smiled, "We will simply have to wait and see how sincere Elder Song is. Ting, thank you for helping with Jinghong's matter."

"This isn't something that you should thank me for, it's not your responsibility to thank me," Mo Ting said before he tried to coax Tangning to sleep. "Get some sleep first. I'm going to go have a shower."

"No, I'll wait for you. Otherwise, the babies are going to scream and cry."

"Oh yes, that's right. After all, I don't have any milk for them!"

Tangning laughed as she punched Mo Ting's chest playfully and gave him a gentle nudge, "Hurry and have your shower."

In reality, Duan Jinghong didn't actually have any evidence in her hands. Even if she went to the police, she would merely create scandals for Song Xin. In the end, nothing would happen to her.

Even so, would Song Xin demand the police to search for evidence?

She was too guilty to act recklessly like that.

Actually, Elder Song could not be underestimated. Although his senses weren't as sharp as before and he was prone to deception from Song Xin, he was still the only one that could put an end to Song Xin.

So, tomorrow, everyone would have to wait and see what Elder Song had planned.

After this thought, Tangning placed her gaze upon her two babies. These two rascals had been passed back and forth between the elders of the Mo and Tang families all day; no one wanted to let go!

Would this mean that from now on, she wouldn't get much chance to carry them?

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