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You Are Wetter Than I Am, You Should Wipe Yourself Off First!

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When Huo Jingjing found out the truth, she felt like everything had changed. At the time of the dog attack, she simply wanted to protect Xiao Yue, so she was brimming with courage and did not have time to feel panic nor fear.

Above all, she never considered that there'd be an ugly scheme behind the entire incident. Even if she had figured it out, she wouldn't have been like Tangning; stealthily monitoring her enemy for so long, just to get revenge.

At times, she admired Tangning's patience and her intentions. In Tangning's words, the industry was a place where people stepped on each other. If one did not set rules and clarify their bottom line, someone was bound to use their shoulders to boost themselves up, until one day, their corpse would be found lying around outside without them knowing what had even happened.

If the dog attack had not happened, Huo Jingjing may not have been so emotionally affected. But, in the face of fame and fortune, whenever shortcuts existed, people were bound to do anything to take them, even if it meant hurting others.

"Following on, you still have Song Xin to deal with. What do you plan on doing?" Huo Jingjing asked over the phone.

"Do you think she'll just sit around quietly and do nothing?" Tangning asked back.

"But, Duan Jinghong's news has already implicated her. I'm sure she'll watch her behavior, right?"

Tangning's motive was indeed to suppress Song Xin's arrogance. But, she did not think that Song Xin could be controlled so easily.

"That's enough, let's move away from this upsetting topic. I saw that Fang Yu's been preparing the promotion for your new film. Your third film is about to be released. Congratulations!"

Third film...

It felt like a long time ago, but, whenever Tangning thought about the satisfied looks of the audience as they left the theaters, she was extremely proud. No matter how many times she experienced that feeling, she would never get sick of it.

After all, she was an actress that looked forward to the reactions of the audience.


Plenty had happened during this period of time, but An Zihao placed his focus on Chen Xingyan and did not take notice of Tangning's actions.

That night, the weather was rainy again. After filming in the forest, the production crew quickly returned to the hotel. But, as An Zihao arrived, Chen Xingyan was nowhere to be seen. So, he went to ask the director.

The director held his head and thought carefully. After a few minutes, he finally answered, "The last scene I filmed was with Ling Long. Afterwards, I notified all the staff to pack up and leave. The staff wouldn't have forgotten to notify her, right?"

An Zihao did not listen to another word from the director as he immediately ran downstairs to prepare a car. He was going to drive back to the film set in the forest.

Ling Long was downstairs at that moment. As soon as she saw An Zihao, she immediately stopped him in his track, "Director An, I remember Chen Xingyan mentioned that she'd be returning to Beijing, do you want to call her to check?"

As soon as An Zihao heard this, he immediately called Chen Xingyan's phone. But, her phone was already switched off. In such rainy weather, if Chen Xingyan was planning to go anywhere, she would have told him - unless her phone was out of battery.

Afterwards, An Zihao got into his car and rushed back to Beijing. At this time, Ling Long pulled out Chen Xingyan's phone and threw it in the bin.

"That's what she gets for being proud."

The present Ling Long had been demoted to the position of supporting actress, while Chen Xingyan had been given back her role as female lead.

Ling Long was filled with resentment. She had been waiting for an opportunity to deal with Chen Xingyan. So, now that she had been given a rare chance, she wanted to see how long Chen Xingyan would last up in the mountains in such harsh weather. 


Enroute back to Beijing, An Zihao kept thinking about what Ling Long had said. It was often said that people got flustered when a matter involved themselves. So, why did he easily trust Ling Long's words and believe that Chen Xingyan had returned to Beijing?

Thinking of this, An Zihao immediately turned the car around and drove straight up the mountain. But, because of the heavy rain and uneven roads, the car had its limitations.

However, for the sake of Chen Xingyan, he couldn't overthink things. Without grabbing an umbrella, he directly jumped out of the car and went in search of Chen Xingyan in the rain.

"Xiao Xing..."


A voice drifted towards Chen Xinyan from the distance. For a moment, she thought she was hallucinating. She was indeed trapped in the forest because no one had told her that filming had ended and she had fallen asleep on set. However, when she awoke, she realized that her phone was missing. Originally, she had already decided to spend the night there and leave the mountain in the morning. But, to her surprise...An Zihao came looking for her.

Chen Xingyan wasn't a delicate woman, but when she saw An Zihao appear from the rain, she couldn't believe that she'd pounce straight into his arms.

Luckily, the crew had set up a wooden cabin where she could temporarily hide from the rain. Otherwise, how would she have withstood the night?

"Are you OK?" An Zihao asked as he hugged her.

"Yes, I'm fine," Chen Xingyan murmured.

An Zihao froze for a moment and remembered that his shirt was completely soaked. Originally, he wanted to push Chen Xingyan away, but she refused to let him go.

"I'm wet, you'll catch a cold."

"I'm not afraid," Chen Xingyan argued childishly.

"We can't stay here, let's think of a way to leave the mountains." An Zihao noticed that the cabin couldn't block out the wind, so he took off his jacket and threw it over himself and Chen Xingyan, "Let's go down like this. My car is parked not too far away."

"I'm not that delicate..."

"You have a man now. Even if you're not delicate, you should act delicate in front of me," An Zihao hugged Chen Xingyan as he led her out of the cabin. The couple walked through the rain and quickly arrived at An Zihao's car. After they boarded the car, An Zihao grabbed a blanket from the back and handed it to Chen Xingyan, "Dry yourself off..."

"You are wetter than I am, you should wipe yourself dry first!"

"Stop nagging, I need to drive," An Zihao said before he started the car and returned to the hotel where the cast and crew stayed.

Half an hour later, An Zihao pushed Chen Xingyan into his room and ordered, "Have a bath."

"What about you?"

An Zihao did not respond as he stormed over to Ling Long's room and knocked on her door. Of course, to avoid any misunderstandings, he asked a hotel staff to accompany him.

Ling Long opened her door curiously to find An Zihao with one arm outstretched, "Give me back the phone!"

"I don't understand."

"Of course you do. Where's Chen Xingyan's phone?" An Zihao's voice had a trace of danger. "If you don't tell me right now, I can guarantee that you'd be kicked out of the cast tomorrow. I'm sure you know that Chen Xingyan is Mo Ting's sister."

Ling Long's face turned pale in fear...

But, she still refused to admit that she had the phone, "I...I truly don't understand what you are trying to say. Director An, I think we have a misunderstanding."

"Great, absolutely great!" After speaking, An Zihao left Ling Long's room...

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