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Face Slap

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[Online rumors claim, Hai Rui is suppressing Song Xin to maintain Tangning's status!]

[Genius Song Xin: An all-round artist that even Tangning is afraid of]

[Why Tangning fears Song Xin: Analysis chart explains it all]

These were the latest entertainment news headlines comparing Tangning and Song Xin on the same level. Song Xin's starting point had been too high and Tangning was often compared to her. All of a sudden, it seemed like no one in Beijing could compete with her. Only Tangning stood in her way.


Today was the day of Huo Jingjing's discharge from the hospital. As her good friend, Tangning personally picked her up from the hospital even though she was pregnant.

Whenever Huo Jingjing was bored, she would look at the entertainment news. The rumors that were currently going around made her angry just looking at them.

"Is President Mo letting Song Xin do this?"

"Just go home and get some rest. This has nothing to do with you," Tangning replied calmly. "We don't want the media to cling onto you and uncover your old scars."

"Are you just going to allow an arrogant newcomer to step all over you?"

"She's the most famous in Beijing at the moment," Tangning chuckled, speaking the undeniable truth. "Plus, I am currently pregnant. Do I need to argue with her?"

"You should teach her a lesson..."

Huo Jingjing didn't care about herself, she simply didn't want to see Tangning being bullied. She especially didn't want to see Tangning being tread upon by a newcomer like Song Xin. What right did she have to do so?

"Just go home and get some rest won't you?" Tangning helplessly gestured for Fang Yu to take Huo Jingjing home. In addition to stopping Huo Jingjing's endless chattering, Tangning also felt bad to see the condition of her leg.

The vengeance she felt was deeply imprinted in her mind; she would never forget it.

Meanwhile, outsiders enjoyed the excitement, the arguments, the noise, but those within the industry knew that Song Xin was only putting up a front. If she had truly surpassed Tangning, she would not need to use Tangning to create hype and boost herself. 

And, if Song Xin was smart enough, she would know when to hold back a little to prevent resentment from the public. Otherwise, society would be tempted to teach her how to behave.

But, of course, now that Song Xin had been arrogant for so long, it was time to teach her a lesson.


Actually, the first to give a response was Tangning's fans. In the face of Song Xin's aggressiveness, Tang fans weren't going to let her have her way, "Over the past two years, any measly puppy or kitty that's grown some teeth has tried to challenge our Tangning. Hasn't anyone taught them about modesty? Look at our Ning...has she ever tread on any of her seniors?"

"Actually, after watching the show for so long, I've realized that Song Xin has a one-sided obsession with our Tangning. They are both in different fields, yet they are always getting compared. It's obvious who's trying to leech off the other's popularity?"

"Tangning's simply focusing on her pregnancy, observers don't need to take notice of any rumors."

"I think our Ning should come out and express her thoughts. Although Song Xin isn't anyone important, fans don't like to see you being clung to. Let that b*tch see what true popularity is."

During these conversations, Tangning was actually within the chat group. After seeing the last suggestion, she responded with her personal account, "OK!"

The fans didn't notice at first. When they finally realized, they screamed in excitement!

"What did I just see?"

"Am I seeing things?"

"It's Tangning! Tangning said 'OK'!"

Tangning did not continue to watch her fans' reactions. Instead, she gave Fang Yu a phone call, "What other activities does Song Xin have coming up?"

"Are you planning to strike back?" Fang Yu asked.

"I'm afraid, if I don't do something, Jingjing may not be able to control herself from sticking up for me. Do you want to see that happen?" Tangning used Huo Jingjing as an excuse. Of course, this wasn't completely just an excuse. It was very possible that Huo Jingjing would actually say something to the media.

"She has many activities coming up, including a charity music event."

"Understood," Tangning replied simply without explaining how she was going to strike back and whether she would need help. She then focused her gaze on the black satin pajama-clad Mo Ting and smiled sweetly, "Hubby..."

"If there's something you need, just tell me. You don't need to ask," Mo Ting walked over to the bed, lifted the blankets and wrapped his arms around Tangning.

"It's nothing big, I just want to appear in front of the media for a bit," Tangning did not change her sweet tone as she buried herself deeper in Mo Ting's embrace, "I promise, the baby won't be hurt."

Mo Ting reached out his hand and held her chin, forcing her to look into his eyes, "You must know, when it comes to your safety, I will never take it lightly. However, I don't want to stop you from doing what you want to do. So..."

"...go ahead with what you have planned, but, if there are any safety concerns, I will not make any exceptions, you need to let me protect you."

"That strict?" Tangning mumbled.

"What do you think?" Mo Ting asked back in seriousness.

"What if I do this?" Tangning placed a deep kiss on Mo Ting's lips.

"Non-negotiable!" Mo Ting did not budge.

"Then..." Tangning tore open Mo Ting's robe and placed a bite on his chest, "...what about this?"

Thinking of Tangning's mischief, Mo Ting suddenly smiled and revealed a slightly evil expression, "Even if you force yourself onto me...I won't go easy on my decision."

"Who wants to force themselves onto you?" Tangning leaned into Mo Ting's chest. She was already thankful for Mo Ting's understanding.

" you want it or not?"

Tangning noticed the burning desire in Mo Ting's eyes and bit her lip as she nodded, "Of course I do."


Actually, to turn the tables and put Song Xin in a difficult position instead, wasn't a difficult thing to do. However, Tangning did not notify anyone beforehand because her face slaps always came without warning.

The charity music event...

Right now, for Song Xin, every event was important. And her diligence and seriousness undoubtedly created many opportunities for her. In particular, to be able to still persist under Hai Rui's suppression, proved she had strong determination.

That night, Song Xin was invited as a guest performer. This was her first performance since being a songwriter. It seemed, this was in preparation for the release of her new EP.

But, she would have never imagined, on the night that she thought she was going to shine that unfortunately, things did not always go as planned.

Soon, night fell...

To leave a lasting impression at the charity event, Song Xin chose to wear a black diamond-encrusted dress with a long train...

"Tonight will definitely go as planned. I'll be rooting for you, Song Xin!" Duan Jinghong cheered beside her.

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"Tonight will definitely go as planned......" As Tangning planned 😉
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