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The Time Was Right

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On the way back to Beijing, Chen Xingyan's mind was full of questions. Why were there suddenly rumors that her mother was pretending to be Mo Ting's mother?

Who was Mo Ting?

And who was Hua Wenfeng?

"How did my mother get involved with two big names?"

An Zihao drove with one arm on the steering wheel as he tilted slightly to look at her. "If anyone else was in your position, they would be jumping in joy at the possibility of being Mo Ting's sister. To be honest, you must be feeling that deep down too right?" he scoffed.

Hearing this, Chen Xingyan turned and looked at An Zihao, "Years of experience have told me that I have never been an average person."

"You're not a very modest person either."

"No. I'm more curious as to why this is happening and how my mother got involved with the Mo Family." Chen Xingyan did not see any benefits in being Mo Ting's sister. At least, she definitely wasn't jumping in joy the way that An Zihao described.

"If I'm correct, I think your mother was Mo Ting's mother before she gave birth to you."

" could those that know my mother not recognize her and instead allow Hua Wenfeng to take over her identity?" This was the thing that confused Chen Xingyan the most.

"Have you never seen your mother's face before she got burnt?" An Zihao guessed. "If you've seen it, your question may be easily answered."

"Arrgh..." Chen Xingyan groaned, "I never thought that something like this would happen to my mom. Are you sure we aren't in a film?"

Life had always exceeded art. However, the processing of information wasn't very fast in the past, so there were many examples that had never been heard of. The world was big and identity theft wasn't actually that strange.

"No matter what, I won't let my mom get bullied."

"I don't think your support is needed this time," An Zihao said with a deeper meaning. With Tangning and Mo Ting around, no one could bully anyone in their hands.


"I never knew that I had a twin sister," Bai Lihua explained to Tangning emotionally as she sat on the edge of Tangning's bed that night. "I investigated the Bei Family and no one seems to know about this either. Worst of all, my mother has already passed away and the hospital I was born in, no longer exists. The only person left that could possibly know the truth is Hua Wenfeng."

"I don't know when she began scheming against me. But, It's obvious that she had been spying on me for a while."

"As you know, even if we look identical, time would eventually reveal flaws. Yet, she managed to fool Mo Shaoyuan for so many years. It's clear to see how calculative she is."

Tangning understood how Bai Lihua felt. Her identity had been stolen for so many years, yet she had no one to vent to; it must have been extremely painful. The anger and injustice could have easily swallowed a person alive. But, of course, Bai Lihua managed to pull through because of a loving husband and the responsibilty she had to uphold towards Chen Xingyan.

Tangning listened to Bai Lihua as Mo Ting walked out of the room with his phone. He gave Bei Chendong a phone call, "Where's your mother?"

"I saw the news and my mother has heard about it as well. She is flying back in shock. Your family loves to create big news, don't they?"

"Where's grandfather?"

"He was stunned after seeing the news. He will let you resolve it," Bei Chendong explained. "Grandfather Bei is going to wait for the truth to be revealed."



"It's hard to investigate something that happened 19 years ago. Plus, we have no evidence that Hua Wenfeng used me to poison you. I don't know how I can prove my identity..."

Hua Wenfeng had stolen Bai Lihua's identity for so many years that every piece of evidence had already been destroyed...

Her name had been changed and her personality had changed too. Hua Wenfeng simply claimed that she had lost her memory and everything fell into place. The life of this fraudster was much too easy.

Tangning patted the back of Bai Lihua's hand comfortingly, "Mom, even identical twins have differences."

"But, that would take too much work to uncover and the chances are slim."

Tangning smiled with meaning, "Hua Wenfeng is sly, but I like it when sly people fall into my trap."

Bai Lihua was filled with mixed emotions. She was once consumed by hatred, but after giving birth to Chen Xingyan, she simply wanted to live her life in peace. It wasn't until she came in contact with Mo Ting and Tangning did her hatred get rediscovered. However, she had never been a calculative person.

When compared to Hua Wenfeng, she did not think that she stood a chance.

After all, she had lost her appearance. This was enough to damage her self confidence.

Bai Lihua had crawled out from death and a layer of her skin had been removed. This made Tangning wonder how far Mo Ting was going go with his revenge.

The scandal went completely viral. After all, it was such a novel piece of news that involved the entertainment industry. Reporters were excited, wishing that the press conference would immediately start.

Meanwhile, Hua Wenfeng was extremely confident. She believed in the power of genetics and she knew that Bai Lihua had nothing. Most importantly, Bai Lihua's face, which was the most identifiable factor, was now covered in scars.

If Hua Wenfeng hadn't covered all bases in the past, Bai Lihua may have kicked her out by now.

However, she had put in so much effort over the years. There was no way that she'd let Bai Lihua return to her original position.

"Wenfeng, don't be afraid. We have a DNA test in our hands. You don't have to be afraid of anything."

"Old Mo, you're​ still the person that treats me the best." Hua Wenfeng's biggest source of support was Father Mo. As long as Father Mo still believed her, her identity as Mother Mo was still as stable as ever.

"I will always be on your side," Father Mo had completely forgotten everything that Bai Lihua had said to him earlier. Because, to him, Hua Wenfeng was undeniably his wife.

"Don't worry, I will get justice for myself!"

But, justice?

What justice?


As Chen Xingyan entered the hospital, she did not care about the possible change in her identity. All she cared about was whether her mother was OK.

Bai Lihua looked at Chen Xingyan happily, "I'm fine. You didn't need to rush over here."

"What are you talking about? Without me, who would protect you? Are the bodyguards outside as capable as I am?" Chen Xingyan pointed to herself in an unconvinced manner. "Whether it's arguing or fighting, I, Chen Xingyan have never been afraid."

An Zihao was helpless around Chen Xingyan. He was worried that she'd destroy the image they had worked so hard to clean up.

"You should take care of yourself first. You were also 'quite famous', not too long ago."

Chen Xingyan turned around and stuck up her middle finger at An Zihao.

Regardless of everything else, everyone that needed to be present was now here. So, the time was right...

It was time for Hua Wenfeng to pay back everything she owed.

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