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Are You Suspecting Something?

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Although Huo Jingjing's attack had been confirmed as an accident, Tangning still had a lot questions.

Questions about Song Xin who had popped out of nowhere and questions about this sudden incident.

Tangning had looked through Song Xin's information. But, to say that she had popped out of nowhere was actually an unfair statement. Tangning did not previously know about Song Xin because she didn't take notice of her.

After all, almost half of the famous songs that were currently on the Korean and Japanese charts came from her hands because she was an extremely good songwriter.

As for her identity as a scriptwriter, it was even more impressive. She actually started off as a famous author but was later invited to help write the script adaptions for TV dramas and films. Fast forward to present day, she was already known as a talent within the industry.

Supposedly, her singing voice was quite good too.

A talent like this was naturally a target for Hai Rui. However...

...Song Xin was talented, but she was short-tempered and arrogant. Half her success came from her family background and the other half came from her own capabilities.

After browsing through Song Xin's creations, Tangning did not say anything for a while. In the end, she contacted Fang Yu, "Have you checked the surveillance cameras yet?"

"Yes," Fang Yu said in a quiet voice. Huo Jingjing had just fallen asleep.

"Fang Yu, let me have a look at them," Tangning requested.

"Are you suspecting something?" Fang Yu suddenly understood what Tangning was thinking, "That's not possible. I've already looked through the surveillance footage multiple times. The incident this time was definitely an accident."

"Just let me have a look," Tangning insisted. It's not that she doubted Fang Yu's capabilities, nor did she doubt how much he cared about Huo Jingjing. But, the fact that they were husband and wife, made her worry that he was flustered and not looking at things objectively.

Fang Yu couldn't argue with Tangning, so he sent the surveillance footage to her, "If you discover anything new, let me know straight away. Even though, I feel like you're being a little paranoid."

She would have to look at the footage before they could confirm if she was merely being paranoid.

After receiving the footage, Tangning did not view it on her computer. She instead took it into Mo Ting's study room and played it on the projector so she could look at it in detail.

In the footage, Huo Jingjing did not drive her car into the apartment's underground carpark. She instead passed her car to security to park it for her. This was because Xiao Yue did not like the smell of the underground carpark and was afraid of the dark.

Afterwards, Huo Jingjing held onto Xiao Yue's hand as they headed for the front door of the apartment block. However, just as she started punching in the password for the main lobby, an adult bulldog suddenly pounced forward and started biting on Xiao Yue's jacket.

Huo Jingjing reacted quickly by removing Xiao Yue's jacket and throwing it towards the bulldog. But, it let go of the jacket and pounced forward again. Huo Jingjing had no choice but to quickly carry Xiao Yue in her arms. At this time, the bulldog locked its teeth on Huo Jingjing's left leg like it had gone mad.

Most dog owners would know that bulldogs are an aggressive breed of dog. Whenever they locked their teeth on an item, it would be almost impossible for them to let go. They were extremely ferocious... 

Tangning played the footage over and over again. The incident was indeed an accident because the dog owner quickly appeared and was terrified by the scene as he quickly called the ambulance. It was completely unexpected.

But, the thing that Tangning did not understand was, why did the dog pounce on Xiao Yue?

Domesticated dogs weren't like wild or stray dogs, their behavior wasn't meant to be unstable like that. Even though it was an aggressive breed, it wasn't normal for it to suddenly go mad.

So, why did it keep pursuing Xiao Yue?

Afterwards, Tangning gave Fang Yu a phone call, "Have you kept the clothes that Xiao Yue wore during the incident?"

"I've thrown it away," Fang Yu replied. "It was covered in blood. Xiao Yue is only 3-years-old, I didn't want it to leave her with a trauma."

After hearing Fang Yu's reply, Tangning sighed, "Forget about it then."

"What did you discover?"

"I don't understand why the dog pounced directly at Xiao Yue and latched onto her with all its might. I can only think of two reasons. Firstly, Xiao Yue may have provoked this dog. But, from what I saw, she just arrived home and Huo Jingjing was watching over her the entire time, so this reason doesn't seem likely. Which leaves the second reason...she must be carrying something that the dog wants."

"Think about it in detail, is there anything you can think of?"

Fang Yu could not think of anything. By the time he was contacted about the incident, Xiao Yue was already being taken care of by the doctors.

All he remembered was, as he left the operating theater, he casually threw Xiao Yue's dirty clothes in the bin outside.

So, to clarify things, he quickly left Huo Jingjing's hospital room to check the bin outside the operating theater. He then pulled out Xiao Yue's clothes to inspect it. Luckily, the cleaners had not emptied the bin yet.

As he looked at the blood-stained clothes, Fang Yu's eyes began to turn red. However, he kept his composure and began examining the clothes in detail. Finally, he found a bone in Xiao Yue's pants pocket.

A bone!

What was this doing in Xiao Yue's pocket?

If the bulldog smelled the bone in Xiao Yue's pocket and snuck into the apartment block to get to it, this would explain everything.

So, Fang Yu quickly returned Tangning's phone call, "I found a bone in Xiao Yue's pants pocket. It was the size of my thumb."

"Let's start the investigation then. Let's see where this bone came from."

"But, I don't understand. If they wanted to go against Huo Jingjing, why did they target Xiao Yue?"

"What's so hard to understand? If they directly went for Huo Jingjing, the target would be too big. But, making Jingjing get hurt because of Xiao Yue would work out a lot smoother," Tangning explained. "The actions of a child can never be judged in the same way as an adult. So, even if they do something wrong, no one can blame them."

"It's clear to see how evil the culprit is!" As Tangning said these words, she already had a target in mind. However, she needed to prove it.

At the same time, Tangning had no idea that the opposing party had already treated her as a target as well. However, they needed to see who was faster and smarter.

After she was done with the footage, Tangning looked down at Mo Ting who had fallen asleep hugging her. He was leaning against the sofa as he protected his wife with a tired expression on his face.

Tangning was well aware that Mo Ting had been rushing to get his work done so he could keep her company during these last two months of her pregnancy.

Therefore, after receiving the footage, he said he was going to keep her company, but he ended up falling asleep.

In reality, he didn't have to keep her company. But...

...Mo Ting never cared about how tired and exhausted he was.

"Ting...I've finished looking at the footage. Let's go back to the bedroom to sleep." Although Tangning couldn't bear to wake Mo Ting up, it was impossible for her to carry this grown man back to the bedroom.

Mo Ting opened his eyes and looked at Tangning. He then lifted her in his arms, "Did you discover anything?"

"I just want you to hurry and go to sleep," Tangning said as her heart ached.

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harulady1 year ago
Spoiler Alert!!! . . . . . . . . . Mo Ting will debut as an actor and he will be the male lead on Tangnning's movie. 😁😁😁
Xiaorin1 year ago
No matter how talented and smart that ***** is, she's still a stupid clown in front of Ning! Now Ning sense that something was amiss, i guess its time to investigate🔎 🤠. I bet she do anything or bribe other in order to put that bone there.😧 Thank goodness that tingning's dog food can calm me down lil bit 😂❤
Akari15071 year ago
We're gonna have the second Tang Xuan face an end that is even worse than the actual Tang Xuan. But I really pity Jing Jing. She's such a nice girl that I really like since she appeared in the story. Why does she have to suffer this way? Hopefully she can still continue her showbiz career. Otherwise it's really a pity.