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This Was The Dominance That Mo Ting's Mother Should Possess

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Although no one could prove that Annie had started the scandal, everyone knew, without a doubt, it was her.

Tangning asked Long Jie to investigate the matter through her small channels of contact. As a result, Long Jie came back to her with news that Annie had been overly intimate with a new entertainment agency boss. In fact, they were spotted booking a hotel room together!

"I asked a friend to try and get information from this President Wang. Give me one night and I'll get back to you," Long Jie updated.

"When someone that is newly rich decides to open an agency, they only have one motive: they're trying to go to any lengths to sleep with as many greedy new stars as possible. They can gain both sex and profits, you know what I mean?" Tangning said with a deeper meaning. "Deal with this quietly. The best outcome is for you to get some evidence in your hands."

"Understood," Long Jie replied; the excitement in her voice was hard to hide. It had been a long time since she had exercised her abilities in the entertainment industry.

When it came to someone like Director Wang, Tangning did not need to make a personal appearance. But, she could definitely meet with the director of 'The Savage Wars'.

"Can you help me make an appointment with the American director? I have a few questions to ask him."

"That's fine," Long Jie agreed.

After going through so many ups and downs with Tangning, she had already become accustomed to her methods. Whenever Tangning made an appearance, the opponent was down on their luck.


An Zihao did not have a team of people that he worked with, so the exposure this time pointed out negative points about him, yet he had no one to help him with PR.

In regards to Director Chen Feng, An Zihao had already tried to explain himself to him. But, the director clearly told him that if he didn't find a way to clean up this scandal, then he should just give up his role as assistant director. An Zihao was a man of dignity, so he promised the director that he'd give him a satisfactory outcome.

When he thought about the scandal, he had to admit that he wasn't cautious enough. At a time like this, he should have known that one wrong move could completely destroy him, yet he spoiled Chen Xingyan and made a big mistake.

Thinking of Chen Xingyan, he remembered that he had not explained the situation clearly to her that morning. According to her temper, what troubles could she have possibly created today?

Because he was worried, An Zihao decided not to head straight home. Instead, he headed to Chen Xingyan's apartment. But, as he stepped out of the lift, he noticed that the front door was left unlocked.

An Zihao immediately opened the door and rushed in. Inside, he found Chen Xingyan lying on the floor covered in a smelly liquid twitching in anger.

An Zihao was shocked as he ran over to help her off the floor. But, Chen Xingyan suddenly screamed, "I am going to kill Annie!"

"What happened?" An Zihao asked as he noticed there were obvious injuries on her face and neck.

Chen Xingyan loosened herself from An Zihao and pushed him away, "It's none of your business! Just tell me where Annie is!"

The answer to An Zihao's question was clear. He could roughly guess what had happened while he was gone.

Seeing that Chen Xingyan looked ready to destroy everything in her path, An Zihao wondered what kind of suffering she had gone through to get to this point.

As he looked at the floor, he realized the liquid stunk of urine...

An Zihao couldn't imagine what Annie must have done.

"Tell me where she is!"

"Calm down, getting angry won't change a thing. In fact, it will cause you more troubles," An Zihao hugged Chen Xingyan tightly.

"I don't care!"

"I care!" An Zihao yelled. "Just endure it for now, I will make Annie pay for what she has done - a hundred, no, a thousand-fold!"

Chen Xingyan's eyes turned red. It took her a lot of effort to endure the suffering and anger that she felt.

An Zihao took this opportunity to carry Chen Xingyan in his arms, straight into the bathroom. He then placed her in the bathtub and washed her down with warm water.

"Trust me, trust me!"

Hearing An Zihao repeat these two words, Chen Xingyan suddenly looked up at him like a child. Seeing this, An Zihao felt even more guilty, "I shouldn't have left you here on your own. From now on, I will take you everywhere I go. I will never leave you alone again."

Chen Xingyan had already put aside her intention to immediately seek revenge, but her fists remained tightly clenched, "I will definitely destroy her. Definitely!"

In this aspect, Chen Xingyan was very similar to Tangning. She never appeared weak in front of others, displaying a clear distinction between herself and other women.

However, the difference between Chen Xingyan and Tangning, was the fact that the more quiet Tangning was, the more dangerous she was. Because, the more quiet she was, the more calculations she was doing in her mind to overthrow her enemies. On the other hand, Chen Xingyan's reactions were a lot more explosive.

If Annie was standing right in front of her, there was no doubt that Chen Xingyan would tear her apart without hesitation.

An Zihao's heart ached. This incident reminded him of how he failed to protect Yunxin in the past. He seemed to always allow those around him to get hurt.

"Let's go, I'll take you to get some rest." After helping Chen Xingyan clean up, An Zihao carried her towards her bedroom, "Have a good night's rest and calm yourself down."

"Go do what you need to do. I won't add to your troubles," Chen Xingyan said as she sat on her bed.

An Zihao was about to say something else, but he was suddenly interrupted by a phone call from Bai Lihua. An Zihao immediately picked up the phone and handed it to Chen Xingyan.

Chen Xingyan lowered her head and cried out, "Mom..."

This simple word made both Bai Lihua and An Zihao's hearts break.

"Hand the phone to An Zihao," Bai Lihua said angrily.

An Zihao overheard and quickly took the phone from Chen Xingyan's hand. Of course, he was already prepared to be scolded.

"You better clarify for my daughter, otherwise, I won't play nice."

"Auntie Bai, don't worry. No matter what it takes, I will help Xiao Xing return to normal."

"You better do as you say," Bai Lihua warned. "Although we don't have a man in the family, we aren't easy to bully. If you can't protect my daughter, then hand her back, I can handle the matter on my own."

"Auntie Bai, trust me."

"Comfort my daughter instead."

After speaking, Bai Lihua hung up the phone. Of course, Tangning'sā€‹ lips curved slightly upwards as she overheard the entire conversation from the living room.

This was how Mo Ting's mother should be like. This was the dominance that Mo Ting's mother should possess.

She was nothing like the shameless Hua Wenfeng.

Of course, no one could afford to provoke anyone in the Mo Family. Since they dared to do it, then they would need to face the consequences.


After putting down the phone, An Zihao reached out his hand and gently patted Chen Xingyan on the head, "It was my fault for not protecting you well."

"Why did you do so much for me behind-the-scenes?" Chen Xingyan questioned confusedly. "My role, my game, and all the other random matters, why did you do what you have done?"

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