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Who Do You Think You Are?

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"You can't trust her words!" Mo Ting placed a kiss on Tangning's forehead. After coaxing her to sleep, he left the bedroom.

However, as he stood on the second floor, looking down at Bai Lihua who was cleaning the living room, his eyes glazed over with extreme coldness.

Without mentioning Bai Lihua herself, both Mo Ting and Tangning were not people that should be provoked.


The next morning, Bai Lihua left Hyatt Regency with the intention to buy some daily products from the nearby shopping mall. However, as she reached the entrance of the estate, one of the security guards blocked her way, "Ms. Bai, someone left you a note to meet them in the underground carpark."

Needless to say, it was obvious who the note was from. Bai Lihua did not intend to respond to the note, but the security guard said in a helpless tone, "Ms. Bai, could you please do me this favor? Otherwise, I will be put in a difficult position."

Bai Lihua understood Hua Wenfeng's tricks; she had already been good at scheming 19 years ago., So, she simply replied in a cold tone, "Speak to the person that is making things difficult for you. It has nothing to do with me."

After speaking, Bai Lihua turned and left.

Hua Wenfeng did not dare to seek Tangning and Mo Ting for revenge, so she had no choice but to target a mere 'servant'.

But, who would have thought, even a mere servant by Mo Ting's side wasn't easy to go up against...

After Bai Lihua finished shopping, she casually told Tangning about what had happened, so she could be prepared.

After listening to Bai Lihua, Tangning realized that she had neglected Bai Lihua's safety. Hence, she gave Mo Ting a phone call and asked him to take proper precautions.

At this time, Tangning could sense that Bai Lihua could no longer hide her hatred towards Hua Wenfeng.


That afternoon. Hilton Hotel.

Although Annie had already signed on with another agency, she acted like nothing had changed in front of Chen Xingyan and An Zihao.

It turned out, she was the new actress that had been added to 'The Savage Wars'. This was due to the fact that the agency Xie Tong introduced her to, was fairly rich and powerful.

"Actually...I've thought of another way to help you get revenge. But, you need to make a small sacrifice." Annie's new boss was a 40-something-year-old man. He sat on the hotel room's sofa wearing a neat suit and holding onto a wine glass, appearing gentle and well-mannered. But, no matter how stupid Annie was, she could sense what was really happening.

Previously, when she signed her contract, it was simply due to her hatred for An Zihao.

But, her mind was clear today. So, she understood what this 40-something-year-old man had planned.

"President Wang, I think it's time I go home..." Annie stood up to leave, but President Wang quickly ran over and blocked her way.

"You are already a part of my agency. Would I hurt you?"

Annie took a few steps back in fear. Just as she was about to call for help, the man directly threw her over his shoulder, "How could you wish for fame without sacrificing a little? What kind of reasoning is this?"

"You have no power nor status. Did you think, apart from your face and body, I'd have any interest in any other part of you?"

In a panic, Annie completely forgot to retaliate. By the time she reacted, her body was already pressed beneath President Wang's body and her clenched fists were held in place...

"How dare you try and hit me. If you dare to make a move today, I will destroy your reputation. Not only will you not get any roles from now on, you will no longer be welcome in the industry!"

After hearing this warning, Annie hesitated for a moment...

Because of her hesitation, President Wang knew what she was thinking. So, he continued to coax her, "Did you think your opponent is clean? She is but An Zihao's bed buddy. Otherwise, why would he be bias towards her? You wouldn't actually believe that people admire your abilities, right?"

"This industry does not lack ability!"

"As long as you are willing to be my woman, the villain in 'The Savage Wars' will be yours. I can use money to have Chen Xingyan replaced."

"Of course, if you refuse, you should be aware of your fate..."

Thinking of Chen Xingyan and then reflecting on herself, Annie finally relaxed and calmed down.

Upon discovering Annie's weakness, President Wang boldly pressed Annie below his body again.

After he satisfied his desires, President Wang stood by the bedside and put on his clothes. He then turned around and looked at the huddled up Annie and spoke with a very different tone to earlier, "From now on, you can be my mistress. I promise that you'll get whatever you want."

"You told me that you'd replace Chen Xingyan!" Annie mumbled from beneath the blankets. "Apart from that, I also want An Zihao to be completely destroyed!"

If not because of these two people, she would not let her guard down and let this man have his way.

If not because of An Zihao, she would still be an innocent university student!

"That's no problem at all. I will let you proudly sign with my agency and give you the best resources."

Annie was well aware that President Wang merely thought of her as a new toy. Once a new person came along, she would become a pair of old shoes that he'd throw aside.

Even so, she was still going to make An Zihao and Chen Xingyan pay for what they had done first!


Beijing's night was noisy and vibrant.

An Zihao was in the middle of preparing the contract with the US producers, when he received a phone call.

"Chen Xingyan has been replaced because she does not have a clean background! You shouldn't have concealed her history of being a scammer."

An Zihao had never met a production crew that changed their minds so often. As a result, he felt his body burn up in anger.

"But, the contract has already been prepared..."

"We won't sign it. We've already signed another actress."

An Zihao rested his forehead on his hand in frustration and reminded himself to control his anger, "I think the production crew owes me an explanation. Otherwise, I'll see you in court."

"We have the best team of lawyers in the US. If you want to go to court, then be prepared to waste your time. It won't affect the progress of our film at all. I simply called today to give you a notification."

"Do you guys know how to respect contracts?" An Zihao couldn't control his anger in the end, "I'll talk to you in person. If news of this spreads, it won't be of any benefit to you."

"No need! Who do you think you are? You are just a rookie director!" After speaking, the man immediately hung up the phone, with no regard for An Zihao's frustration.

An Zihao almost threw his phone on the floor in anger. These American men were much too despicable.

All the talk about scamming was merely an excuse to have Chen Xingyan replaced. So, he couldn't wait to see who had the guts to replace Chen Xingyan!

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DearBeloved1 year ago
You know what I realized? Tangning is going to have twins because it runs in Mo Ting’s family. You are more likely to have twins if you have a family history of it. So Tangning, blame your husband for the double pain you’re going to be in during labour 😂
LarmaineM1 year ago
I dont get why Mo Ting is starring Real Mother Mo with coldness? Can someone explain that part?
Lkristal1 year ago
Annie is so delusional I just can't help but sighed. Really? This girl got an award before? What a joke! I want to see how she acts tho, like, does she a simple idiot who got lucky and looks or she really got some skill to back her up! And still waiting for the death blow! Auntie Bai, I wonder why you don't know about your identical twin... And Tangning and Mo Ting already guessed her identity? I wonder how Mo Ting childhood is like, was she cold to him before her twin robbed her identity? Hmmmm....