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Securing Evidence

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" already rejected it before...isn't it bad to accept it again?" Annie acted extremely helpless in front of An Zihao. In fact, she even stuttered as she spoke.

When someone acted helpless, especially when it was a beautiful woman, most men wouldn't be able to handle the pitiful look in their eyes and give up. But, when it came to men like An Zihao and Mo Ting, they knew inside how hateful these women truly were.

Especially when Annie thought that Chen Xingyan would tolerate her for the sake of her own pride.

However Chen Xingyan never cared about pride; she was reckless and wild. If she wanted to do something, she simply did it. She barely ever considered her pride when doing anything. With the added bonus of witnessing Annie's act, Chen Xingyan was extra pleased with the outcome. Tangning's advice was indeed effective.

"What's so bad about it? If I have ten cents and I decide that it is taking up too much space, I might leave it somewhere. But, does that mean it doesn't belong to me anymore?" Chen Xingyan made a relatively uneducated comparison. Of course, An Zihao was not convinced by this.

"But...Mr An has already discussed swapping actresses with them."

"He can also tell them to swap it back. The producers originally wanted me anyway. If he can't do such a small task, what kind of manager is he? Why not let me do his job instead?" Chen Xingyan rolled her eyes.

As soon as these words left Chen Xingyan's mouth, even An Zihao was deemed speechless. This brat...

...was ruthless when dealing with her enemies.

"Mr An..." Annie couldn't beat Chen Xingyan, so immediately tried to plead for help. She assumed that An Zihao would definitely help her.

An Zihao originally wanted to leave. But after hearing Annie's plea, he decided not to anymore as he sat back down on the sofa, "Chen Xingyan's right."

Annie turned pale in surprise, "Mr An..."

"But, Annie's words aren't completely wrong either. Chen Xingyan, the job originally belonged to you, but the opportunity belonged to all of us. As soon as you said that you didn't want it, you naturally lost your opportunity. This is something that neither you, Annie or I can change. Your comparison with your money isn't very feasible."

Chen Xingyan was tempted to walk up and bite An Zihao.

Meanwhile, Annie finally relaxed a little.


"...when you said that you didn't want the role and only wanted to be a stunt double, as your manager, I had no choice but to give it to someone else. This was a reasonable decision. I will give the producers a call regarding this matter, but whoever they decide to use in the end is not up to me."

Chen Xingyan glared at An Zihao without saying another word. She simply put down the game controller in her hands and turned to leave the room.

"Jerk, a*shole...Go die!" Chen Xingyan treated her pillow as An Zihao after returning to her room. Apart from hitting and kicking it, she also threw it on the ground and stepped all over it, "If you want to be heartless, then I will be disloyal."

"Go to sleep," An Zihao said to Annie after Chen Xingyan returned to her bedroom.

"Thank you, Mr An," Annie thought that An Zihao had helped her, so her smile became a lot sweeter. However, behind Annie's back, An Zihao directly gave the producers a phone call and told them that Chen Xingyan accepted the role and would be playing the villain in 'The Savage Wars'.

He understood Chen Xingyan's temper, so he hadn't actually told them that she rejected it in the first place. As for the director that Annie met, he was no director of 'The Savage Wars'. An Zihao had deliberately tried to anger Chen Xingyan from the start. But, of course, with her rebellious attitude, she was more willing to listen to Tangning instead.

Although the result had nothing to with the effort he had put in, at least it turned out favorable.

He assumed, at this moment, the brat probably wanted to tear him apart...


The next morning, Chen Xingyan stepped out of her room after a satisfying night of sleep to find Annie's assistant, Little Five, playing with a toy poodle in the living room.

The dog was cute and playful as it ran recklessly around the living room. In the end, Little Five caught the dog, placed it on top of Chen Xingyan's game console and allowed it to step all over it.

Chen Xingyan walked up to Little Five and glared at her.

Little Five knew the game console belonged to Chen Xingyan, but she suspected that Chen Xingyan lied; it couldn't have possibly been a gift from Tangning. So, she brought her dog along to pick on her.

Chen Xingyan did not say a word. She simply pulled out her phone and made a phone call right in front of Little Five. After the phone connected, she turned on the loudspeaker, "Ning Jie, are you still sleeping?"

"I'm reading my script, what's wrong?" Tangning asked back.

"Is it convenient for you to tell me how much the game console you gifted me is worth? And where I can get it fixed?"

"One of Ting's friends delivered it to us. It is German-made and is the latest design created by a famous gaming company. It is apparently $3 million or so. There is nowhere in China where you can fix it. The only option is to send it back to Germany," Tangning replied honestly.

Of course, as Little Five listened to these words, her entire body began to tremble. Not only did Chen Xingyan actually know Tangning, Tangning even gifted her a game console.

And this game console, was worth $3 million!

"Oh OK, thank you Ning Jie. Sorry for bothering you."

After speaking, Chen Xingyan hung up the phone. Before Little Five snapped out of her shock, Chen Xingyan took a photo of the toy poodle standing on top of her game console.

Little Five immediately pushed the dog off the console as she stuttered, "What...what are you doing?"

"Securing evidence," Chen Xingyan replied straightforwardly as she gestured for Little Five to look at the game controller. "Have you not noticed that your dog has bitten through my cables? You heard what Tangning just said: the game console is worth $3 million and is impossible to repair in China. Tell me, what should I do now?"

"Errr..." Little Five's face turned pale in fear. "That'sā€‹"

"I already have photos in my phone. Do you think you can deny what you've done?"

Little Five was terrified. She immediately knelt on the floor to beg for forgiveness, "Miss Chen, I didn't do it on purpose. I didn't know that this was actually from Tangning and I didn't know that it was so expensive."

"I am an average worker, I don't have much money. Could you please let me off this once?"

Chen Xingyan looked down at Little Five. After running her eyes across her, she replied, "Get up. I'll leave this matter for An Zihao to handle."

"If he says that you don't need to compensate me, then I won't chase you for it."

Annie was originally resting in her room. After hearing the commotion in the living room, she got up to have a look. But, seeing Little Five kneeling in front of Chen Xingyan made her eyes turn red in anger, "Chen Xingyan, how has my Little Five offended you? Why are you treating her like this?"

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Haha, zihao only using that girl so she can make lil sis accept the role !šŸ˜‚ She scared to death when she found about the game console price and the repair, this is what u got from provoking lil sis and dare to mess with her also you should know ur own place and who u are.
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Hahaha, Tangning's sister-in-law is indeed a "Mo" chapters please????
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