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I Cut My Own Arm!

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The meeting with Hua Wenfeng at Miro Hotel was scheduled for 2pm. But, Hua Wenfeng was so excited, she ended up arriving over half an hour early.

She wanted to thoroughly examine the hotel beforehand to see if she was being followed or whether there were any secret cameras installed. But, of course, there weren't any.

To destroy Tangning, Hua Wenfeng was willing to sacrifice anything. Even if it meant that she had to hand over $30 million, she did not feel brokenhearted at all.

The hotel still had advertisements that Tangning had done from when she was a model. Upon seeing them, Hua Wenfeng smirked in ridicule. She was about to destroy everything that Tangning had worked so hard to achieve.


Although it was going to be a good show, it was inconvenient for Tangning to leave the villa, so she remained home and decided to watch Hua Wenfeng's expression turn sour, live from home.

"Tangning, everything is ready to go," Fang Yu said through the phone. "I've already connected to the biggest public screen in Beijing and am ready to start a live broadcast."

"I'm ready for a spectacular show!" Tangning hung up the phone and put down her scripts. She then picked up the remote control beside her...


2pm on the dot. The woman that Hua Wenfeng had arranged to meet, quickly arrived on the scene. However, she was completely covered in a disguise.

Hua Wenfeng couldn't help but laugh, "You don't need to be so nervous."

"Hai Rui is already investigating this matter. Even my friend has fled overseas to hide. So, I'm a bit worried as to what to do."

"No matter what you're worried about, I can help you," Hua Wenfeng removed her sunglasses as a sign of respect and sincerity.

"You...aren't you Tangning's mother-in-law? You're Hua Wenfeng, right? Are you planning to buy the evidence of Tangning cheating, so you can show it to President Mo?" the woman quickly stood up in shock, "If I had know it was you, I wouldn't have come."

"Sit back down first. Let me say a few words," Hua Wenfeng stopped the woman from leaving and dragged her back down into her seat. "To be honest, I don't like Tangning. So, I would never reveal you to Mo Ting."

"I don't believe you. Unless, you can show me some form of proof." After speaking, the woman pulled out her phone and opened the voice recorder, "Are you brave enough to answer a few of my questions? If you answer me, I'll give you the photos."

Hua Wenfeng looked carefully at the woman in front of her. She knew that she was frightened. After weighing up her options, Hua Wenfeng finally nodded her head and shrugged her shoulders, "Go ahead and ask!"

"If you can't answer me, then the deal is canceled. After all, if this information gets revealed, the results would be dire and Hai Rui won't let me off. If you can't bear to sacrifice a little, then I shouldn't put myself at risk either."

Obviously, the woman was cautious after seeing Hua Wenfeng's casual attitude.

Seeing the woman was firm on her decision, Hua Wenfeng replied, "Ask. I will answer you truthfully."

"Firstly, you couldn't have possibly tried so hard to track me down for the photos, just so you could clarify the trustworthiness of it, right?"

Hua Wenfeng thought for a moment and replied, "I wanted to show it to my son, so he could see the type of person Tangning is. After all, Tangning indeed cheated, so I'm not framing her for something she didn't do."

"Do you hate Tangning because she hurt you in some way?" the woman asked questioningly. "I can't quite figure out what grudge you could possibly have. Why would you go to such lengths to find evidence of her cheating? Isn't she your daughter-in-law?"

Hua Wenfeng thought for a few seconds and suddenly felt the questions were a bit weird, "Why do you need to know this?"

"Sorry Mrs Mo, if I don't have enough information in my hands to protect myself, I can not possibly hand this photo to you. I've been shot in the foot too many times, so I've learned to be careful." The woman's expression was scornful, "You know how this industry is like and you know what President Mo is capable of. If he was to find out that I slandered his wife, my future will be bleak."

"It's not like you are framing Tangning. You are revealing the truth!" Hua Wenfeng emphasized.

"Mrs Mo, you are smart. You always manage to change the subject. But, please answer my question. Otherwise, I can't possibly hand over the evidence to you."

Hua Wenfeng paused for a moment before letting out a laugh, "The answer is simple. Tangning is unfilial and she even hurt me. Everyone knows this."

"Mrs Mo, don't lie to those that know the truth. Everyone in the industry knows whether Tangning is the type of person to hurt someone," the woman obviously didn't believe her. "Please be honest. My reputation has already been destroyed, what can I do to you?"

"It's not good for you to know too much."

Hearing this, the woman immediately stood up, "I didn't put myself in such a huge risk to see you, just so I could listen to your rubbish. Since we can't come to a compromise, I think it's better for me to protect myself."

"I have no use for the useless information you have given me."

"How would I know if you'd turn around and betray me?" Hua Wenfeng sneered.

"If I give you the photo, betraying you would be exposing myself. If you don't want to cooperate, then stop wasting my time." After speaking, the woman stood up to leave. This time, Hua Wenfeng took a deep breath, held back her anger and pulled the woman back.

"I cut my own arm!"

Hearing this response, the woman was finally pleased as she sat back down.

"Tangning did not hurt me because she couldn't have possibly done it."

"Then, does the rumor of Tangning cheating have anything to do with you?"

"No!" Hua Wenfeng replied firmly. "But, I'm not completely unaware of the truth. My husband saw Tangning and An Zihao talking in the living room that day and was suspicious of their relationship. He didn't want Mo Ting to suffer a loss, so he revealed this information to a few people he knew so they could spread it within the industry."

"I never thought you guys would treat your daughter-in-law like this!" the woman's voice contained a slight sense of mockery.

"This is none of your business. Your simply need to give me the photo of Tangning cheating," Hua Wenfeng was not pleased by the expression on the woman's face, but she needed something from her. "Mo Ting doesn't need a wife like this, he deserves someone better."

"Has Tangning offended you in some way?"

"You've asked too much!" Hua Wenfeng was annoyed.

"This is the last question!"

"I don't like the look of her," Hua Wenfeng replied casually.

"In other words, she did nothing wrong..." the woman placed her phone on the table and deleted the recording right in front of Hua Wenfeng's​ face.

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Bald_Chanyeol_1 year ago
We've acknowledged Hua Wenfeng as an idiot.
Bald_Chanyeol_1 year ago
It was. That girl is apart of Ning's plan. I'm sure they started the broadcast the moment Hua Wenfeng met the girl
Xiaorin1 year ago
She doesn't know that in order to ruin Ning, there's also death penalty will be given!😌 After this,the whole world will know that she's the stupidest clown who fall into her own jokes and biggest laughing stock also instead of ruining Ning, she only got a massive face slap !😂