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Tangning Is Only Ruthless To Her Enemies

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"OK, Mrs Mo."

Mo Ting had already left for Hai Rui, so Tangning was all alone at home. If she invited this woman into her home and she turned out to have bad intentions, it would be hard for her to handle her on her own. So, Tangning arranged to meet her in the estate's garden.

At a time like this, Tangning was not obligated to help. But, she was not a snobby person.

Even a normal person asking for help, would not be immediately rejected by Tangning, let alone someone who knew An Zihao.

Tangning was only ruthless to her enemies; she would never point daggers at the innocent.

This was one of the reasons why the old woman liked Tangning.

It didn't take long before the old woman was brought to the garden in the middle of the estate. Not long afterwards, Tangning also arrived at the garden wearing a jacket. As soon as the two women met, Tangning looked confusedly at the old woman. Of course, at such a close distance, it was impossible for Tangning not to notice something was wrong.

"Are these...burns?"

"Yes, I've had them for many years now," the old woman tightened her face mask.

Tangning smiled and did not ask any further. "You're the mother of Zihao's artist right? We met once at Jingjing's birthday. But, why are you here to see me?"

"Xiao Xing is currently working as a stunt double under Mr An's management. She is often training and not at home. But...I heard about your scandal with Mr An through Xiao Xing, so I'm worried..."

"Are you afraid that it will affect your daughter's future?" Tangning thought she had seen through the woman's intention, so she smiled gently, "Don't worry, this issue won't affect your daughter."

"I know you are innocent. I have a way of proving it..."

Hearing this, Tangning's smile grew bigger, "Auntie, you aren't from the entertainment industry. Don't implicate yourself with the gossip. Plus, this issue does not affect your daughter, so you don't need to concern yourself with it."

"I know that you and Mr An are good friends. As a woman, if I keep hassling Mr An, it will have a negative effect on him and Xiao Xing, so I can only speak to you."

Her reasoning was acceptable.

"I don't have any ulterior motives. I simply want to help..."

Actually, Tangning could understand why the old woman wanted to do this. She simply wanted to protect her daughter's future.

"I can handle this matter on my own. Don't worry, Zihao's reputation won't be affected and your daughter won't be hurt..."

"Mrs Mo, you are just a woman. Plus, you are currently pregnant and the people around you have their own families to care about. They can't possibly protect you all the time. So, may I make a bold suggestion?" the woman gathered her courage and said what she wanted to say, "I want to come to Hyatt Regency and take care of you. I can cook and do housework and I also have experience with children. I can take really good care of you."

"But...I'm not used to being taken care of," apart from being a little worried, Tangning was simply speaking the truth.

After all, she had no idea where this woman came from. So, being cautious was always the smart thing to do.

"But, you are currently in trouble. I can help you think of a plan to resolve it. As long as you don't mind the way I look..."

As Tangning looked into the eyes of the woman and noticed her sincerity, she realized, it had been a long time since she had seen such an honest reaction.

Even though she couldn't understand why the woman had come looking for her and cared so much about her.

"I really don't need your help," Tangning replied apologetically. "Don't worry, I'll tell Zihao to take good care of your daughter. He won't allow her to experience any suffering."

"I...oh, forget it..." the old woman sighed before leaving Tangning with her phone number. "If you change your mind and are looking for someone to take care of you, you can give me a call. I am ready to help at any time."

"Thank you," Tangning nodded her head sincerely. After all, it was rare to see such a warm and kind-hearted person.

"You're welcome. You are honestly a great actress that doesn't put up a front."

Tangning watched as the woman left. What she had done was the right thing, but for some reason, her heart kept feeling uneasy afterwards. So, she decided to confide in Mo Ting, "I don't know why I feel bad for rejecting her."

"What's her motive?" Mo Ting's voice was indifferent.

"To guarantee a good future for her daughter."

"Well, if she has a clean record and she is efficient at her work, then I think I could accept her suggestion," Mo Ting replied. "After all, you are 7 months pregnant. I've been worried about leaving you alone for a while now. Let me do a background check on her first."

"OK," Tangning replied.

Afterwards, Tangning mentioned this to An Zihao. And, as a result, An Zihao's curiosity was piqued, so he went to question Chen Xingyan in private.

Chen Xingyan was getting ready for her interview, so she was currently dressed in a black singlet. She had no makeup on, but her movements flowed smoothly.

This little devil was more than capable. But, she had to overcome her fear of appearing on camera.

As Chen Xingyan continued her practice, she suddenly disappeared from An Zihao's sight. Just as An Zihao was running around looking for her, she suddenly appeared, hanging just above his head, "Why are you looking for me?"

"Can't you make a simple appearance?" An Zihao asked as he furrowed his brows.

Chen Xingyan jumped up, landed on the floor and sat down beside him, "Is this simple enough? Speak!"

"Did you know that your mom went looking for Tangning? She wants to be a maid."

"My mom?" Chen Xingyan pointed to herself in shock, "Why would she do that? I'm the one that washes all the underwear and socks at home. Why is it, after I leave home, she decides to clean for someone else?"

"Is your family in need of money?" An Zihao asked with his arms crossed.

"Well, we owe you $2 million. Is that considered as in need of money?" Chen Xingyan scoffed.

"Can your mom be trusted? If she can, I actually do want her to take care of Tangning," An Zihao actually trusted the old woman; it was an unexplainable instinct. He felt that the old woman would never hurt Tangning and Mo Ting.

"I don't think my mom can be trusted. Why would she not care for her own daughter and go be a maid for someone else?"

An Zihao: "..."

"She's doing it for you, you little troublemaker. She wants to guarantee your future, so she's trying to get into the same territory as your enemies."

Chen Xingyan thought about An Zihao's words and nodded her head calmly, "She should have done that a long time ago..."

An Zihao: "..."

"But, I still find it strange. No matter how I think about it, it's extremely odd. Why must it be Tangning?" Chen Xingyan couldn't understand. "Can't she have chosen someone else?"

"Do you still need to ask? Your mom is smart, she directly turned to the most reliable form of support in the entertainment industry. You should be satisfied!" An Zihao rolled his eyes.

He was already in his 30's, but for some reason, he kept losing his temper because of this little brat.

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