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Over the next few days, Hua Wenfeng boiled with anger. On one side, she was frustrated at the ruthlessness of the internet, and on the other, she was furious that Mo Ting ignored her authority.

Regardless of everything else, she was still Mo Ting's 'birth mother', yet, judging by the current situation, her status was nothing compared to a mere performer. How could someone that had been a mother for a few decades, accept this?

"Don't forget that you are a senior intellectual. Why should you let a performer bother you?"

"If it was someone else, I would have let it go. But, look at this performer; look at how frightening she is. If I let her go, I don't know how many calculations she will make against the Mo Family," Hua Wenfeng exclaimed.

"You should watch what you're saying. After all, your son runs an entertainment agency..."

"While we're on this topic, I would like to say how regretful I am. When Mo Ting first told me that he was getting married to a model, I should have rejected it. If I had rejected it back then, things wouldn't have gotten out of hand like this." Hua Wenfeng then turned her head and looked at Father Mo, "Did you know that the professor told me her child will be a daughter?"

"So what if it's a daughter?" Father Mo did not understand the point she was trying to make.

"If it'sā€‹ a son, it wouldn't be that bad. But, if it's a daughter and follows in the footsteps of her mother, what should we do? I don't want a granddaughter like that..."

"It's not like you can stop the child from being born."

Hua Wenfeng did not linger on the topic with Father Mo. Instead, she made a phone call to Mo Ting, "Xiao Ting, the other day, when I took Xiao Ning to see the professor, he told me that the child in her stomach is a girl. But, I remember you've always wanted a son, right?"

"Get to the point. And, stop calling my wife 'Xiao Ning', that is not a name for you to call. Don't make me vomit."

"The professor also told me that the child may be born with a serious illness."

"I never knew that Professor Li has the ability to predict the future," Mo Ting ridiculed. "Ms. Hua, let me give you a word of warning: don't play your schemes on my child. Otherwise..."

"Otherwise, what?" Hua Wenfeng asked.

"Things won't end well for you." After speaking, Mo Ting directly hung up the phone.

He never imagined that Hua Wenfeng would do something like this and say such words. She was practically one step away from telling Tangning to have an abortion.

What exactly was going through her head?

Had she not considered that the child in Tangning's stomach was also her grandchild?

But, of course, Mo Ting did not let Hua Wenfeng get to him. He simply buried his head back into work like nothing had happened. However, at this time, he received a phone call from Lu Che, "President..."

"Have you found anything?" Mo Ting asked immediately.

"I looked into the research facility and everything seems fine," Lu Che replied. "If something big had actually happened, I'm sure uncle would have notified you. I think you are just being a little paranoid."

"Plus, your suspicions sound a little farfetched."


Mo Ting's lips curved slightly. The absurdity of the real world had always been far greater than any creative piece of work and the modern world had witnessed plenty of farfetched incidences. So...his suspicions weren't entirely a figment of his imagination.

Perhaps, there was one more person that could provide him with an answer.

As a result, Mo Ting quickly made a phone call to Bei Chendong. However, the person to pick up was Han Xiner.

"President Mo, please wait a moment, Dong Ge is currently filming. Can I get him to call you back later?"

At this exact moment, Bei Chendong finished filming his scene and walked over to Han Xiner, "Who's on the phone? Why are you being so polite?"

"It's President Mo..."

"Give me the phone," Bei Chendong put down the helmet in his hands and grabbed the phone impatiently, "What do you want?"

"I want to know why my mother changed her surname," Mo Ting asked straightforwardly.

"What a joke. You're her son and you don't know. Why would you come and ask me?" Bei Chendong scoffed before his eyes suddenly lit up, "It happened over a decade ago. I was only 15/16-years-old at that time. I still remember, auntie suddenly returned home one day and said that she was changing her surname. Grandfather refused, so they got into a huge argument. But, in the end, auntie still changed it anyway."

"So, I think you should ask grandfather for the details..."

"However, I do faintly remember that auntie said that she hates actors..."

Mo Ting did not ask anything else as he hung up the phone. He remembered that Hua Wenfeng never liked the idea of him taking over Hai Rui, but she had never said anything to him about it. Nor had she ever had such a strong opinion towards actors. So, why did she suddenly hate them so much?

His mind was suddenly full of questions.

Mo Ting put down his phone and got ready to go home. However, a moment later, he received another phone call from Lu Che.

"President, I just found out from an old researcher that auntie and uncle was at a different research facility before they came to the Far Ocean Science and Technology Research Institute. From his memory, the previous research facility was burnt down, but auntie and uncle did not get injured in the fire, so no one has ever mentioned it."

"Look into this fire for me," Mo Ting instructed.


After hanging up the phone, Mo Ting left Hai Rui. Without telling Tangning, he drove over to Father Mo and Hua Wenfeng's villa.

Although they were father and son, with the news that was going around and other unhappy incidences, Father Mo was quite surprised to see Mo Ting at a time like this.

The relationship between the two men had obvious cracks and gaps, making the atmosphere quite awkward.

Of course, this villa still belonged to Mo Ting, so he didn't need to be polite. As a result, he directly walked into the living room and sat down on the sofa, "I would like to know about the fire at Caton Biological Research Laboratory."

"How did you find out about that?" Father Mo felt slightly suspicious, "I didn't tell anyone about it..."

"You simply need to tell me what happened."

Father Mo thought for a second before he walked over to the sofa and sat down, "It all happened 19 years ago. At that time, you were only in your early teens, so I never told you about it. Plus, it wasn't that big of a deal. At that time, it was due to the improper handling of chemical substances by the assistant director that led to the fire. Luckily, your mother and I escaped unscathed. So, we transferred over to the current research facility."

"Did you not notice any changes in Ms. Hua after that day?" Mo Ting asked suggestively.

Father Mo did not think too much into it as he replied, "Your mother was traumatized, so she was bedridden for one month before she slowly recovered. Perhaps, she had been affected by the chemicals, so she became slightly more irritable afterwards."

"What about her persistence to change her surname?"

"What's wrong with you today?" Father Mo asked suspiciously.

"You simply need to answer me," Mo Ting demanded coldly.

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Nura971 year ago
Did they switch place after the fire ? If it is true father Mo is really stupid for not realizing it
harulady1 year ago
Fake Mother Mo is shaking and panicking rn! šŸ˜‚ Mo Ting will digged up everything about you witch! You asked for it tho~ All of your secrets will be found out by Mo Ting and will be revealed to the whole world soon! Can't wait for that!
harulady1 year ago
What I have wondering is when you love someone you will noticed if something was off or fishy to that person right? But Father Mo didn't feel something to that woman. So he is so dumb!