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Hua Wenfeng's Revelation!

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"Will she be a fortune teller tomorrow?" An Zihao couldn't contain his fascination after hearing what the passerby said.

The passerby was quite surprised. She obviously never expected that someone would actually get themselves involved with this troublemaker.

"According to what I know, she enjoys fixing dislocations more because a lot of extras get injured often," the woman pointed to the abandoned stall.

An Zihao nodded his head, adjusted his tie and massaged the spot where he was punched as he walked away.

What a truly interesting girl...

...even though, he suffered a hit on their first meeting!


Tanging did not end up going to the audition for the French director's drama. This made those that wanted to compete with her return home disappointed. As for the person that got the role in the end, she was an agile action star. After all, the film did not have many non-action scenes, so it was more beneficial to pick someone that knew how to fight.

However, the French director had previously used Tangning's​ name to promote his project. Although they gained popularity because of Tangning, Tangning did not turn up in the end. This easily made people suspect them of manipulating the public.

Eventually, the production team announced to the public that Tangning wasn't as suited to the role than the younger female star that had been selected and that they only selected the best.

They had already made their selection, so they obviously wanted to make the drama as famous as possible. By borrowing Tangning's name for hype, they had found the easiest and fastest method to do so.

The entertainment industry welcomed all kinds of newcomers everyday. On top of that, actors experienced all forms of ups and downs. Some actors had more interesting private lives than the storyline of a script. Whereas, others tried their best, yet remained unnoticed.

After Hua Wenfeng moved out, Tangning temporarily got some peace and quiet. But, it did not last for long.

Hua Wenfeng had been invited to hold a biotechnology lecture, to share the latest results of her research with current medical students. However, during the lecture, a couple of people walked up onto the stage with notebooks and pens and asked, "Professor Hua, we heard that you are the mother-in-law of Tangning. Could you help us get an autograph?"

"Professor Hua is so lucky to have a superstar daughter-in-law!"

Hua Wenfeng was displeased as she directly glared at the two people.

"Professor Hua, please help us with this favor."

The two chubby girls shoved their notebooks and pens towards Hua Wenfeng again.

Hua Wenfeng glanced down briefly and brushed away the notebooks and pens, "There's nothing about Tangning that should make you want her autograph. You should save the money that you use on chasing celebrities and use it to buy better medical textbooks instead."

"Professor Hua..."

"She is just a mere performer. All she knows how to do is attract attention. I hope that all of you will become successful and won't waste your time on the entertainment industry. It's much too embarrassing."

Hua Wenfeng said these words in front of everyone, displaying to them that she did not look highly upon Tangning.

"Let's continue the lecture."

To both the public and the media, her words revealed the reality. The reality that Tangning's relationship with her mother-in-law wasn't that good.

As a result, the media immediately placed their focus on Tangning and Hua Wenfeng.


As soon as Tangning heard about what had happened, her expression turned icy cold and the corners of her lips curved up ever so slightly. Tangning couldn't believe that Hua Wenfeng had revealed​ something so private over a simple grudge.

The mother-in-law truly disliked her daughter-in-law!

In other words, Hua Wenfeng disliked Tangning.

This created a serious problem. When the two women tried to leave Hyatt Regency, they found that the gates were surrounded by members of the media. Hua Wenfeng had no experience with disguising herself, so she was naturally targeted. Tangning, on the other hand, had plenty of ways to escape. As a result, Tangning watched as Hua Wenfeng was swamped by reporters, but she had no intention of offering a helping hand.

Hua Wenfeng watched as Tangning left, but she had no idea what to do as her gaze filled with anger.

Tangning was intentionally teaching Hua Wenfeng a lesson. Whenever a person exposed a private family matter, they were bound to shoot themselves in the foot.

Seeing that Tangning had no intention of helping, Hua Wenfeng decided to make some revelations, "To be honest, the rumors that are going around, aren't completely rumors. I'm indeed unwilling to acknowledge Tangning as my daughter-in-law."

"The rumor about Tang Xuan being hospitalized and neglected by the Tang Family is also true. After Elder Tang took away Tang Xuan's child, he abandoned Tang Xuan at the hospital and completely ignored her. Worst of all, during labor, if any extreme circumstances occurred, the Tang Family consented to save the child and give up on Tang Xuan."

"As for the Tangning at home, she is arrogant and evil, with no regards for anyone else. If this is the type of celebrity that you like, then there's nothing I can do."

"Actually, I still have a lot of things yet to expose..."

Hua Wenfeng was about to make some revelations!

In fact, they were going to be big revelations.

When it came to Tangning and Mo Ting, no one else had better speaking power. After all, she was their mother and mother-in-law.

"Also, I'm not sure what kind of indecent dealings she has been involved in previously. As a result, the child in her stomach does not seem to be growing properly. Perhaps, it may be born with a disability. I study medicine, so I have my ways of proving it. If you don't believe me, then just wait and see."

"As for her brother, he is currently in a relationship with the heiress from the Xu Family. They have been living in Hyatt Regency for the past few days and extremely crude noises have been coming from their room every night. It's painful to listen to."


"President, what should we do? Everytime we try to suppress the news, it resurfaces again. The public are suspicious that Hai Rui has been spending money to clear the search rankings," Lu Che asked in seriousness. Hua Wenfeng had gone so overboard that Lu Che didn't know how to handle the aftermath. After all, this woman was Mo Ting's mother.

Mo Ting looked at the news and threw it on the floor.

He had never seen a mother like this; a mother like Hua Wenfeng.

"Give me some time to think."

Mo Ting fell silent. For the rest of the day, he remained in his office, not saying a single word to anyone.

It didn't take long before Tangning gave Lu Che a phone call, "Where's Ting?"

"The President has locked himself in his office all day," Lu Che quickly replied. "Madam, why don't I come get you. No matter how powerful the President is, he is still human and not a god."

"No need, I am already on my way," Tangning responded.

The first thing that came to her mind when she saw the news was whether Mo Ting had been hurt. This was, after all, his closest relative. Yet she had directly stabbed both of them in the back.

How were they to clarify something that was revealed by Mo Ting's birth mother? How were they to prove their innocence?

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