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I Won't Allow It!

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It was only not long ago that Hua Wenfeng had announced that she didn't like actors/actresses, yet, rumors were spreading that Tangning was about to attend an audition. More importantly, she was auditioning with the child still in her stomach.

So, it was impossible for Hua Wenfeng to maintain her previous kind manners. While Mo Ting wasn't around, she directly stormed upstairs and knocked on Mo Ting and Tangning's bedroom door.


Hua Wenfeng stood outside the door with her arms crossed as she showed the entertainment newspaper to Tangning, "What's this about an audition?"

Tangning looked at the newspaper and gently nodded her head, "I am currently waiting for the date and time."

"Are you crazy?" Hua Wenfeng said as she threw the newspaper at Tangning's feet. "Don't you know that you are almost 7 months pregnant? Why can't you just conscientiously stay at home and take care of your pregnancy?"

"Mom, things aren't the way you think they are..."

"Who are you calling mom?" Hua Wenfeng asked straightforwardly. "Although you are married to Mo Ting and your marriage is recognized by the law, I still have the right to reject you in my heart."

"Then, there's nothing for me to say," Tangning's expression became icy cold as she responded.

"Do you really like acting so much that you can't wait until your child is born before you go out and flaunt yourself?"

Hearing these words, Tangning reminded herself that this was Mo Ting's mother and she should keep tolerating her. But, this was until Hua Wenfeng said, "I won't allow it!"

"You're micro-managing too much," Tangning replied bluntly before closing the bedroom door.

As a result, Tangning felt that she could no longer live under the same roof as Hua Wenfeng.

She had to think of a flawless solution.

Afterwards, Tangning gave Tang Jingxuan a phone call, "Jingxuan, your sister is in a predicament. Can you do me a favor?"

" injuries haven't fully healed yet."

"Great, you can take this opportunity to recover," Tangning replied.

"Fine, tell me what I need to do." Tang Jingxuan's phone was currently set on hands-free because his hands were occupied by a bowl of chicken soup from Xu Qingyan.

Tangning explained what she needed from Tang Jingxuan. Hearing the amusing plan Xu Qingyan immediately volunteered to join in, "I'll move over too..."

"You?" Tang Jingxuan looked at her in doubt, "With what identity?"

"Your wife," Xu Qingyan blurted out.

Both parties froze as Tangning laughed on the other end of the phone, "In that case, both of you can move over here together."

Afterwards, Tangning gave Mo Ting a phone call. She did not explain the argument she had with Hua Wenfeng, she simply informed him that Tang Jingxuan would be moving in for a few days to help with his recovery and to keep her company.

Mo Ting could immediately tell that Tangning was planning something, so his lips curved up into a smile, "As long as you're happy."

However, as soon they both put down their phones, Mo Ting's gaze became dark and cold. If Hua Wenfeng didn't do something too extreme, Tangning would not be thinking of a way to avoid her.

However, Tangning did not explain a thing...

To help things progress smoothly, Mo Ting directly headed to the hospital after work and brought Tang Jingxuan and Xu Qingyan back to Hyatt Regency.

Hua Wenfeng was the only one in the living room as she watched the trio walk in questioningly. However, Xu Qingyan directly walked over to her and said, "Is this Auntie Hua? You look elegant and appear to take good care of yourself...I heard you work with biotechnology. I highly worship you, do you accept apprentices?"

Faced with Xu Qingyan's series of questions, Hua Wenfeng looked at her confusedly and awkwardly. After quite some time, Xu Qingyan finally introduced herself, "My name is Xu Qingyan and I am the chairwoman of Xu Corps. I am Tang Jingxuan's wife and I refer to Mo Ting as my brother-in-law."

Hua Wenfeng placed her confused gaze upon Mo Ting and saw him respond with a nod, "Jingxuan is injured and isn't well. He will be staying here for a few days."

Hua Wenfeng appeared like she wanted to say something, but Xu Qingyan spoke up first, "Don't worry auntie, we won't overstay our welcome. We have more than enough self-awareness. Otherwise, brother-in-law will definitely kick us out."

Actually, Xu Qingyan was ridiculing Hua Wenfeng when she mentioned 'overstaying her welcome'.

Of course, because of her dislike towards Tangning, Hua Wenfeng couldn't get herself to like anyone from the Tang Family either.

"Doesn't the Tang Family have a house? What about the Xu Family, I'm sure they have space for you to stay."

"We are family, isn't it great to have a lively reunion? I heard that President Mo bought auntie a house in Hyatt Regency, but I don't see you moving out. It must be because you can't bear to part with President Mo and Tangning, as well as their soon-to-be-born baby."

Hua Wenfeng was rendered speechless by Xu Qingyan. After taking a deep breath, she uncrossed her arms and walked off into her own room.

Seeing this, Tang Jingxuan raised a thumb at Xu Qingyan, "You are amazing..."

"I got it from Ye Lan."

It seemed, all the years that Ye Lan spent in the Xu Household wasn't completely of no benefit to Xu Qingyan. She at least learned a few useful tricks.

"The two of you can sleep in the other guest room tonight," Mo Ting directly said to the couple.

"Does President Mo only have one room left?" Although Xu Qingyan was certain of her relationship with Tang Jingxuan, it didn't mean that she wanted to progress so quickly.

"So what if it's one room. In my current state, it's not like I can transform into a wolf. If you're so uncomfortable with it, you can place a bowl of water between us," Tang Jingxuan looked at Xu Qingyan weakly.

Xu Qingyan took a deep breath and waved her hands, "Forget it. Perhaps I'll be the one that takes advantage of you."

"Do whatever you want, just don't disturb us upstairs and don't prevent Tangning from getting sleep..."

"Don't worry, brother-in-law," Tang Jingxuan promised in seriousness.

"I never knew that President Mo would have a mother like this when he dotes on Tangning so much. Luckily, Ning Jie isn't the type of person that endures whatever is thrown at her. Otherwise, how tough would her days be?" Xu Qingyan said as she leaned into Tang Jingxuan's shoulder, "So, to achieve our motive as soon as possible, let's create a huge disturbance tonight."


"Let's play 'that' kind of clip..."

Xu Qingyan's face turned slightly red as she made this suggestion. As a woman, she was obviously embarrassed. Especially since the clip would be playing while she shared a room with a man.

"Oh, forget's too awkward..."

"No, I think it's a pretty good idea," Tang Jingxuan chuckled, "If we don't use special methods, how can we make a surprising victory?"

"What if you get some weird ideas about me?" Xu Qingyan covered herself with her arms.

"For some reason I feel like that's what you want."

Xu Qingyan couldn't beat Tang Jingxuan when it came to teasing, so Xu Qingyan could only turn away and sneak a smile as her face turned red.


Upstairs, as Tangning watched Mo Ting enter the bedroom, she couldn't help but ask, "Are they here?"

"As you expected, they helped you win the first battle," Mo Ting took off his jacket and sat down on the bed as he replied to Tangning.

"Do you think I've gone too far?"

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