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Battle Between The Experts

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It was night time. The news of Tang Xuan trying to commit suicide, naturally attracted the attention of the media.

The public felt that the Tang Family had indeed been ruthless. Not only did they take away her child, they didn't care about Tang Xuan's life and death at all. In the eyes of the average person, rich families were always filled with internal battles, and the Tang Family was the leading example...

As a result, Tang Xuan easily attracted the attention of the public's remaining ounce of sympathy.

"Tang Xuan is indeed staying at our hospital, but she has no means of paying for her hospital fees, so the hospital is put in a difficult position."

"Tang Xuan had a difficult delivery, but I heard that the child was immediately taken away by the Tang Family as soon as it was born with no intention of letting her see it. I think Tang Xuan brought this upon herself."

"Tang Xuan's car accident happened right here. At that time, everyone was shocked. Her condition is currently stable, but it's hard to say if she will remain this way."

"At the time of the accident, her entire body was covered in blood. The sight made one's hairs stand on end."

"Although they are very unlucky to have given birth to someone like Tang Xuan, the Tang Family have gone too far. She is, after all, a part of their bloodline. The Tang Family are big and successful, yet they wouldn't even leave her a bit of money for her hospital fees. I think that's a bit inhumane."

Faced with the informed netizens and the attacks of the media, Tangning simply ignored them. After all, she was pregnant, and this was her usual way of responding anyway. But...

...what did Hua Wenfeng think after seeing the news?

Tangning decided that she should speak to Hua Wenfeng as soon as possible. So, the next day, Tangning woke up nice and early. As she went downstairs, she noticed Hua Wenfeng preparing breakfast.

"Xiao Ning, you're awake."


"Come, sit down. A pregnant woman shouldn't stand for too long," Hua Wenfeng pulled Tangning over to sit down.

Tangning thought that this meant that Hua Wenfeng didn't mind what was going on. After all, Mo Ting had been in the entertainment industry for long enough. But, as soon as the two women sat down, Hua Wenfeng snuck a glance at Tangning and placed her hands on the table, "I've seen the news already. What do you plan to do about Tang Xuan?"


"Grandfather is dealing with this issue. Mom, you shouldn't be asking Ning," Mo Ting walked out of the study room and approached the two women, "Plus, this is the Tang Family's business."

"Since that's the case, then I won't ask," Hua Wenfeng smiled at the couple before she started eating her breakfast.

Tangning could tell that Hua Wenfeng was being polite and did not intimidate her with a show of power. But, Tangning was prepared to accept that Hua Wenfeng may not have truly started yet.

"Fine, I won't say too much. I will simply remind you that we need to take note of Tangning's reputation."

"I know, mom."

In other words, Hua Wenfeng was telling Tangning to be merciful towards Tang Xuan and not to push her over the edge.

This would be a good reflection of how forgiving she could be.

But, in Tangning's heart, forgiving Tang Xuan was something left for the Gods to do; she could never do it. Plus, she had never been a completely kind person; she had steered herself clear of that path from the start.

Hua Wenfeng thought that Tangning had agreed to her request, so her expression softened. She even refilled Tangning and Mo Ting's plates with food, making the breakfast quite harmonious and warm.

However, after breakfast, Tangning headed into her bedroom and gave Xia Yuling a phone call, "Mom, do something about PR. Don't let Tang Xuan effect our daily lives again."

"This morning, quite a few reporters blocked our front door. It took your grandfather and I a bit of time to get rid of them," Xia Yuling explained calmly.

"Mo Ting's mother just returned to Beijing and she happened to come across Tang Xuan's incident..."

"..." Xia Yuling remained silent for few seconds before she replied, "Then, let's get this sorted as soon as possible in case your in-laws develop a bad impression of you."

"I'm afraid the impression has already been created," Tangning replied quietly. "Mom, you can discuss with grandfather about what to do. You don't need to compromise with Tang Xuan."

"Do you think my hatred for her is small? Xiao Ning, don't worry, the Tang Family isn't your average family, we can handle our own matters well. There's no need for others to give their opinion. Since your mother-in-law is back, you should respect her and show your understanding towards her."

"Yes mom, I know."

Xia Yuling knew that Tangning knew what to do, so she naturally didn't have to worry about her. But, when it came to Tang Xuan's incident... was time for her to do a bit of cleaning up.


As a result, Xia Yuling no longer avoided the paparazzi waiting downstairs. She directly approached them and accepted their interview.

"As a famous perfume empire, Tang Corps has always been dedicated to serving the community. But, regarding the incident with Tang Xuan, this is our own private matter and has nothing to do with outsiders. All you see is her pitiful mask, but you have never seen the times we have cried tears of disappointment for her. So please don't use your subjective opinions to judge the character and motive of my family and I."

"In regards to Tang Xuan, I would like to make a few statements: firstly, Tang Xuan conspired with the hospital to remove Tangning's uterus; secondly, while I was overseas on a business trip, she found people to kidnap me and tried to blackmail the family; thirdly, Tang Xuan sold information of Tangning's pregnancy to those that opposed her, causing both her and her child to almost die. If you are not a part of the Tang Family, you will never be able to understand the pain that these incidences have caused."

"So, please don't put yourself up on a moral pedestal and judge us..."

"We have already shown enough mercy by not turning her over to the authorities!"

"As family, my father, the chairman of Tang Corps, once held his granddaughter in high esteem. But, what broke this old man's heart to this extent? I don't think we need to think too deep into it."

"Finally, this is the last time that Tang Corps will give an explanation regarding Tang Xuan. Tang Corps has long broken all ties from Tang Xuan, so, whatever decision she makes, has no relation to Tang Corps whatsoever."

"I would like to ask everyone to look into their hearts. If you were to come across a family member that had committed as many crimes as Tang Xuan, would you be so forgiving as to accept her back into the family?"

"If you can't do it, then please shut your mouth."

Xia Yuling's voice was neither weak nor overbearing; it was calm and honest.

Because every single one of Tang Xuan's crimes could be clearly presented on a platter.

Afterwards, Xia Yuling bowed to the media and re-entered the building of Tang Corps, with no intention to ever discuss Tang Xuan again.

She already spoke from her heart.

"I honestly think that Tang Xuan ended up like this because of her own doing. Not too long ago, there were rumors that she was going around with counterfeit notes and scamming old people. I don't think she even tried to redeem herself with the Tang Family. She's merely trying to fool all of us..."

"My friend works for Tang Corps. To compete for inheritance, I heard that Tang Xuan used all kinds of dirty methods. I think Tang Corps took away her child because they are afraid that she would lead it down the wrong path."

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Argh. I’m so frustrated with the public opinions one second they’re your enemies then they shamelessly become your allies and side with you then when something happens you get judged and they become your enemies again and cycle goes on
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I NEED MORE! MORE!! Thanks for the chapter! (Hoping for a mass release so we can finally see the end of this tang xuan situation)
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Mother Mo, Tangning is not a saint. It's easy to judge when you're an outsider but if you are one of those who suffered, I guess, you won't be that forgiving as well.