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Wifey, You've Benefited Again!

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The video of Tangning's performance quickly spread online and her acting ability and talent was once again acknowledged by everyone.

Who would still feel that she didn't deserve the award?

Zhang Qingping's stubbornness was slapped in the face by Tangning. Out of all the years that the Fei Tian Awards had been hosted, she was the first newcomer who dared to offend a person of seniority live on stage. She was also the first to display her acting ability in front of so many heavyweight actors.

Her courage, confidence and determination made everyone feel admiration for her.

And her method of faceslapping was fierce and shocking.

"The stubborn old fools should have been dealt with in this way long ago. Tangning did something extremely satisfying today; I truly admire her."

"What if she was competing against you for Best Actress?"

"With her acting ability, she will win it sooner or later. She doesn't need to fight with me for it."

This was one of the many conversations happening amongst the crowd. At this time, Gu Xingyun returned to the stage and concluded, "I am personally a huge fan of the film 'Insanity', so when Tangning asked me to challenge her, this was the first film that came to mind. Of course, I knew this film would not be easy to act out and could easily drive a person mad. So, I set out a very difficult task without ever expecting that Tangning would respond in such a serious way."

"But, I believe that everyone clearly saw Tangning's acting ability. Out of all the versions of 'Insanity' that I have ever seen, including theater productions, Tangning's performance was the most complete. In fact, she managed to include small details that even the original Allie did not portray."

"I am extremely impressed..."

"I must applaud Tangning. I sincerely think that she deserves this award."

After Gu Xingyun expressed his thoughts, he looked at everyone below the stage. At this time, the man that had previously said that he had watched all the films featuring the Best Newcomer nominees, Mr. Chen Feng, suddenly stood up from the front row and walked onto the stage as he received the microphone from Gu Xingyun. With a smile, he said, "I originally didn't want to waste everyone's time, after all, there is still a lot of spectacular awards waiting to be presented."

"But...since Tangning has already proven herself, I feel that there are a few words that I can't leave here without saying."

The old man bowed to everyone and continued while maintaining his straight towering body, "As mentioned before, I've watched all the films featuring the newcomers and there was one that I particularly liked."

"I'm sure you would have guessed by now which film I am referring to. That's right, it is 'W.H.'. It's not because I'm a fan of disaster films, nor is it because Bei Chendong is the male lead. It's because I clearly saw Tangning's dedication to the film industry."

"After watching 'W.H', I looked into information regarding Tangning and found out that she was almost at the level of an international supermodel. She's received a Special Contribution Award and has ignited the Oriental Trend in the US, changing their standard of beauty. She has also been the spokesperson for many big brands and is a legend in the modeling industry."

"Yet, after changing career paths and becoming an actress, she has been clear of her position and focused on acting seriously."

"I really couldn't understand why people had to make things difficult for her every step of the way and why they had to endlessly create obstacles. She is obviously an actress with great talent and has a promising future, why must she suffer so much?"

"After careful thinking, I finally came to a realization. The reason why Tangning has suffered so much scheming and obstruction is because she is so capable. At such a young age, she has already reached heights that others would never get to!"

"'W.H.' has its flaws, but that can't represent Tangning's level of acting because her acting was perfect for the other 80% of the film."

"Plus, we can see from the behind-the-scenes footage that Tangning had received many injuries because of the film. Yet, she never got Hai Rui to release any statements, nor did she create any hype."

"She's neither lacking in confidence nor arrogant, and she tries her best to keep a low profile. So, why can't she receive the respect that she deserves?"

"Today, I would like to declare that as soon as I receive my next great film, the first person I will consider will be Tangning, regardless of whether it is a domestic or international film."

"Those that can't compare, yet don't know how to improve, can stay where they are. Tangning is a courageous person. No matter how many obstacles you throw her way, you will not be able to prevent her from becoming a top-class actress."

"If you don't believe me, let's give it a try..."

"As for why Tangning received this award, the reason will be announced soon by the organizers of the Fei Tian Awards. I will leave with a few last words: Tangning, keep up the good work! Don't mind all the useless nonsense and gossip. Especially when it comes from people that like to categorize others. They are falling behind and simply want to drag you down with them! They are completely ridiculous!"

Everyone knew that Chen Feng was lofty and unyielding. Over the years, he had never openly announced his support for anyone in particular because there were many things in the industry that he did not like. But, due to the Western education that he had received growing up, his EQ was quite impressive. Even when he didn't like something, he did not go around placing his judgment on them.

So, not only had the old man never scolded anyone, he had never praised anyone either. Yet, he did both these things in the same day. He praised Tangning in front of everyone at such a big scale event and even invited her to partake in his next film.

What a great honor this was...

However, after hearing the old man's words, Tangning did not rush over to suck up to him; she remained calm and peaceful as usual. This was one of the main reasons why Chen Feng liked her.

"Even if I was to personally meet with him, getting a role in one of Chen Feng's films isn't an easy task.'ve benefited again!" Mo Ting said beside Tangning's ear. "Shouldn't​ you go over and thank him?"

Tangning did not say anything. In a gentle and humble manner, she stood up and bowed at Chen Feng, expressing her sincere gratitude.

Everyone else had come in the hopes of receiving an award. Yet, Tangning not only received an award, she also received an invite from a great director and secured a role that many would rack their brains to get.

Zhang Qingping held a high status in the industry, but after being named as a top class director and actor, he no longer produced anything. Whereas, Chen Feng continued to move forward and advance...

As a result, everyone was more convinced by Chen Feng.

Seeing that even Chen Feng stepped out to ridicule Zhang Qingping, it was clear to the public that he had become too big of a joke.

The youth was bound to overtake the old; this was the main theme of the awards ceremony. Of course, to prevent herself from wasting any more of everyone's time, she gestured for Gu Xingyun to continue with presenting the rest of the awards...

At this moment, both inside and outside of the venue, everyone was discussing Tangning. But, as the center of attention, Tangning remained as calm and careful as ever.

Her intention was clearly written on her face: she wanted to keep a low profile!

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