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Seeing Zhang Qingping breathe out angrily as he left the stage, Tangning once again turned to face the audience.

"I placed this award beside my feet because I know a lot of people think that I don't deserve it."

"I'm sorry, but I Tangning, will only accept an award if everyone believes I am worthy of it."

"I know I attracted a lot of news, but I will always remember that I am an actress. Even when filming, I will always be serious."

"Today, I'm going to give the hosts a chance to challenge me. You can set the conditions and I'll perform in front of everyone. If everyone feels that my acting isn't up to standard, I can immediately give up on this award and never act again..."

Everyone was shocked by Tangning's words...

Tangning was going to act in front of everyone?

Didn't she know where she was currently standing?

The best of the best in the industry was right there. Wasn't she afraid of embarrassing herself? Why would she make such a big gamble...?

Why would she give up on the award?

Of course, there were plenty of people that were impressed by Tangning's bravery. If they were in her position, they wouldn't care what the judges thought. After all, the award was already in their hands and this was their glory. Which person in their right mind would toss it away? Yet, Tangning was exactly this person.

This part of the ceremony wasn't part of the rehearsals nor was it preplanned.

But, seeing Tangning like this, the hosts were more than willing to give her an opportunity to prove herself. After all, she had fought her way here and struggled through many obstacles. So, they were willing to believe in a young person's persistence and abilities.

"In that case, have you watched the film 'Insanity'?"

This Oscar Award winning motion picture was a benchmark in the crime category.

And the female protagonist, Allie, was a very famous character.

Allie was a multiple personality patient who had been held hostage by the male lead. As she tried to negotiate with him, she slowly became his therapist. But, the most spectacular part of the film was the fact that Allie had a second personality hidden inside her: she was a psycho that was even more terrifying than the male lead. While her first personality tried to redeem the male lead, her second personality helped him commit murders. Allie suspected that the male lead had an accomplice and one of the most famous scenes was when - after a series of investigations - she discovered the accomplice was herself...

"Yes, I've watched it," Tangning nodded her head as she remembered the film.

Not only had she watched it, during the time that she filmed 'W.H.' she even pretended to be Allie, just so she could get a better understanding of Bei Chendong's psychotic character.

"Then, do you remember the scene when Allie woke up after her second personality had killed someone and tried frantically to find the killer?"

"Of course," Tangning nodded her head.

This film was much too famous. At the time of filming, the actress that played Allie, Baiansy, actually ended up with multiple personality disorder in real life. To this day, she was still being treated at the psychiatric hospital.

Most of the people present had watched this film before and had a deep impression of the scene that Gu Xingyun had mentioned. But, could Tangning really pull it off?

This was an impossible task. It was too difficult...

Even Baiansy had gone insane!

It was clear to see how consumed in the character she was at the time.

Could Tangning...

...really do it?

The scene took place in an underground garage with steam vents. Allie was sitting inside a car with a driver who was having a nap.

When the male driver awoke, he wanted to have his way with Allie, but he ended up being hit in the head and fell unconscious. At this time, Allie's second personality was awoken and directly slashed him to pieces skillfully without being stained by a single drop of blood.

Allie's first personality woke up to find that the garage roller door was open and a corpse lay beside her. She frantically tried to find the killer. But, when she went to investigate the surveillance footage, she realized that no one had entered the garage during that time...

She began to realize what was going on.

So, she ended up returning to the corpse to search for clues.

The scene that Tangning would need to act out, would be the scene when she checked the surveillance footage.

There were no props and no help. Just an empty awards stage.

Tangning started off with her head down like she was deep in thought. Then...she suddenly lifted it and shocked everyone.

The look in her eyes...

It seemed she had discovered something, but at the same time she appeared terrified as if a demon was standing behind her with an axe. The expression that sent chills down one's spine gave an immediate effect without the need for any words.

Everyone was drawn into the scene by the look in her eyes. It was almost like they were right there on the set of 'Insanity'.

Afterwards, Tangning suddenly turned around like she had thought of something. With her back facing the audience, she started walking away. But then, she suddenly turned back around and tugged at her hair like she was amused by the theory she had in her head. There couldn't possibly be demons right? However, a few moments later, her expression darkened. The expression made one shudder...

Not a single person had stepped foot into the underground garage, so she suspected that something supernatural had happened and a demon of some sort must have appeared to cause this murder. But, a moment later, she started to think about why her arms felt a little sore and why there was dark fabric between her fingernails.

She frantically returned to the garage and searched the body of the corpse. Finally, she discovered a pair of black gloves. She was so frightened that she immediately let out a scream and threw the gloves as far as she could.


Tangning stood up calmly. As she was pregnant, she couldn't do any more complex movements, so she could only stop there.

But, the audience was disappointed that the performance had stopped...

Everyone wanted to see what was to happen next, but the act had ended.

That's right, it ended!

Even though this was a classic film that already had a stunning performance, it didn't mean that there wasn't other ways of expressing the scenes.

Tangning had added a lot of her own elements and interpretation on top of Baiansy's performance because she believed that it would bring Allie to life even more and complete the character in a way that was closer to reality.

The scene of the awards ceremony fell into silence for quite some time before the audience finally erupted in an applause.

At this moment, Tangning looked down at the audience, then at the hosts and finally at Zhang Qingping. She then picked up her golden phoenix trophy and raised it above her head before she left the stage under Mo Ting's protection.

Her faceslap was much too ruthless and fierce.

Tangning had never been afraid of proving her abilities because she believed in herself.

She performed a classic scene live on stage. In fact, she surpassed the original performance. She used her actions to prove to everyone that she deserved the award!

Would anyone still doubt her?

Only if they could prove that they could do better than her.

But, who had the confidence to do so?

  1. This film does not actually exist.
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Faija1 year ago
I liked how at the end, they told us Insanity the film does not exist 😂😂😂
Bald_Chanyeol_1 year ago
"Her faceslap was much too ruthless and fierce" And there's more to come
Bald_Chanyeol_1 year ago
".......At the time of filming, the actress that played Allie, Baiansy, actually ended up with multiple personality disorder in real life........" Damn......