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Awards Ceremony

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"Do you want it?" Mo Ting gently lifted her up and placed her on the bed, holding her down from the right hand side.

Tangning opened her eyes and looked seriously at Mo Ting. At times like this, she did not try to hide her admiration and obsession with this man, "Yes...I've always wanted it and will always want it."

Mo Ting gently brushed Tangning's hair behind her ear and tore off the clothes on his body, ignoring the buttons that fell to the ground. He straightened his strong body; even at a time like this, he was like a noble and imposing king.

Meanwhile, Tangning was still the same Tangning. Even though she was pregnant, it did not skew her perfection. In fact, it made her even more attractive.

Because Tangning was pregnant, the couple could not move too drastically or intensely​. So, their entangled bodies could only rub together slowly and gently...

"The gown..."

"Am I not being serious enough? How could you think of your gown at a time like this? Huh?"


Over the past few days, Tang Xuan had no idea that her whereabouts was already discovered by Mo Ting. But, she was still as terrified as ever.

Especially after seeing Ye Lan and Yang Xi's fate, all she could think about was how to hide herself well and not get discovered by Tangning. In reality, it was all because of the awards ceremony that Tangning had not dealt with her yet.

She fell pregnant before Tangning, so her stomach was bigger and rounder. Of course, her days did not pass by as well as she had hoped. A mere $2 million wasn't enough to support the extravagant lifestyle she was used to. Even though she was supposed to be hiding, she did not forget to eat and drink well, so she left a lot of evidence for Lu Che to easily trace.

At this moment, she was hiding on a quiet island. Of course, she was no longer living in the extravagant resorts she was used to. Instead, she was staying in an average residential area. As the security wasn't guaranteed, she was often harassed by the local troublemakers. But, a precarious life like this was better than being found by Mo Ting and Tangning.

The funny thing was, within the seemingly average apartment that she stayed in, she discovered a whole heap of counterfeit money hidden beneath the bed. To live a more comfortable life, she took the money and used it to scam old people. This was the easiest way to avoid detection.

However, she wasn't always lucky. One particular time, the bakery owner's son decided to help out at the store. As he looked down at the note that she handed over, he said to Tang Xuan, "This note is fake."

"How could that be?" Tang Xuan asked with a trace of guilt.

"I was wondering why my mum kept receiving counterfeit money recently. So it's you!" the young man's expression darkened, making him look extra fierce, "How could you trick an old person..."

"I didn't..." Tang Xuan denied, "Don't...don't, blame the innocent."

"Come with me to the police station!"

With the mention of the police, Tang Xuan fell into a panic as she turned to all the customers and started screaming, "Help! This man is harassing me!"

Although the people in the bakery did not physically help, their judgmental glares were full of disdain. As a result, Tang Xuan managed to escape. But, as she left, the man pointed to her angrily.

The look in his eyes seemed to be warning her, "This isn't over!"

Tang Xuan was so frightened that she immediately ran off and no longer dared to step foot in the bakery again.

But, there was no way that she'd give up on using the counterfeit money. So, she continuously changed locations and found different old people to scam. Eventually, someone tracked down where she lived. In fact, it wasn't just one person.

Tang Xuan was so frightened that she didn't dare to open the door. All she could do was huddle up on the sofa until the people left. But, to prevent her from escaping, the people took shifts at guarding her door; regardless of whether it was day or night.

"B*tch, if you have the guts to trick old people, why don't you have the guts to come out? Don't think that we can't do anything to you just because you are pregnant!"

Tang Xuan trembled in fear...

She remained on the sofa for a good few days, too afraid to go anywhere.

Eventually, news of this traveled to Lu Che's ears. To ensure that she remained safe until Tangning got the chance to deal with her, Lu Che compensated all the people that she had tricked and said to them in seriousness, "Don't worry, you will see the result that you want. But, it won't be right now."

"A woman like this should just die. To trick old people like this is completely immoral. You need to teach her a proper lesson."

A little while later, Tang Xuan's front door finally returned to peace and quiet. There was no more knocking on the door.

Tang Xuan thought they had lost their patience, but she had no idea that it was Lu Che's doing and a bigger form of torture was on its way.

Of course, they would have to wait until tomorrow night was over before it happened.

Actually, in Tang Xuan's heart, she felt that she was more pitiful than the old people. So, when she scammed them, she did not feel an ounce of guilt.

When Tangning heard about what had happened the next day, she couldn't help but laugh, "There are people in this world that could be more shameless than demons even if you throw them into hell."

"Do you still have hope that a person like this would know shame?"

"She can't even be considered a person," Mo Ting said coldly from the side.

"But, why do I feel like she would make a great inspiration for a film?"

Hearing Tangning's joke, something suddenly clicked in Mo Ting's mind. But, she had no idea that her simple joke would some day create another miracle in the film industry.

After breakfast, Mo Ting accompanied Tangning to shop for another gown. The gown from the previous night was now just a lump of mess.

Don't forget, tonight was the night of the Fei Tian Awards Ceremony!

It was the biggest annual film event!

Without exception, the awards ceremony was inevitably a stage full of competition. But, the Fei Tian Awards was a little different to other awards. The nominees all fought to keep a low profile because the judges of the Fei Tian Awards did not like things that were​ overhyped with no substance. As a result, actors felt like they had a higher chance at receiving awards.

Of course, this was just a non-physical form of comfort.

However, the strangest thing about this year's awards, was the fact that everyone's focus was not on the Best Actor and Best Actress, but on The Best Newcomer!

Naturally, because of the huge battle that went on, the nominees of The Best Newcomer all appeared in related searches for some of the hottest keywords online.

This award was such a popular topic of discussion that even actors discussed it amongst themselves, "The Best Newcomer Award is quite important this year. It's never been this hyped up before."

"Hey, take a guess, who do you think will win?"

"I...really don't know..." - Everyone laughed - "But, regardless of who wins, Tangning's appearance is already a highlight, isn't it? It's just, not winning anything will be a little...awkward..."

"I personally don't think it will be her!"

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aistitch1 year ago
like i predicted before, the gown didnt make for the award πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ hope the next dress dont have the same fate like the dress beforeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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Let's enjoy the award show thingy!! Can't wait for another film that King Mo will created from wifey joke....... (\_(\ (β€žβ€’ ֊ β€’β€ž) Oβ˜•οΈO
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That steamy part wass ohh almost explicit!!! Ahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚