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There Will Be Plenty Of Chances For You To Cry

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The media swarmed towards the news of Ye Lan being admitted to the hospital due to domestic violence. Normally, the hospital would put in security measures for things like this, but, as the media surrounded the hospital, the hospital chief did not do a thing. As for Ye Lan's management agency, they also turned a blind eye...

As a result, Ye Lan's helplessly ill and ugly state was revealed to the cameras and the public.

"Doesn't Ye Lan appear quite beautiful on screen? Who would have thought that she'd look like this with no makeup..."

"They've packaged her for the cameras, after all. In reality, her skin is actually worse than mine!"

"What an embarrassment! Who's going to want her from now on? If I was her, I'd kill myself!"

Ye Lan was surrounded by the media, but not a single person dared to step out and help her. Every now and then, one of the young nurses wanted to help, but they were too weak, so their tiny voices were quickly drowned out by the crowd...

Ye Lan was forced to hide in fear. Finally, under the cover of the cleaner, she managed to escape the media by huddling up in the bathroom.

After quite some time, the hospital room returned to its usual peace and quiet. At this time, the slight sound of someone crying could finally be heard.

After crying for half an hour, Ye Lan finally composed herself. At this time, a chubby female nurse pushed open the bathroom door and helped Ye Lan up as she said in a gentle voice, "Come out, the reporters have left..."

"Thank you."

Ye Lan became even more emotional. After all, someone was offering her a helping hand during one of her toughest times. So, the precautionary wall in her heart immediately came crashing down.

However, before Ye Lan could fully express her gratitude, she froze in place as soon as she stepped out of the bathroom...

The figure standing beside the hospital room window was the nightmare that she tried so hard to escape!

"'s you. Of course. Otherwise, why would the media leave," Ye Lan said in self-mockery.

Amongst the dull lighting, Tangning turned around and looked calmly at Ye Lan. Her intimidating elegance made Ye Lan feel a sense of inferiority.

"You can leave," Tangning said to the head nurse.

The nurse nodded her head, but was still a little worried. After all, Mo Ting had emphasized for her to take care of Tangning, "Mrs Mo, I will be outside. If you need anything, just give me a call."

Tangning nodded her head as she waited for the nurse to leave. After she was gone, Tangning calmly walked over to Ye Lan.

"I have no history with you. Why would you use Yang Xi to go against me?"

"I...I wasn't​ in my right mind." Ye Lan and Tangning had never even met before. Now that Tangning was finally standing before Ye Lan, Ye Lan was completely shocked by the calmness on Tangning's face. Because she knew...

...the calmer that Tangning appeared, the more dangerous of a situation she was in.

It was impossible to see what Tangning was thinking; she was impenetrable.

"You may have been out of your mind for a moment; I understand that people can easily make mistakes because of greed. But...this wasn't the first time that you went against me."

"I can ignore small incidences. I can treat it like a game if I don't make much of a loss. But...did you know that I only have two bottom lines in my life, and you have crossed both of them!"


"Regardless of your reason, if you've worried my husband and threatened the safety of my child, I will not let you off. Understood?" Tangning asked as she glared at Ye Lan.

"I..." Ye Lan stuttered in fear.

"Children are gifts from God. You schemed against another person's child, so it is only fair for God to take away your child in return. This is what you call karma..."

As Tangning spoke, her voice was calm. It was so gentle that Ye Lan was quite surprised...

The way that she spoke like a lecturing senior, sent chills down Ye Lan's spine.

"From now on, it's best if you do more good deeds."

"What...what do you exactly want from me?" Ye Lan could no longer hold in her curiosity as she asked.

But, Tangning did not respond straight away. After quite some time, she finally said in a quiet voice, "I don't want anything from you. I simply wanted to visit you."

"You've just had a miscarriage. Don't cry too much, it is bad for your body."

"After all, after you recover, there will be plenty of chances for you to cry..."

Hearing this, Ye Lan suddenly looked up at Tangning. She wanted to plead for forgiveness but her eyes revealed a sense of resistance.

"Get some rest..." Tangning said before turning to leave. But, at this time, Ye Lan suddenly knelt down on the floor, "Tangning, I know I have been wrong. Could you please let me go?"

Tangning did not turn around. To be exact, she couldn't be bothered to turn around as she replied, "I've accepted your apology. But, you will still get what you deserve."

"Tangning, aren't you afraid that people would say that you are cruel?"

"You've yet to see the truly cruel side of me!" After speaking, Tangning turned slightly, revealing only one side to Ye Lan.

However, this was already enough to make Ye Lan tremble in fear. Tangning wasn't easy to convince like everyone else in the entertainment industry. If it was someone else, Ye Lan could have offered them a small benefit and it would have been enough to get away with what she had done. But, this was Tangning...

No one could influence the way that she thought, so no one knew how she planned to seek revenge.

Tangning always knew how to hit her enemies where it hurt, and Ye Lan was no exception.

But, where did it hurt for Ye Lan? Everyone had inner demons lurking somewhere inside their heart, so for Ye Lan...

[Exposed: After her miscarriage, another crime is added to Ye Lan's name with the revelation that she has a history of going to jail for stealing!]

[Actress image destroyed: Thug Ye Lan's private photos revealed]

It turned out, she was a thief!

The humiliation experienced when a person's deepest, darkest secrets were revealed, was enough to destroy a person's will to live. Especially when the entire nation now knew that Ye Lan was a dirty thief that had her eyes on others' belongings.

"People like this are disgusting!"

"We thought she was temporarily blinded by greed, but it turns out that she has been a thief all along!"

"How could a criminal become an actress? Could someone enlighten me?"

This time, not only the public, but even the nurse that had previously wanted to help Ye Lan, felt like they had been given a sharp slap across the face.

"I thought I was standing up for justice, but it turns out I was sticking up for a piece of crap!"

Of course, after the news was exposed, Ye Lan no longer had the courage to stay at the hospital. So, the second day after the exposure, she completely disappeared from sight. The way that everyone looked at her was shockingly profound; the expressions of ridicule tore at her flesh, one inch at a time.

The reason was simple for why Tangning handled things this way. She wanted Yang Xi and Tang Xuan to experience the feelings of fear. She wasn't afraid that others would call her cruel. In reality, she had never hidden that fact that she would seek the ultimate revenge on anyone that dared to cross her bottom line...

As for the judges of the Fei Tian Awards, what were their thoughts on the entire incident?

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Not even a pint of sympathy. They deserve what they got.
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