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The Worst Form of Punishment

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Ye Lan never expected that Yang Xi would sell her out so easily and quickly...But, if she thought about it carefully, the two of them had no real ties. Did she really think that Yang Xi would let her off at the most critical of times?

So, after the press conference ended, Ye Lan immediately received a phone call from her agency, "Pack your bags and leave Beijing. Even the agency can't protect you this time."

"If you had merely gone against Tangning, then the issue may have been easy to resolve. But, she also has a child in her stomach, yet you caused such a huge problem with the news of her pregnancy. I suggest you hideout overseas for a while. Once the news has settled, you can try to make a comeback."


But, she knew this meant that if she returned in the future, her position would be overtaken by a new bunch of rookies. After all, this was the reality of the entertainment industry!

"No, I refuse to leave!" Ye Lan replied directly, "My husband still has business with the Tang Family. If I get him to help me, Mo Ting will definitely let me go for the sake of Tangning."

"Are you sure?" her manager asked with doubt, "Even if Hai Rui are willing to let you go, did you think public opinion would let you go? Did you think that the mess you caused this time is small?"

"To be blatantly honest, if anything had happened to Tangning's child this time, the three of you would have been buried with it."

But, nothing actually happened. So, did that mean she was fine? Ye Lan wondered.

"This is how the situation currently is, you have no choice but to leave," the manager sounded frustrated and angry.

Ye Lan put down the phone, unwilling to accept defeat. Just as she was about to make a phone call to her husband, Xu Qingyan appeared in front of her with her arms crossed. Her expression was cold and filled with ridicule.

Ye Lan straightened her body and put down the phone in her hand. Even at a time like this, she refused to let Xu Qingyan overstep her. So, she raised her chin high and looked at Xu Qingyan with a cold and heartless glare.

"I get along quite well with Tangning. Do you want me to speak to her on your behalf?" Xu Qingyan asked casually.

"Xu Qingyan, we both know why you are standing here! Stop putting on an act! Don't forget, your good days are coming to an end. After all, the old man is leaving today..."

"Grandfather left already..." Xu Qingyan said in a congratulatory manner, "I'm sure this is what you wanted."

Ye Lan stared coldly at Xu Qingyan, trying to decipher if her words were true. She then headed straight for Elder Xu's bedroom. After confirming that the room was tidy and the old man's luggage was gone, she returned to Xu Qingyan and glared at her, "Since your grandfather is gone, how dare you act so arrogantly in front of me?"

"Because I'm waiting for dad to come home," Xu Qingyan replied calmly.

Ye Lan thought that Xu Qingyan had already accepted her fate and had given up fighting.

However, she had no idea that the show that was about to play out would teach her that 'every dog had his day'...

The two women did not continue arguing; there was no point. So, they both returned to the sofa and sat down. At this moment, Ye Lan made a phone call to Father Xu in front of Xu Qingyan, "Hubby...where are you? Will you be able to leave work early today? Your father has already left..."

"Really?" After hearing this, Father Xu's mood obviously lightened.

But, this was because he had not seen the news yet.

"What time will you be back?" Ye Lan glanced at Xu Qingyan as she asked.

"I can't tell you right now. But, I will try to get back as soon as possible."

With this satisfactory answer, Ye Lan's chin pointed even higher. It seemed, even though she was about to suffer, she was going to drag someone down with her...

Xu Qingyan did not say a word as she remained quiet. Of course, she couldn't turn to her father for comfort and help. She simply had to contact her lawyers and Tang Jingxuan and everything would be fine.

So, the two women looked deep into each other's eyes...

They did not say a thing, but their eyes seemed to contain the harshest of words...


[Hai Rui reveals shocking inside story: Tangning's retreat caused by scheming!]

[Real-life 'Game of Thrones': Tangning exposed to a succession of schemes. Almost lost her uterus!]

[Shocking industry news: who was behind it all]

[Fei Tian Awards thrown into another predicament: Tangning disregarded because she had no choice but to retreat]

After the press conference, a flood of headlines followed. Mo Ting comforted the sleeping Tangning as Lu Che stood in front of him, reporting the latest news regarding the Fei Tian Awards.

"I heard that there have already been changes amongst the judges," Lu Che explained gently, afraid that he would wake up Tangning, who was currently asleep on Mo Ting's lap. It wasn't easy for her to fall asleep, so Mo Ting couldn't bear to wake her up.

"This means that the Fei Tian Awards can still be saved!" Mo Ting replied with a slight coldness to his voice.

The news of Tangning's name being officially removed from the nomination list was about to be announced. But, Mo Ting had grabbed onto the right timing to turn the tables. Now, everyone had found out that Tangning had no choice but to retreat and most people were on her side. If the Fei Tian Awards decided to remove Tangning's name from their nomination list, there was no doubt that they'd be drowned by the complaints from the public.

"In regards to Yang Xi and the other two women. What should we do with them now?"

"Have you found Tang Xuan?" Mo Ting asked.

"That woman has too much ambition. It won't be hard to find her..." Lu Che replied.

"Great..." Mo Ting nodded. "As for Yang Xi, we can leave her with the police. I'm sure that will be the worst punishment for her!"

Needless to say, Lu Che understood what Mo Ting meant. The fact that Master Ni had a complex background, if Yang Xi was seized by the police, he wouldn't just sit idly by. What if she happened to reveal one of his secrets? Although Master Ni had already made precautionary arrangements, Yang Xi slept next to him every day, so it wasn't hard for her to get a hold of sensitive information that she could hold against him. He couldn't fight with the police out in the open, so the only thing he could do, would be to get rid of Yang Xi...

As for how he was to do this, it would be dependent on how ruthless he was.

Mo Ting felt that the result was worth anticipating for. After all, his woman and child was schemed against..., he was going to pay them back a thousand-fold.

Of course, the most important 7 month pregnant Tang Xuan failed to escape in the end...but Mo Ting had no intention to deal with her straight away. He wanted to let her see Yang Xi and Ye Lan's fate first.

Sometimes, paranoia and fear were the worst forms of punishment for a person.

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