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Tangning's Out Of Luck!

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'Originality' was a well renowned international company that only invited the most influential people. So, those that received invites were naturally those that were admired by others.

The invite was like an acknowledgement that a celebrity's popularity was enough to influence others.

As Tangning's manager and husband, it didn't seem right for Mo Ting to reject the invite...but, he was also worried about Tangning and the baby in her stomach

Although they had already made a decision to announce Tangning's pregnancy, he did not like things that happened beyond his control.

Plus, attending this event would mean that Tangning would have to make a long journey.

As soon as Tangning saw the invite, she knew that Mo Ting would be worried. Especially since she was already 6 months pregnant. In fact, the longer that the baby was in her stomach, the more careful Mo Ting became.

"I've already asked Lu Che to reject the invite for you," Mo Ting explained beside Tangning's ear. "Instead, I've asked Fang Yu to send them a donation as an expression of Hai Rui's sincerity...."

"...even though I know that attending this charity event would have helped your nomination for the Fei Tian Awards."

Tangning held onto her stomach as she smiled, "I trust your arrangements."

Mo Ting wrapped Tangning in his arms and placed his chin on top of her head, "Are you annoyed that I've made the decision on your behalf?"

"You are my manager. Everything you do is for my own good. On top of that, you are my husband. I believe that you simply want to protect me," Tangning replied gently. Perhaps she hadn't realized, but she probably trust Mo Ting more than she trust herself.

"The 'Originality' Charity Event is being held all the way in The Netherlands and requires a long travel time. Most importantly, as soon as you leave my sight, I can't help worrying about you. I get so worried that my heart aches," Mo Ting wrapped his arm around Tangning from behind and gently stroked her cheek, "These past few months have been the most calm and peaceful months since our marriage. You're beautiful and capable. I'm starting to worry that keeping you at home will drive you crazy from boredom."

Tangning was quite surprised by these words. Because she was pregnant, she had become quite lethargic and hadn't realized that she had slightly neglected Mo Ting...

Thinking of this, Tangning grabbed onto Mo Ting's hand and placed it on her chest, so he could sense her heartbeat, "Did you know that I still love you like crazy?"

"So, whether it's a life filled with excitement or a life filled with simple pleasures, as long as you are by my side, I will feel at ease."

"Just like how your hug is the most warm and safe place I have ever experienced."

After hearing Tangning's words, Mo Ting remained silent for a few minutes.

No matter how strong a man was, they would weaken in front of their lover and sometimes overthink things.

"Are you not ready to be a father?"

"Don't worry, you are going to be the world's best father."

Mo Ting nodded his head and suddenly changed his mind as he gave Lu Che a phone call.

What had he and Tangning not experienced?

So, he regained his determination. Even if there were things that he was afraid of, as long as he still had the energy to hold on, he would still be the same ruthless Mo Ting that everyone feared.


The man supporting Yang Xi was a famous philanthropist. However, everyone knew that his background wasn't completely clean. It turned out, Tangning's invite to the 'Originality' Charity Event, was planned by this man. Whether Tangning was pregnant, one look would be enough to determine.

Ever since the nomination list for the Fei Tian Awards was released, Yang Xi diligently studied the films of her competitors.

The other three competitors progressed through the industry like textbook examples, but Tangning was different. She flew past all obstacles and gained a popularity that still existed even though she had retreated.

Tangning's capabilities; Tangning's methods; everything about Tangning gave off a sense of danger.

So, Yang Xi was a little scared as her desire to win became heightened.

"Yang Jie, we've confirmed that Tangning will be attending," Yang Xi's manager gave her​ a phone call to notify her.

"That's good..."

"But, I heard that President Mo will also be accompanying her," her manager emphasized. "Should we think of a way to distract him?"

"If you have an idea, then go do it."

Yang Xi had heard that Mo Ting doted on his wife, but she didn't believe it. After all, she had never witnessed it in person and she didn't believe that genuine love still existed. Especially within the entertainment industry; wasn't everyone just playing a game with their bodies and seeking benefits?

"If Hai Rui is at risk of going bankrupt, I refuse to believe that Mo Ting will continue to stay by Tangning's side."

Yang Xi needed a chance to prevent Tangning from winning the award. If Mo Ting was to come along, then he'd get in the way.

As soon as the manager heard this, she immediately made arrangements. But, was Hai Rui so easy to shake up? Especially for someone as insignificant as Yang Xi's manager?

Yang Xi grew up in rough conditions and had followed the gangs for many years. When it came to underhandedness, she knew every trick in the book. Over the years, she had learned a lot in secret, including how to anaesthetize a person and how to make people put their guard down.

So, it wasn't like she had never seen a smart person before. But, she refused to believe, just because they were smart, they'd be able to escape her trap.

Her motive this time was simple...she was either going to force Tangning to withdraw her nomination...or she was going to make Tangning lose her child. Since Tangning had made things difficult for her, she wasn't going to make things easy for Tangning either.

If someone dared to compete with her, they would not end up well.

To her, miscarriage was a normal occurrence. Perhaps, the conditions in which she grew up in, had given her this uncaring attitude towards life.

Regardless, the main focus at hand for Yang Xi, was to find a way to lure Tangning to her...


To prevent themselves from being discovered, Mo Ting and Tangning​ disguised themselves and decided to depart Beijing for The Netherlands one day in advance. After arriving, the couple quickly settled into their hotel room. Of course, under Mo Ting's careful protection, Tangning did not get bothered by anyone at all. But, he had no idea that danger was slowly closing in.

Meanwhile, over at the Xu Household, Ye Lan was already celebrating her victory.

Even if Tangning didn't get defeated, she would at least be able to witness a good fight.

Did Tangning want an award? No way!

Xu Qingyan noticed Ye Lan humming happily to herself and glared at her with disgust. It was obvious that she had done something sinister and was celebrating by herself.

Just as Ye Lan stood up to leave the living room, she noticed Xu Qingyan standing behind her, "What? You can't bear to see me happy?"

Xu Qingyan did not say a word as she stared calmly at Ye Lan.

"You just wait, there's a good show on its way...Tangning's out of luck!"

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