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You Want to Live With Me?

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"From now on, if you are ever in trouble, you can always come look for me," Tang Jingxuan said in seriousness, "No matter what it is..."

"OK," Xu Qingyan nodded casually. Perhaps, she would have never imagined that, one day, she would actually need Tang Jingxuan's help.


After this huge incident, Xu Qingyan and Tang Jingxuan once again graced the headlines with their presence. After all, in the past, the relationship between Song Yanshu and Tang Jingxuan wasn't simple but had now turned sour.

Anyone with eyes could tell that Song Yanshu's fiance had the intention to humiliate Tang Jingxuan at their engagement party. But, unfortunately for him, Tang Jingxuan had brought along Xu Qingyan.

In the end, not only did he fail, he ended up being humiliated instead as Xu Qingyan messed up his ceremony.

Entertainment news spread like wildfire and photos of Tang Jingxuan and Xu Qingyan were posted everywhere. Perhaps, to Tang Jingxuan, this wasn't much of an issue. But, to Xu Qingyan, this was a disaster.

Father Xu felt completely humiliated​! As a result, he locked her at home and refused to let her leave the house.


Meanwhile, at Hyatt Regency.

Tang Jingxuan was drinking some soup with Tangning.

"After this incident, I assume there will no longer be anything between you and Song Yanshu, am I right?" Tangning asked. "Initially, grandfather had high hopes for the two of you. Luckily, we saw through her early on. I can't deny that Yanshu is capable, but, it is impossible for me to agree with her views on love."

"Sis, I know what your are trying to say," Tang Jingxuan replied in seriousness.

"Good, let's talk about Xu Qingyan then. I've looked through the newspapers and seen the videos online. This old classmate of yours has sure treated you well."

"She is quite cute," Tang Jingxuan couldn't contain his smile, "She doesn't put up a front and is full of righteousness. She obviously..."

Tang Jingxuan stopped. He suddenly realized, it had been an entire day since the rumors started, but he had not heard from Xu Qingyan at all.

"Your rumors are currently spreading like wildfire, it's only right for you to step out and do something about it. I've heard that she doesn't have a very loving father. Don't let this young lady speak up for you innocently when she has no one to protect her."

Thinking about the way that Father Xu tortured Xu Qingyan, Tang Jingxuan suddenly put down the bowl in his hands and grabbed his jacket as he walked out the door, "Sis, I'm going to pop out for a bit."

Tangning knew where he was going, so she did not stop him. All she could do was smile to herself; there were some things that one had to experience for themselves before they could figure out what was most suited to them.


Tang Jingxuan had completely overlooked the problem with Father Xu. Now that he thought about it, he hadn't been able to get through to Xu Qingyan's phone and she had not replied to any of his messages; Father Xu must have gotten angry at her.

So, he increased his speed and rushed over to the Xu Household. However, as he arrived, he realized he didn't have keys to the house, so all he could do was climb up one of the walls.

Xu Qingyan had never imagined that she'd see Tang Jingxuan under these circumstances. Neither had she imagined that he'd climb up the pipe and tap on her window.

"Are you crazy? Climb back down, it's dangerous."

"Are you locked in here?" Tang Jingxuan asked as he clung easily to the pipe. "Do you want to leave? I can take you out of here..."

Xu Qingyan looked cautiously at the door and back out the window, "No, I can't leave."

"Heroine Xu once scaled the walls of the school dorms. Now that you've grown up, has your bravery shrunk?"

"If I run away like this, my credit cards will be cut!"

Seeing the anxious look on Xu Qingyan's face, Tang Jingxuan let out a laugh, "I don't understand you. How could you be worried about your credit cards at a time like this? You'll be fine, you can stay at my place."

"You want to live with me?"

"What are you thinking? I'm currently living at the Tang Household." Tang Jingxuan was beginning to lose his grip so he began to rush her, "Hurry and get out here. I can't hold on for much longer."

Xu Qingyan thought for a moment before she gritted her teeth and climbed out the window. In fact, she was more nimble than Tang Jingxuan...

Tang Jingxuan was stunned. It was hard to imagine that a precious heiress like Xu Qingyan would be able to climb down a wall so easily.

Father Xu had obviously put in a lot of effort to teach Xu Qingyan proper etiquette. Unfortunately, the little monkey enjoyed her freedom too much.

It didn't take long before the two ran out of the main gates and boarded Tang Jingxuan's car. As the door closed, they burst out laughing, "That was pretty exciting...I never thought my skills were still so good."

"Did your father...hit you?" Tang Jingxuan noticed the injuries on Xu Qingyan's body, even though she tried hard to conceal it.

"I've long been impenetrable!" Xu Qingyan said as she pointed her chest. She then changed the subject, "So, where are we going?"

"Where do you want to go?" Tang Jingxuan asked back. "How about we pay our primary school a visit?"

"No, it's embarrassing," Xu Qingyan said as she waved her hands.

"Qingyan, be honest with me. After running away, if you were to return home, what would your father do to you?" Tang Jingxuan was aware of the truth behind Xu Qingyan's smile. He was certain she would get hurt again. That's why he directly said, "Don't try to brush me off. Tell me the truth."

Seeing the seriousness on Tang Jingxuan's face, Xu Qingyan felt a little uncomfortable, "What could he do to me? I am, after all, his daughter."

After hearing these words, Tang Jingxuan grabbed onto Xu Qingyan's wrist and rolled up her sleeves to reveal blue bruises and red wounds on her arms, "Your father has always been a violent man; everyone at school knew about this. But, I thought, after all these years, he would have changed."

"Don't make a big fuss out of nothing. I'm fine," Xu Qingyan said as she pulled her arm away.

"It's been so many years, haven't you ever thought of leaving your father?"

"I need to put my hatred aside and consider that he is, after all, my father. I can't stand idly by as 'that woman' tricks my father of his entire fortune," Xu Qingyan finally gave a serious response. "However, I wonder at least once a day whether I should run away and go to a place where no one knows me, so I can spend a few days living my own life."


Tang Jingxuan understood her pain, so he directly started the car and drove her to a private hospital, "Don't think about going anywhere for now. Let me see how many injuries you have first."


"Let me do something for you. Even if it's something small."

This time, Xu Qingyan did not persist. She knew, it was impossible for her to reject the current Tang Jingxuan.

So, she allowed the doctor to examine her as required...

However, no one expected that the doctor would approach Xu Qingyan with the results and ask, "Who was so cruel as to do this to you? You have over 50 new and old injuries combined."

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Lord_Odin1 year ago
Oh Tang Jingxuan and Xu Qingyan. You two will enjoy each others company and much much more.
kieshi1 year ago
Can we use this doctor's examination of her injuries as one of evidence to get out from that households?? Really curious.....
Xiaorin1 year ago
Witnessing this idk mybe this romance scene remain me of Tangled. When Flynn Rider tryna to sneak in Rapunzel's tower and see how she's doing (since she been lock up by the Gothel), srsly Gothel is more nicer than the Xu father 😌 He's abusive and marrying a manipulating gold digger, really asshole destiny with bitch~ It's ok Qingyan, no matter what happens Jingxuan is ready to act (rescue)! Ik family blood is thicker than water but you should need to move out from this abusive and uncaring Xu family asap before things really really getting worse😧 how can u endure more than 50 scars and wounds on your body? Just let Jingxuan protect you cus no one will be messing up with Tang's family future madame~💕