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Xu Qingyan

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As a courtesy to her business partner and due to the good impression that she had towards the young lady, Tangning agreed to meet in person.

Knowing that Tangning's identity made it inconvenient for her to travel, Xu Qingyan offered to meet Tangning at her home.

After all, the Xu Household wasn't a place that Tangning could visit. If the mistress was home and saw Tangning, she would go crazy.

After careful thought, Tangning did not feel like she should be cautious of Xu Qingyan. Plus, she did not want her pregnancy to be revealed just yet, so staying at home was indeed the best option. As a result, she agreed to Xu Qingyan's suggestion.

"Ting...why do you think Xu Qingyan wants to see me?" Tangning expressed her confusion after she hung up the phone.

"Lu Che has already looked into it. She is a genuine person," Mo Ting covered Tangning with a blanket and allowed her to comfortably fall into his embrace.


Tangning understood what Mo Ting meant. Xu Qingyan was someone she could try to befriend; it wouldn't be much of an issue.

"OK hubby, I understand."

Not long after Mo Ting left, Xu Qingyan appeared at Hyatt Regency. Although she had previously tried to imagine Tangning and Mo Ting's home, seeing it in real life still made her sigh in admiration. They lived in such a big villa, but it did not feel cold and unwelcoming. It was clear to see how much effort the couple put into their home.

This was Xu Qingyan's second time meeting Tangning. She did not look as elegantly mysterious as she did on the first night that they met. She simply looked like a warm and gentle housewife. Yet, she still looked extraordinary...

"I hope I'm not bothering you," Xu Qingyan smiled apologetically.

"Miss Xu, please sit down," Tangning smiled.

"You must be surprised as to why I suddenly wanted to see you," Xu Qingyan walked over to Tangning and sat down on the sofa. "Actually, it's not much. I simply wanted to tell you that the person that was previously standing in your way for the first round of votes, was Ye Lan..."


"She is my stepmother," Xu Qingyan waved her hand awkwardly.

Tangning was a little dumbfounded, but she quickly remembered Ye Lan's age. If she was right, Ye Lan was a little bit younger than Xu Qingyan.

"I specifically came to show my gratitude. If I didn't tell you about this matter, I may not ever get a good night's sleep. It's been a long time since I've seen the mistress fuming with rage," Xu Qingyan relaxed and added, "You don't need to be cautious of me. I simply came to thank you."

"I'm not from the same industry as you, so I don't have any ulterior motives."

Tangning had actually figured long ago that Xu Qingyan wasn't a calculative person. It was obvious that her happiness was genuine. Perhaps it was because she had found someone with the same enemy.

"What's wrong with your hip?" Tangning had noticed, from the moment that Xu Qingyan sat down, she had been massaging her hip area. From the looks of it, she was in quite a bit of discomfort.

"I'm fine," Xu Qingyan smiled. She, of course, couldn't tell Tangning about the cause of her injury. "Eek, I feel a little awkward. I looked for you so anxiously just to tell you about something so insignificant. You must be busy."

Tangning watched as Xu Qingyan laughed at herself and shook her head, "As you know, I've already retreated from filming, so I haven't been that busy."

"In that case..."

"Actually, I didn't come today with no motive whatsoever. I was hoping my words would be able to warn you to be cautious of Ye Lan."

"Are you worried about me?" Tangning asked in an amused manner.

"No...No...I know how capable you are. I simply have one request. If the sl*t falls into your hands, please don't show her any mercy."

Hearing this, Tangning burst out laughing. Xu Qingyan was indeed how Mo Ting had described: she was a genuine person.

She didn't have an extremely high EQ, but for some reason she was naturally likeable.

At least, when it came to Tangning, she found Xu Qingyan impossible to hate.

"Don't worry, when it comes to other things, I can't make any promises, but what you have asked of me, I can definitely do," Tangning replied in a relaxed manner.

In reality, Xu Qingyan wasn't good at starting conversations. Her mother had passed away early and her father hit and scolded her often, so she had never learned how to socialize with other people. In fact, she didn't even know how to properly share her feelings. The only reason she could argue with others was because of skills she had developed over time.

And of course, the argument she had at the Annual Celebration was all because Tang Xuan had provoked her!

But, apart from standing her ground, she did not have the skills to handle the matter on her own.

The two women ended up sitting silently until the doorbell suddenly rang. Xu Qingyan stood up and offered, "I'll go open the door."

Tangning did not move. After all, she was trying to conceal her protruding belly. However, Tangning did not expect that Tang Jingxuan had returned home one day early and would be so surprised to see Xu Qingyan.

"Little Monkey?"

Xu Qingyan froze and pointed to herself, "You know me?"

Tang Jingxuan looked at her like she was joking as he entered the villa and laughed, "We went to the same primary school, the same secondary school and the same high school. You were really famous..."

"No wonder when I saw you on television, I thought you looked familiar. Yet, I couldn't figure out what it was..." Xu Qingyan suddenly came to realization. However, she quickly covered her face in embarrassment, "Does that mean you know about my humiliating past?"

Tang Jingxuan burst out laughing and nodded his head.

Tangning watched the interaction between the two and watched as Tang Jingxuan burst out laughing. So, she cleared her throat to remind them that there was another person present.

"Sorry sis, I was getting overexcited by seeing an old classmate."

Of course, the person that Tang Jingxuan referred to as classmate was merely someone that had shared the same school; they were in completely different grades.

"Have you made preparations for the event tomorrow?" Tangning directly asked.

Hearing this question, Tang Jingxuan's expression darkened as he took a deep breath, "Yes, I'm prepared."

"Where are you going? Can I go too?" Xu Qingyan asked.

Tang Jingxuan was a little surprised, but Tangning let out a laugh, "Of course you can. What do you think, Jingxuan?"

It would actually be perfect if he could take Xu Qingyan with him...

Although Xu Qingyan didn't have a high EQ, she was obviously trying to improve her social skills.

"Can she go?"

Initially, Tang Jingxuan did not respond. But, after thinking about what Tangning meant, he eventually nodded his head, "As long as she won't find it boring."

"I can chat to you. I'm sure we have plenty to talk about."

Over the years, because of her family, Xu Qingyan barely had any friends. Her temper had also only improved in the last few years because, in the past, she actually had a very short fuse.

Since it was rare for her to come across an old classmate that she got along with, Xu Qingyan completely opened up and relaxed...

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