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All I Have To Do Is Cancel My Vote?

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Tangning was the chairwoman of Tang Corps. Even if she was no longer an actress, it wouldn't effect her too harshly. But, when dealing with someone like Xu Qingyan's stepmother, even if Xu Qingyan was in Tangning's position, she too would fight for the Fei Tian Award with all her might.

Xu Qingyan's stepmother was the female lead in 'Survive'; a woman that was half a year younger than her, who she had to call stepmother; a woman named Ye Lan.

"Xu Qingyan, don't forget that I hold seniority to you in this family. Don't view the wrong person as the enemy."

"The biggest enemy in my life is right before me, Miss Ye Lan. Don't you think so?" After speaking, Xu Qingyan crossed her arms and turned to leave. Of course, she wasn't joking when she said that she'd side with Tangning. She felt a connection with Tangning and could sense that they had similarities.

As a result, she immediately contacted the staff at Xu Corps and asked for Tangning's method of contact.

To Xu Qingyan, there was no other mistress in the world that was as shameless as Ye Lan. To become her father's wife, that woman had used every method possible. In fact, to please her father in bed, Ye Lan had flown all the way to Japan to learn a few dirty, unmentionable tricks.

Perhaps it was because she actually had a talent for it, Ye Lan ended up pursuing acting and did pretty well.

And because her methods were quite ruthless, she did not view others with any regard. Of course, this included Tangning.

In fact, the issue with the votes being cleared also involved her.

It was hard to believe, a woman that was so cruel that she couldn't be bothered to hide her own evil intentions, actually had the ability to mesmerize her father.


It didn't take long before it was time to look at the votes for Best Newcomer a second time. This time, everyone's expression was especially serious, like they were making a huge life-changing decision.

"I know most of you are firm with your decision from yesterday, but at least tell me what you think."

"I have decided to stick with my original vote."

"Me too."

"I agree..."

About a dozen people expressed their opinions with no changes to the previous day's​ decision...

But, did this mean that Tangning had lost her chance at the Fei Tian Best Newcomer Award? Did she not even get the chance to be named as a top 5 nominee?

"Regardless of the result, let's talk after we review the votes..." Elder Mo said unhappily, "But first, I would like to mention that Hai Rui's PR has stopped some information that leaked from our meeting yesterday. I'm curious as to how this information was exposed in the first place."

"Elder Mo, we only agreed to review the votes because we respect you. But, that doesn't mean you can treat us with suspicion and insults..."

"How would we know how information was leaked from our meeting yesterday?"

"Stop talking nonsense, let's start voting."

In reality, although a large number of the judges did not change their votes, there were also a few that had sat down in seriousness and thought carefully about their decision. Especially after they saw Hai Rui's letter.

Tangning's ability compared to previous winners of the Best Newcomer Award was quite comparable. In other words, Tangning's acting could not be doubted.

As for those that held prejudice against Tangning, only a small number of them had been converted, but it was enough to make a difference...

The official final result for the first round of votes ended with Tangning ranked in 5th place and Ye Lan in 6th. There was only one vote difference between the two, but Tangning just slipped through.

Although Elder Mo was still disappointed with the final result, at least Tangning made it into the final list of nominees and the second round of voting would be handled by a different group of judges.

At this time, someone expressed their doubt towards Elder Mo.

"Elder Mo, I have nothing to say about this final result, but I would like to know who you voted for. Did you directly give it to Tangning?"

"What do you mean?" Elder Mo queried.

"You keep telling us to be fair and objective, but, I want to know if you have been a fair judge," the man paused for a second and continued, "If you want to convince us, it's simple, you just need to get rid of one of Tangning's votes. After all, even though you've been fair all your life, would old age have made you act differently?"

If Tangning was to lose a vote, then she would have the same votes as Ye Lan again!

Elder Mo wanted to refute, but from the looks of it, everyone else seemed to be in agreement with the man's suggestion.

As a result, Elder Mo gave a slight smile and asked, "So, all I have to do is cancel my vote?"

"Of course," the man replied in certainty.

"Fine." After speaking, Elder Mo turned to the staff member in charge of counting the votes and said, "Cancel my vote."

It seemed, everyone expected Elder Mo to vote for Tangning. But, surprisingly, Tangning's votes did not change, instead the actresses in 1st and 2nd place were effected.

Elder Mo had given his vote to someone else - not Tangning!

"What else do you guys have to say?"

Everyone fell silent, including the man that had requested Elder Mo to cancel his vote. Since a new result had been decided on, it was only right for everyone to accept it.

"Since no one has anything to say, then the final nomination list has been set."

A portion of the people in the room were indifferent about the results, but those that disliked Tangning scoffed to themselves. So what if her name made it on the final list? The results showed that Tangning had received the least amount of votes. Even so, a small amount was better than no amount...

The next group of judges were expected to be stricter than the first and no one could stand in their way. So, Elder Mo was no longer worried about Tangning. In reality, after Hai Rui's PR released their statement, the public had already accepted the possibly that Tangning would receive an award. After all, Tangning's capability was obvious...

All Hai Rui had to do was emphasize Tangning's capability and any doubts would be quickly dispersed.

The final result was an achievement between the grandfather and his grandson. One man did everything for his wife, while the other did it for his granddaughter-in-law. For the sake of their family member and lover, they were willing to give their all.

Of course, they simply helped Tangning achieve a fair chance. After all, even though Tangning had their support and protection, their relationship also created a lot of doubt.

Tangning was obviously a great actress...

For the sake of creating a great film, she put in more effort than everyone else!

But, because of her relationship with Hai Rui and the fact that she was the wife of Mo Ting, everyone also had higher expectations for her...

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Poor Xu Qingyan has lived a pitiful life up until now. She will continue to until the end of this arc. Ye Lan is going to go down. Especially the beating she will get from her husband who results in killing her child she didn't even know about.
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