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Why Did You Replace Song Yanshu?

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"Fourth Master, where are we going now?" the housekeeper asked after they returned to the car. "Look at all the reporters that are on your pursuit. Should we return to the Tang Household?"

"OK," Tang Jingxuan nodded as he leaned back in his seat. "I don't want to deal with anything right now. I just want to sleep."

"What's​ wrong?"

"Nothing, I just want to laze around a little," Tang Jingxuan replied. However, he did not immediately close his eyes. Instead, he picked up his phone and made a call to Fang Yu, "I want to replace my manager."

"What happened between you and Song Yanshu?" Fang Yu immediately sensed that something wasn't right.

"Nothing. I simply can't continue working with her," Tang Jingxuan replied firmly. "Help me find a replacement as soon as possible; preferably male."

"I will make arrangements," Fang Yu did not try to persuade him; he could hear the tiredness in his voice. Although he didn't know what had happened between them, he agreed that separating them was the best option for now.

After receiving his response from Fang Yu, Tang Jingxuan relaxed and closed his eyes. By the time he opened his eyes again, he was already at the Tang Household.


[Singer Luo Xing encounters car accident: Victim dragged 100m!]

[Luo Xing appears at police station for drink driving]

[Luo Xing drives illegally: Fourth Master of Tang Corps background used to cover up scandal?]

It was currently the most important part of the year; plenty of awards were selecting their recipients. If Luo Xing was to be surrounded by scandals at a time like this, all that belonged to him, may end up in someone​ else's hands! So, how could his competitors overlook big news like this?

As a result, even though Hai Rui activated their PR, the scandal with Tang Jingxuan could not be suppressed. After all, his identity was complex and could not be compared to the average person.

From this day onwards, Tang Jingxuan did not return to his own apartment. No matter how big the scandal got and how much the public judged him, he never made an appearance even once.

Meanwhile, Song Yanshu received a phone call from Fang Yu, "I've already allocated a new manager for Luo Xing. I'll let you handle a few other artists in the meantime."

Although Song Yanshu had expected this to happen, she still couldn't hold back a bitter smile, "Does Luo Xing not want to see me this badly?"

"Since things have gotten to this point, it's best if you avoid him. It's good for both of you. He is currently surrounded by scandals; he can't afford to have another one."

Song Yanshu did not refute. She knew that for Fang Yu to say these words, this was definitely the best solution for both of them.

"I will get PR to handle this issue, you don't need to worry about it anymore. No matter how bad things get for Luo Xing, he still has Tangning backing him. Nothing will happen to him. Just focus on your own work," Fang Yu instructed.

"I understand," Song Yanshu replied in seriousness.

However, even though she was no longer his manager, she still wanted to do something for him. Luo Xing had a promising future, he couldn't be easily destroyed.


As soon as Tangning found out about what had happened, she found it strange that Tang Jingxuan would make such a request; he actually replaced Song Yanshu.

In fact, replacing Song Yanshu was a bigger issue to her than the scandal that was going around.

So, she personally made a phone call to Tang Jingxuan, "Are you home?"

"It's not like I can go anywhere," Tang Jingxuan replied casually.

"Why did you replace Song Yanshu?" Tangning jumped straight to the point, "Are you bullying her?"

"Sis, I was the one that was forced to suffer," Tang Jingxuan immediately sat up in bed and explained the entire story to Tangning. ", you see, I was abandoned by her first..."

After hearing Tang Jingxuan's words, Tangning couldn't help but laugh, "I still remember when we were young, the fortune teller once told us that you would have many difficulties when it comes to love and you may possibly end up alone. At that time, you directly threw a stone at the old man's head and said, 'You're the one that will end up alone, I am going to have two wives!'"

"You still remember such an embarrassing incident?" Tang Jingxuan laughed.

"Since this is how things ended up, I'm not going to try and persuade you otherwise. You've already made your decision, so keep moving forward. I'm sure Song Yanshu has her reasons," Tangning had never thought of Song Yanshu as someone to play around with other's feelings.

"I understand, sis. That's enough talking for now, I still have a meeting to attend tomorrow."

Tangning understood that Tang Jingxuan didn't like to be nagged, so she did not dwell on the issue and let him get some rest.

But, after she hung up, she still felt that there was something strange about everything that had happened. According to normal logic, it seemed that Song Yanshu also liked Tang Jingxuan. So, why did she back away after their relationship had gotten physical?

Tomorrow, Tang Jingxuan would see Song Yanshu again...

With this thought, Tang Jingxuan closed his eyes and fell asleep.


The next day, the hype around Tang Jingxuan's scandal did not decrease. Although the people at Hai Rui did not gossip about him, they did not give him the usual friendly smiles.

The entertainment industry had always been this realistic; it had never been a noble place.

Tang Jingxuan eventually pushed open the door to Fang Yu's office and stepped inside. At this time, Song Yanshu was standing beside Fang Yu's desk with a newcomer. Their conversation was currently about a client wanting to replace Luo Xing as their spokesperson and how they had their eye on another young member from a boy band.

"I think I should step out for now..." Tang Jingxuan turned around with an unimpressed expression. However, Fang Yu stopped him.

"Wait a moment, Luo Xing. I don't have anything to hide from you. For the sake of the agency, I will first give your job to another artist. After all, opportunities don't sit around waiting for people."

"I understand, that's why I'm leaving," Tang Jingxuan nodded his head in understanding.

"Why do I feel that you aren't bothered by the blow that your singing career has suffered? Luo Xing, tell me, what are you currently thinking?"

Fang Yu's eyes were sharp. With one look, he was able to spot that Tang Jingxuan and Song Yanshu were trying to avoid each other...

Tang Jingxuan shook his head and replied, "I just want to have some rest. I'll leave everything for PR to handle."

"Yanshu, can you take your artist outside to wait for a bit? I have something personal I want to discuss with Luo Xing."

Song Yanshu nodded her head and left Fang Yu's office. Although this was business, for her to become someone else's manager and immediately snatch a job from Tang Jingxuan's hands, she wondered whether he was hurt.

"Your heart's aching, isn't it?" Fang Yu could tell just by looking at Tang Jingxuan's expression. "You were the one that requested for her to be replaced. So, you brought this upon yourself."

"I didn't say anything to suggest otherwise," Tang Jingxuan scoffed. "I've never regretted​ my decisions."

"Then, do you know what Song Yanshu said to me just a moment ago?" Fang Yu crossed his arms as he looked into Tang Jingxuan's eyes with a deeper meaning.

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