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I Request to Look at the Dashcam

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A few minutes later, Song Yanshu walked into the living room. Seeing a serious expression on Tang Jingxuan's face, she tried to remain calm as she sat down opposite him.

"Speak, what is it? Do you want to slack off again?"

"Yanshu..." Tang Jingxuan sat up straight and looked at Song Yanshu seriously. "I know what happened last night."

Song Yanshu froze as her expression turned awkward.

"I don't know why you are dismissing what happened, but I can't pretend that nothing happened," Tang Jingxuan took a deep breath. Perhaps he was afraid that he'd scare Song Yanshu off, so he softened his tone a little, "I simply want to know what you're thinking."

Song Yanshu was a little surprised as she smiled, "What could I be thinking? You couldn't possibly think I was serious, right? Isn't it normal for an artist to have a fling with their manager? I know you were drunk, so I'm not going to force you to take responsibility. Just pretend like nothing happened."

After hearing these words, Tang Jingxuan's heart sunk to the depths of the abyss. By the time he spoke again, his voice was so lifeless, he could barely hear himself, "Really? It's normal?"

"Don't overthink it. We are both grown adults. We both have our needs."

"Perhaps, that is what you think, but I can't treat sleeping with my manager as nothing. You were my first," Tang Jingxuan said in seriousness. "I can't continue working with you like this."

"What do you mean by this?" Song Yanshu's voice began to tremble.

"What I mean is, either you try and be my woman, or...we break all ties. I don't want to make things complicated. I'm not just saying this to be responsible. I'm saying this because I felt like you also liked me..."

Song Yanshu froze without saying a word.

Tang Jingxuan smiled like he had realized something, before he stood up to leave. However, before he started walking away, he left behind a few words, "You can look for me when you've thought things through."

"Where are you going?"

"I'm tired. I want to get some rest." After speaking, Tang Jingxuan left the apartment.

But, he himself did not know where he was going. His mind was a mess, but he couldn't understand why things turned out this way. Perhaps it was because of Song Yanshu's attitude or perhaps it was because of his own impulsiveness.

At that moment, he didn't notice a car change lanes in front of him and he directly smashed into their rear...


Tang Jingxuan had left for quite some time, but Song Yanshu was still frozen in place. It was currently an important time in Tang Jingxuan's career as he was about to receive results for his year's efforts through multiple big award ceremonies. So, this was not the right time for him to slack off.

Song Yanshu stood up urgently but she suddenly received a phone call from the police, "Hello, are you familiar with Tang Jingxuan?"

"What's wrong with Luo Xing?"

"Come to the police station. He's hit someone."

Song Yanshu was shocked by what she had heard. But, after a few minutes, she picked up her phone and gave Fang Yu a phone call. She couldn't let him have a scandal at a time like this.

"Vice President Fang, it is currently an important time in Luo Xing's career. We can't let anything go wrong..."

"Song Yanshu, calm down."

Hearing Fang Yu's responses, Song Yanshu tried her best to calm down, "Sorry, Vice President Fang."

"Hurry to the police station to deal with the problem and keep it from spreading."

"I understand. I'll go right now..." The reason why Song Yanshu was in such a panic was because she knew that Tang Jingxuan was emotionally unstable from what had happened earlier. So, she was afraid that he had gotten into an accident because of her.

If that was the case, what would she do if something happened to him?

Song Yanshu arrived at the police station with complex emotions. All she knew was, the moment she saw that Tang Jingxuan was fine, her tears automatically flowed out from her eyes.

Tang Jingxuan also looked at Song Yanshu. But, before they could say anything to each other, the police immediately began their interrogation and pulled them back down to reality.

"It's obvious that you were at fault..."

"I request to take a look at the dashcam footage," Tang Jingxuan immediately responded. "I indeed hit the other party, but I was driving straight, whereas he changed into my lane."

"But, the other party claims that you weren't paying attention and suspects that you were drink driving. Plus, according to the footage we secured, he had indeed finished changing lanes but you did not decrease your speed."

"I recognize you, you're a singer aren't you? Does a celebrity have the right not to follow the road rules?" the policeman said as he pointed to Tang Jingxuan. "Since you are a celebrity, you should set a good example. If you continue like this, it won't matter how good your songs are."

Afraid that Tang Jingxuan would actually start a fight, Song Yanshu immediately stepped forward and stood in Tang Jingxuan's way, "Sorry, we will be careful next time."

"I admit, I did not step on the brakes in time. But, it is also true that he changed two lanes in one go and did not signal with his lights. You claim that you've looked at the dashcam footage. Then, tell me, what road was I driving on?" Tang Jingxuan argued​. "I am a celebrity, but how could my search for the truth be considered as bullying others?"

The policeman never expected Tang Jingxuan to make such a fuss. So, he suddenly looked away.

"And you, why would you apologize?" Tang Jingxuan turned and looked at Song Yanshu. "Have I not been innocently accused enough? Did you think that I need you to make an appearance for my problems to be solved?"

"That's not what I meant."

"Song Yanshu, I've already made things clear. You are fired from your position. From now on, my business has nothing to do with you." After speaking, Tang Jingxuan directly made a phone call to the Tang Family housekeeper.

Song Yanshu took a few steps back emotionally. She had never imagined that Tang Jingxuan would say these words.

"Your​ career is currently on the rise, don't act recklessly. Why can't you appreciate all the work you've put in?"

"It's my life; I will make my own decisions. What you think is for my own good is your own assumption," Tang Jingxuan said before he pointed to the door, "You should leave before the reporters arrive and surround this place."

Song Yanshu's heart ached, but at this moment, she no longer knew what identity she could use to persuade Tang Jingxuan...

So, she had no choice but to turn around and leave. Like Tang Jingxuan said, she should leave before the reporters arrived​, otherwise, she'd be stuck.

"The young lady was here to help you. Don't you think your words were a bit harsh?"

"What would you know?" Tang Jingxuan growled at the policeman.

Since she had no relation to him, then he should clearly draw the line. This was best for both of them.

Not long after, the housekeeper rushed over to the police station and after half an hour, Tang Jingxuan was finally allowed to leave. At this time, Song Yanshu was watching from a distant corner as he was surrounded by reporters, but there was nothing she could do...

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Song yanshu just accept him already 😭 Ik you guys relationship is unusual but when it comes to love anything is possible.. Nowadays there's so many unusual couple..Poor jingxuan, it's ok we the readers will always be with you.. Also, don't act foolishly about this.. Be patient to get through all of this ❤😭

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I totally side with him on this one. Even though he was rough, he explained everything to her and put everything on the table.