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I Heard You've Kicked Tang Xuan Out Of Tang Corps

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Right now, the only bargaining chip that Tang Xuan had was her shares and her child. She had already been pushed into a dead end by Tangning.


Late at night, just around the corner from the Tang Family Household, Tang Xuan boarded a slightly hidden black car, "There are cameras everywhere. What would you do if we get caught?"

"How did Elder Tang respond to you?" Lin Shaoyuan asked as he took a puff from his cigarette.

"On the surface, he appears to be treating me well. But, in reality, he is obviously siding with Tangning." Tang Xuan went from someone that never admitted defeat to a pool of tears.

"You've already gotten to this point. What's the point of crying now?" Lin Shaoyuan asked.

"I can't think of what else I can do..."

"How could you not think of anything? You still have your shares and your child. It's apparent that the old man is still cautious when it comes to your child."

"So what? Tangning has forced me into a dead end and I have nowhere to go..."

Lin Shaoyuan suddenly turned around and looked at Tang Xuan. Through the thin lens of his glasses, his diamond-like eyes sparkled with an icy coldness.

"The biggest difference between you and Tangning is, Tangning likes to act weak while concealing her real abilities; she always analyzes her surroundings quietly before she grabs onto the right time to strike and succeed in one shot."

"You, on the other hand, you can't contain your true feelings!"

This was something that Tang Xuan was well aware of, but she didn't like to admit. Over the years, she had tried so hard to be better than Tangning, but never once did she succeed.

At this moment, Lin Shaoyuan suddenly fell quiet as he pulled out another cigarette from his pocket and lit it. The slight glow of scarlet was eye-catching and eerie against the darkness.

"So, you don't have any other ideas at the moment?"

"Take care of your child and wait patiently for the right time. I will teach you a few things during this time."

"Tangning is endlessly changing. There is no reason for you to remain in the same spot."

"You're also attending Tang Corps' Annual Product Launch, right? Don't let Tangning look down on you again..."


To reduce her exposure in front of the public, Tangning actually had no intention to attend the Product Launch.

But, thinking about the troublemaking Tang Xuan, she decided she may still make an appearance sitting amongst the guests without anyone knowing.

This time, Tang Xuan endured for quite some time without using her child as a bargaining chip. It seemed, she had not reached her limit yet.

But, suddenly the thought of what Mo Ting previously said, suddenly popped up in Tangning's mind.

Mo Ting once said that he wished to see Tang Xuan being separated from her child and the expression on her face.

So, at this moment, she too wanted to see her expression.

"Recently, I haven't had to call you to know what you are up to. Please...are you trying to be known by everyone?"

It was rare for Long Jie to visit Tangning at Hyatt Regency. And just like she said, whenever she wanted to know anything about Tangning, it was as easy as opening up a newspaper.

Tangning smiled but did not say a word.

"Have you actually decided to take over Tang Corps and no longer act?'

"Of course not..." Tangning said with a deeper meaning..

Long Jie paused for a moment before she smiled and said, "I heard you've kicked Tang Xuan out of Tang Corps..."

"Yep, this was the entire motive for why I joined the company."

"Woah, black belly, so black belly! You're almost a mother, can't you use gentler methods?"

With the mention of becoming a mother, Tangning subconsciously looked at Long Jie's stomach. She knew deep down that Long Jie'sā€‹ heart hurt every time she saw her.

"I'm fine, you don't need to worry," Long Jie understood what Tangning was thinking as she shrugged her shoulders. "As long as Lu Che is on my side, then I have the strength to carry on."

"Both of you are still young."

"Tangning, you wouldn't understand," Long Jie suddenly took a deep breath. "It's not that Lu Che's parents don't treat me well. In fact, they treat me too well. With so many eyes on me, I can't help but feel pressured."

"Has Lu Che done a medical examination?" Tangning suddenly asked.

"Yes he has and the doctor said he's fine."

"Then it must mean your time hasn't arrived..."

"Maybe," Long Jie nodded her head as she reminded herself not to show Lu Che her dull expression. "So, will you be attending the Annual Product Launch?"

Tangning shook her head, "I don't need to."

"You're going to allow Tang Xuan to take control of the event?"

In reality, Tangning knew that the person that was going to cause trouble at the event wasn't Tang Xuan, but someone else.

Tangning did not say word. As a result, Long Jie understood and also shut her mouth.


It didn't take long before Tang Corps' Annual Product Launch was to be held in Beijing and it had attracted a high-degree of attention. This was because the Tang Family had produced two attention-grabbing people. Apart from Tangning, there was also Tang Jingxuan who had a large number of fans!

His own family was launching a new perfume, so of course he had to make an appearance.

Ever since the incident with Xia Jingyi, he had been completely consumed in work. But, during this busy stage, where he barely even had time to sleep, he slowly began to take notice of someone...

His manager, Song Yanshu.

Song Yanshu had a one-sided love for him; this was something that everyone knew. After all, she had announced it in front of everyone. But, in her everyday life, she was a professional and capable manager. She cared for him, but...

...she did not step over the boundaries of a friend.

"I've prepared an outfit for you to wear to the Product Launch. It is hanging in your closet. As for your shoes, you can wear whatever you like."

Tang Jingxuan stared at Song Yanshu for a while before he snapped out of his daze, "Will Sister Three be attending?"

"Ning Jie has a lot to take into consideration. I'm not sure whether she will attend," Song Yanshu replied.

"Yanshu, will you get married and have children in the future?" Tang Jingxuan suddenly asked.

"Of course," Song Yanshu replied naturally.

Tang Jingxuan suddenly tried to hide his smile, "I don't think I'll get used to not having you around."

"I will take care of you until you become an international superstar. By then, you will no longer remember a tiny insignificant manager like me," Song Yanshu smiled. "When that time comes, I will take my leave."

"Why not choose to enjoy the glory with me?"

"I'm satisfied just by watching you." Song Yanshu picked up her bag from the sofa and left the apartment that Tang Jingxuan had recently bought.

However, even after she had left, her words still echoed in Tang Jingxuan's ears.

If Song Yanshu was to leave him after he became a superstar, then why should he become one?

Tang Jingxuan was surprised that he even had this thought...

But, he did indeed think this. If he could keep Song Yanshu by his side, even if he didn't become an international superstar, he would still hold some value.

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