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My Tang Baby is Amazing

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Tangning was hinting that Tang Xuan had shot herself in the foot by forcing her to retreat from the entertainment industry.

"My existence must make it difficult for you to get through each day, right?" Tangning asked as she took a step closer to Tang Xuan. Her perfect figure created an intimidating aura that suppressed Tang Xuan as she leaned beside Tang Xuan's ear and whispered, "This is just the start..."

"Back when I didn't care about fighting with you, you kept pushing me into a corner. In the end, I had no choice but to stop everything I was doing to play with you so not to waste your kind gesture..."

After speaking, Tangning took a few steps back and admired the look on Tang Xuan's face before her lips curved upwards.

From the day that she announced her comeback, Tangning had already told everyone that her life's motto was, she wouldn't attack those that didn't attack her first.

Since someone decided to attack her, even if they hid at the ends of the earth, she would chase them until the end of time to make them pay back for what they did.

Tang Xuan glared at Tangning, but when it came to her presence, she couldn't compare to Tangning at all.

Afterwards, Tangning left the room leaving Tang Xuan all alone in the room to stare at the chairman's seat, trembling in anger.

Of course, with Tangning's appearance, news quickly spread throughout the entire company...

"Oh my God, the Acting CEO actually turned out to be Tangning. Does that mean we will get to see her more often? I wonder if we can get autographs!"

"I've always wondered how it would be like if the Tangning that was extremely successful in the entertainment industry would be put in charge of Tang Corps. Oh God, Tangning is going to become an inspiration for the new generation. If she successfully manages Tang Corps, is there anything in this world that she can't do?"

"There's going to be a good show! Let's wait and see how Tangning resolves the issue with the leaked VIP list."

The staff at Tang Corps broke into discussions about Tangning, but unlike the old-fashioned shareholders, they were all filled with excitement and anticipation.

Especially since Tang Corps had a lot to currently worry about.

The leaked VIP list had hurt a lot of Tang Corps' once-loyal customers. But, thinking about the way that Tangning always managed to turn tables, they wondered how she was going to flip the current crisis around.

Luckily, Tang Xuan wasn't paying attention to what was happening in the company internally. Otherwise, she would be exploding in anger!


Everyone overestimated the issue and made too big of a fuss about it, so dealing with it became troublesome and difficult. But, they forgot the main cause of the issue was the standards that Tang Corps worked with and they also forgot that customers were still waiting for a response.

If standards was the issue, then they had no choice but to return to the basics.

Seeing Tangning working hard, Mo Ting gave a warm smile. He knew that his wife never took on an uncertain battle because her brain was filled with wisdom.

It didn't take long before Tangning sorted out her plan in chronological order and brought it to show Mo Ting, "Do you think I should do this?"

Mo Ting swiveled his office chair around and received Tangning's plan from her hands. After looking through it, he smiled, "This is a flawless plan Ning...I don't think you need to ask me about stuff like this."

"But, I have to ask you. Because I know that as long as you nod your head then I can be rest assured," Tangning replied.

Mo Ting was extremely satisfied by her response. He didn't know why, whenever he faced Tangning his heart would still ignite into a passionate fire.

"That's because you've gotten used to depending on me."

"You don't like this habit of mine?" Tangning raised her eyebrows.

"I like it too much."

He liked it so much that he couldn't free himself from the satisfaction he felt...


Tangning was already thrown into the headlines repeatedly because of the release of 'W.H.'. This time, she shocked everyone once again with the revelation that she was the Acting CEO of Tang Corps...

In fact, she drew a lot of attention from people that didn't understand business or never had any interest in business, because not everyone managed to change careers and succeed. Tangning already had the titles of model and actress under her belt, and this time, she became the Acting CEO of Tang Corps without a sound...


"If we go to work at Tang Corps, will we get to see Tangning?"

"Amazing! My Tang Baby retreated from the entertainment industry to take on the role of female CEO."

"My Ning looks so powerful haha. I've always wanted to see her in business attire."

Of course, the netizens were also worried whether the issue with the leaked VIP list would be resolved. After all, Tangning's identity meant her every move was destined to be put under public scrutiny. Yet, she never tried to clarify herself.


Night slowly crept in as the Beijing sky turned cold and bleak.

At this time, Tang Corps finally made a move...

Tangning was making a move...

She did not hold any press conferences nor did she write any meaningless PR statements. She chose a method that no one imagined. She sent each revealed VIP an apology letter and a present.

The main point behind the apology letters were to notify them that there was no such thing as a VIP invite list; it was something completely fabricated. She also sincerely apologized to the 20 VIPs for any harassment and pain they may have suffered. Put simply, the VIP list had never existed!

Tangning did this to give the VIPs a chance to step back and pretend that everything was just a beautiful misunderstanding. This way, their pride was left intact and their understanding was gained. As a result, they immediately stepped out to stick up for Tang Corps.

"Tang Corps has always been a fair company that never reveals secrets like this. I would like to advise everyone not to be manipulated by someone that may have done this deliberately. As one of the names on the list, I did not receive any invite whatsoever."

Another big customer also announced at a public event, "To be honest, the way that Tang Corps responded this time, was extremely impressive. The CEO of Tang Corps is beautiful and intelligent. She would never allow something like this to be leaked."

"I hope everyone can stop feeling upset. I did not receive any supposed invite either."

The VIPs on the list gradually stepped out to explain the situation. As a result, those that were supposedly left out, no longer felt so bad.

So, it was all a misunderstanding...

...and there was no such thing as a VIP list.

This method was more effective than any PR news and more comforting than any words that Tang Corps could have said.

Like this, the tables began to turn.

The once-angry VIPs could no longer say anything. If they did, it would appear like they were deliberately causing trouble and being extremely petty. Forgiveness and understanding towards Tang Corps was what they should show instead.

However, just before the leaked VIP incident was about to be resolved...

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Just before this non issue is solved..... Comes another complication made by the one we all love to hate, tang xuan! Hate her but shes like tangnings hype maker lol. Thanks for the chapter!
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