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This Is Just The Start

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Tang Xuan really wanted to know why her grandfather treated her this way. So, she immediately pulled out her phone and gave Elder Tang a phone call. But, his phone was already switched off.

"He went to Switzerland?" Tang Xuan thought, "Does he still think that he can find Xia Yuling?"


In order to play along with the act, Elder Tang was currently in Hyatt Regency. This was his first time in Mo Ting and Tangning's home, so he couldn't help but look around. He could feel that, although the villa only housed two people, it was filled with warmth and love.

"I just received a phone call from Secretary Qiao. Everything went well," Tangning said to Elder Tang and Xia Yuling as she put down her phone.

"Xiao Ning, you should minimize your phone usage. It emits radio waves that are bad for your baby," Xia Yuling'sā€‹ heart ached as she took the phone from Tangning's hand.

"Hmmph, since that woman didn't succeed today, she will definitely have another plan up her sleeves. There's no way she will give up this easily," Elder Tang now referred to Tang Xuan as 'that woman' and no longer considered her as his granddaughter.

"Regardless of what she has planned, she can never escape the palm of Xiao Ning's hand," Xia Yuling sneered. "If she was a stranger, we would have dealt with her already. Unfortunately, she is related to you by blood."

"The humiliation today, was just the start." Tangning had her head down indifferently as she looked at the information in her hands, but, her words had a deadly and deep meaning to it.

It was just the start...

Tang Xuan wanted to control her uterus, so she was going to mess up Tang Xuan's entire life.

Let's see who was better at playing games.

"Over the next few days, grandfather and mom should go out and enjoy yourselves. I will handle Tang Xuan."

"Don't be too reckless. Mo Ting will be hurt if you do."

Tangning eventually lifted her head and nodded, "I know better than anyone."

"Doesn't Jingxuan have a special fan club concert coming up? Do you have access to tickets? We want to go and have a listen..." It was rare for Elder Tang to have free time like this, so he wanted to try and mingle with the young people. He didn't know when it started, but the embarrassing entertainment professions that he always thought were filled with difficulty, suddenly made him feel proud after seeing the love that his grandchildren received.

"I want to go too."

"OK," Tangning agreed before she gave Tang Jingxuan a phone call, "Mom and grandfather want to attend your fan club concert. I'll leave it with you to handle."

"Errr...I'll get Yanshu to arrange VIP tickets for them. But, can grandfather's heart handle the loud noise?"

"Don't underestimate your grandfather," Tangning couldn't help but smile.

"Sis, 'W.H' has announced it's official release. I've seen the trailer and it looks amazing. I really hope that you can eventually return to the film industry."

This time, Tangning did not respond. She simply hung up the phone.

"Ning Jie knows what she is doing, don't worry too much," Song Yanshu said as she stood behind Tang Jingxuan. "Right now, your mission it to prepare well for your concert."

"Also, I heard that Xia Jingyi's court hearing will be held soon."

"Congratulations to her then."

After speaking, Tang Jingxuan did not hear a response from behind him, so out of curiosity, he turned around to find Song Yanshu leaning against the wall, holding her head in pain.

"What's wrong?"

"I must be too tired lately," Song Yanshu replied. "I should be fine after I go home and get some sleep."

"Do you think you're a robot? I know you want to be like my sister, but she would never risk her life for the sake of work. She loves herself more than anyone. If you want to be like her, you need to first learn how to take care of yourself." After speaking, Tang Jingxuan lifted Song Yanshu horizontally in his arms and placed her on his bed, "Sleep here. If anything happens, I will be here to take care of you."


"No buts. Yanshu, during my most difficult time, you were the only one by my side. You were willing to give up everything for me. So, I will never abandon you."

Song Yanshu was a little surprised. But, she did not say another word as she peacefully closed her eyes and gradually fell asleep.

Tang Jingxuan watched as Song Yanshu slept. He suddenly wondered to himself, why did this woman always have to be so tough and unwilling to admit defeat?

Not only was she stubborn, she also insisted on putting others before herself.

How silly.


Meanwhile, after Tang Xuan's plan failed, the entire Tang Corps started treating her like a joke. No matter where she went, people would point and laugh at her.

"I thought, after being kicked out once, she would learn from her mistakes and change. Who would have expected that she'd still be obsessed with fighting for power."

"This incident with Switzerland is enough for us to laugh about for an entire year."

"Haha, it's much too funny. Did she actually think that they delivered themselves into her hands? Why is the Big Miss becoming more and more of an idiot? Has her pregnancy gone to her head?"

After hearing these discussions about her, Tang Xuan clenched her hands into fists. She had never suffered such humiliation and had never been treated like a joke by everyone at Tang Corps.

Did her grandfather pretend to care about her?

Tang Xuan once again picked up her phone and tried to call Elder Tang. This time, the phone was on and she actually got through.


"Oh, Xiao Xuan? What's wrong?" Elder Tang asked, even though he knew what was happening.

"Why did you hand Tang Corps over to another person? Have I not worked hard enough?" Tang Xuan asked. "I know that I once hurt you, but I've changed now. Why won't you give me a chance?"


Changed and gotten worse?

"Xiao Xuan, grandfather is currently in Switzerland and can't quite hear what you're saying. Let's talk when I get back."


Tang Xuan had nowhere to vent to, so she ended up calling the Zhong household, "Mom, I wasn't given the position of Acting CEO at the board meeting."

"What happened?" Mother Zhong yelled angrily. "I did so much and paved an entire path for you, how did you fail? I was depending on you to give us money to save the Zhong Family."

"What happened with the Zhong Family?" Tang Xuan immediately realized there was more to Mother Zhong's words.

"It's still the same issue as before. Both your husband and mine are currently under investigation and I'm not sure if they will get past this obstacle. Everything was going fine until they were suddenly exposed for shipping prohibited items."

Perhaps, Mother Zhong would never find out who tipped off the investigation. Just like she would never find out that people knew how she had taught Tang Xuan to remove Tangning's uterus.

Were they going to get past this obstacle?

There was no point thinking about it; it was a definite no.

Who told them to hurt Mo Ting's wife and child?

"What should I do now then?"

"Xiao Xuan, the Zhong Family is currently undergoing a crisis. Think of a way to get some money from the Tang Family," Mother Zhong suddenly requested. "I promise, after this issue is resolved, I will help you achieve your dream."

"Mom, I have no access to the financial department," Tang Xuan rejected carefefully.

"Then we will have to be destroyed together!" Mother Zhong yelled in a cruel manner.

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lyreihs1 year ago
Love the title ā€” THIS IS JUST THE START. Pray for your life Tang Xuan, or maybe you better run~ run~ run~ run~ šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
Ventus_Hikari1 year ago
The Tang Xuan chronicle almost end. I hope this evildoers will learn from this lesson! šŸ˜¤šŸ˜¤šŸ˜¤
MagenaGrey1 year ago
The embarrassment is just the start. Can't wait to see what else Tang Ning has up her sleeves for Tang Xuan. Oh Mother Zhong just let on that if the Zhong family goes down Tang Xuan is going down too. Love it.