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She Was Tangning; She Always Got Her Revenge!

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"It's nothing. The people in Switzerland haven't made contact with Auntie Xia, so they made a phone call to enquire," Tang Xuan replied.

"You tell me what happened instead..." Elder Tang was aware of Tang Xuan's motive, so he turned to question the housekeeper instead. The housekeeper was a little taken aback as he looked at Tang Xuan. He then turned to Elder Tang and replied seriously.

"The Madam's secretary called. She said they encountered a robbery and the madam was kidnapped. Her whereabouts is currently unknown."

After hearing the housekeeper's response, Elder Tang took two obvious steps back, "How did this happen?"

"Grandfather, don't worry too much for now. The information might be incorrect," Tang Xuan immediately held onto Elder Tang as she tried to comfort him.

"You, hurry! Contact the guys in Switzerland and confirm the information. Also, ensure that this news doesn't spread around Tang Corps.," Elder Tang instructed the housekeeper.

Elder Tang returned to his study room urgently. It appeared he was going to see if he could contact anyone to locate Xia Yuling. As Tang Xuan watched him leave, a sneer appeared on her face.

"You think you can find her? Never!"

In reality, for everyone in Tang Corps. to find out about Xia Yuling, Tang Xuan didn't actually need to spread word herself; there was something called the news. Since the incident involved the CEO of an international perfume empire, news quickly spread from Switzerland.

It didn't take long before word spread to Tang Jingxuan. He immediately rushed home and ran into Elder Tang's room, "Grandfather, this..."

Elder Tang waved his hand, gesturing for him to dismiss the topic.


Elder Tang looked at Tang Jingxuan with deep meaning. Tang Jingxuan's eyebrows were furrowed as he said in a panic, "Grandfather, you can't ignore what's happening to mom."

Outside the door, Tang Xuan listened quietly. After confirming nothing was out of the ordinary, she knocked on the door and entered the study room. As soon as she saw the two men, she handed her phone to Elder Tang, "Grandfather, you have a phone call from the higher-ups at Tang Corps."

Elder Tang looked at Tang Xuan and received the phone from her hands, "What is it?"

"Chairman, we heard that President Xia has been kidnapped. What's happening with our collaboration in Switzerland?"

As soon as Elder Tang heard the tone being used, he sneered, "What? Yuling has only just got in trouble and you are already eyeing her position? Let me tell you, the Tang Family will always hold authority over the company and no one can take it away."

"We aren't doubting that. It's just, Switzerland has called us multiple times. To avoid being implicated with the news, they've canceled their collaboration with us and used the fact that our representative didn't show up as an excuse. We've suffered a huge loss. Plus, Tang Corps. can't continue operating without someone to lead," the man complained, "Because of this reason, the board of directors have decided to hold an urgent meeting. Chairman, it's best if you also attend."

"Rubbish!" Elder Tang hung up the phone, trembling in anger. "Yuling only just went missing and these people already can't resist trying to seize power. I'm not dead yet!"

"Grandfather, don't be angry," Tang Xuan immediately comforted. "Let's first think of a way to find Auntie Xia. Afterwards, we can deal with the problems at Tang Corps."

This time, Elder Tang was truly angered. He knew that even though a large portion of these people were manipulated by Tang Xuan, a lot of these long-time staff members had long developed ulterior motives towards Tang Corps. So, this time, they were given an excuse to revolt.

"Xiao Xuan, go and calm down the shareholders. I will go look for Xiao Ning."

"OK grandfather, I will protect Tang Corps well." Tang Xuan had been waiting for these words all along.

"Go," Elder Tang waved his hand. "Don't disappoint me this time," he said with a deeper meaning.

"Don't worry..." Tang Xuan smiled before leaving the study room. It was only after she left that Tang Jingxuan finally spoke up.


"It's not time to reel in the line yet. Let her be happy for now," Elder Tang said with meaning. "I want to see her comfort the shareholders. I will wait until she thinks that she has victory in her hands before I serve her a fatal blow."

"What about mom..." Tang Jingxuan had long treated Xia Yuling as his birth mother so he always called her 'mom'; only Tang Xuan called her auntie.

"With your Sister Three around, Tang Xuan can't possibly escape from the palm of her hands." As soon as Elder Tang thought of the witty Tangning, he couldn't help but look proud. Of course, this time, Tangning was only acting out the plan. The true black-bellied mastermind was hidden behind-the-scenes.

"That's good to know..." Tang Jingxuan slowly relaxed.


At this moment, in Hyatt Regency.

"According to sources, the woman who has encountered an accident in Switzerland is Xia Yuling, the current president of Tang Corps and the mother of well-known artist Tangning..."

As soon as she saw this piece of news, Tangning directly turned off the television and put down the remote in her hand. Of course, those that weren't aware of the truth, for example Long Jie, quickly rushed over to Hyatt Regency. But, they were simply met by a calm-faced Tangning.

"Aren't you worried?"

"My mom is already on her flight home," Tangning went to sit on the sofa as she explained to Long Jie in an amused tone.

"What do you mean?" Long Jie asked with a puzzled expression.

After a short while, Tangning managed to explain Tang Xuan's entire scheme to Long Jie. It was none other than an another attempt to seize control of Tang Corps. After Long Jie finished hearing the explanation, she suddenly realized something, "She is currently heading over to the company to comfort the shareholders. What would happen if she succeeds?"

"This time, apart from dealing with Tang Xuan, we are also trying to single out all the shareholders that have doubts about my mother. So, we will just let them fight amongst each other for now...I quite enjoy watching the show..." Tangning said calmly.

She wanted Tang Xuan to think that she had done a great deed. She wanted to wait until Tang Xuan assumed Tang Corps would definitely end up in her hands. At that time, she would demonstrate to Tang Xuan how it felt to be unaware of the oriole behind...

Long Jie fell into deep thought for a while and finally understood Tangning's intention as she raised a thumb in praise, "You want Tang Xuan to work hard but reap no reward."

"Since that's what she wants, I'll give it to her," Tangning smirked. "After all, she tried to hurt my child and I, and she also got me slandered recently. I am going to make her pay back for everything she had done."

Although Tangning was pregnant, Long Jie did not worry one bit that Tangning would show mercy.

She was Tangning; she always got her revenge!

"Since this is all a part of your plan, I will wait patiently for a good show...But, one thing I don't understand is, why is Tang Xuan so persistent at challenging you? Your minds are obviously focused on different things."

"Some people are naturally born with no self awareness." After speaking, Tangning gently stroked her stomach. It seemed, up to this point, Tang Xuan was still unaware that she was also pregnant. Tang Xuan thought she was precious...but, she had no idea that Elder Tang only wanted the child in her stomach.

However, some truths, when revealed too early, wouldn't be as spectacular. So first, Tangning was going to take over Tang Corps and make Tang Xuan's biggest fear come true.

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Xiaorin1 year ago
Oh my this is getting exciting~ Good show about to start and it's also mean that there'll be face slaps soon πŸ‘‹πŸ˜πŸΏseriously my stomach can't handle this too much laughter from reading this scene where that bish clowning her self and she thinks her plan is successful but in fact it's actually backfired from the start πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜‚
Mr_RoHSi1 year ago
Everyone in the Tang family got the acting bug, even Elder Tand getting a bit melodramatic now 😎
swordspoint1 year ago
Revenge must make the person in this case long for the sweet release of death.