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This Industry Is Too Messy

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Thinking about the words that he said to Xia Jingyi, Tang Jingxuan suddenly felt a little awkward. Tangning noticed Tang Jingxuan's face turning red, so she put down the magazine in her hands and asked Song Yanshu, "Did you mean it earlier when you said that you like Luo Xing?"

Song Yanshu was stunned for a moment before replying, "I simply said it to protect Luo Xing..."

"I see," Tangning deliberately provoked Tang Jingxuan.

She wanted him to think about what woman he had chosen when there was a great woman right beside him that he didn't know how to appreciate.

Tang Jingxuan cleared his throat to signify that he was also present, gesturing for his clever sister to not continue making the atmosphere awkward.

Song Yanshu's ears burned red, but calmly stood to one side to give Tang Jingxuan some space. Mo Ting was sitting at his desk working the entire time. His silence meant that he was going to leave Tangning to do whatever she wanted. Only when Tangning no longer wanted to handle the matter, would he step in and take over.

"Sister Three..."

"The entire nation knows that Yanshu likes you now. How do you expect her to find a boyfriend?" Tangning raised her eyebrows questioningly. "She's a woman, but in order to protect you, she risked her image by bravely stepping forward. Yet, what did you do?"

"I will never forget the lesson I have learned today," Tang Jingxuan ridiculed himself. "Don't worry, my heart will get stronger with practice...I will never be this naive and stupid again. I will focus on achieving my goals and leaving a lasting impression on the music industry."

"Yanshu, help me take him home," Tangning knew the incident had given Tang Jingxuan quite a blow, so she deliberately tried to allow Song Yanshu to go with him and provide him comfort.

"OK," Song Yanshu's expression was professional, but when she heard Tang Jingxuan say that his heart would get stronger with practice, she couldn't help but feel a slight twitch in her heart.

Tang Jingxuan turned and left Mo Ting's office while Song Yanshu followed closely behind.

"Yanshu, sorry and thank you."

Song Yanshu shook her head gesturing that she didn't care, "Ning Jie was the one that protected you. I didn't play much of a role."

"No, your courage meant a lot to me." After speaking, Tang Jingxuan led Song Yanshu into the elevator.

After returning home, Elder Tang was waiting for Tang Jingxuan on the sofa. As soon as he saw him, he said, "Some people are completely ungrateful, while others are loyal and righteous. Old Four, doesn't grandfather have good taste?"

Tang Jingxuan's lips curved upwards but he did not say a word.

"The young lady made such a big sacrifice. You should pick out a present on my behalf to thank her."

"Understood." Tang Jingxuan was tired, so he returned directly to his bedroom, but it didn't mean that he dismissed Elder Tang's words.

As he lay in his bed, he looked at the glass equipment on his desk. Suddenly, a thought came to his mind: he knew what he could do for Song Yanshu.

At that moment, the room fell into complete silence. Meanwhile, Tang Xuan was in the living room standing opposite Elder Tang with her hands on her hips, "Grandfather, is Auntie Xia going to Switzerland tomorrow?"

There was a flash of deeper meaning in Elder Tang's eyes, but he did not let Tang Xuan pick up on it. He simply nodded his head, "Uh huh, it was a little delayed, but she still has to go."

Tang Xuan gave a slight smile and quickly changed the subject, "Is Jingxuan OK?"

"With Tangning around, nothing could possibly go wrong," as he mentioned her name, Elder Tang couldn't help but look proud. His reaction was a form of mockery for Tang Xuan, because when Tang Jingxuan was in trouble, she didn't do anything as his older sister. Now that everything was resolved, she finally pretended to show some concern.

"That's good to hear..." Tang Xuan's gaze showed a hint of sharpness.

His every word was Tangning. Did she hold no weight in his heart, she wondered.

She obviously had a Tang Family descendant in her stomach!

But, it didn't matter, Tang Corps. was about to undergo a change in management anyway, so she might as well let the mother and daughter act arrogantly for a few more days...

Once everything was finalized and Tang Corps. returned to her hands. She would let the two women see how she could torture them.

"I heard the Zhong Family has come across a small obstacle. Some prohibited items have been found on their ships. If you need help, let me know." Elder Tang said these words to remind Tang Xuan that the Zhong Family were occupied with protecting themselves, so she could no longer rely on them for support. In fact, there was a huge possibility that they would use her to empty out the funds from Tang Corps.

Yet, Tang Xuan still managed to reply with a smile, "It's fine, everything will be solved soon."

She sure was confident.

Elder Tang laughed on the inside because he knew who was actually controlling everything behind-the-scenes. Tang Xuan was temporarily left alone, but the fact that the Zhong Family were also involved was something that Mo Ting wasn't going to let go of.

Everything would be solved soon? It was more likely that it would never be solved.

How satisfying!

"Since everything is fine, then I'm relieved. Although your in-laws didn't treat you well, you should still show some concern at a time like this."

"Yes, I know, grandfather."

Elder Tang nodded his head and stood up to return to his bedroom. As Tang Xuan watched him walk away, she started thinking about her plan for going against Xia Yuling.


Late at night. Hyatt Regency.

As the following day's trip was going to be quite dangerous, Xia Yuling headed over to Hyatt Regency to see Tangning and her precious grandchild.

"Luckily, Jingxuan's issue was resolved with no issues. This industry is too messy," Xia Yuling sighed.

"Tell me mom, what place isn't messy?" Tang Xuan was hinting towards the internal problems that Tang Xuan was causing at Tang Corps., "Now that Jingxuan has learned his lesson, he will naturally mature from this experience. You don't need to worry about him."

"It's not that I am worried about him. I am worried about you," Xia Yuling said as she looked at Tangning's stomach, "You're pregnant, yet you're​ running around worrying about others..."

"The trip to Switzerland tomorrow is definitely going to be dangerous. Mom, you need to always be alert," Tangning warned as she rubbed her stomach, "My child and I aren't that delicate, you don't need to worry about us."

"OK," Xia Yuling nodded seriously. " For the sake of seeing my grandchild, I will make sure nothing happens​ to me."

"Mo Ting has organized for some people to watch over you at the airport. If you have any problems, they will be there to help ."

"I trust in Mo Ting's arrangement."

Since Tang Xuan wanted a good show, then Xia Yuling was going to give it to her. Otherwise, all her hard work would go to waste, right?

After Xia Yuling left, Tangning fell into a daze as she stared quietly into the distance. Mo Ting noticed a change in her mood, so immediately approached her and wrapped his arms around her, "Are you worried?"

Tangning shook her head, "With my husband around, I'm not worried about anything."

"Then, what's wrong?"

"I was suddenly thinking about the child in Tang Xuan's stomach. To be born without a mother is quite pitiful," Tangning sighed.

"Really? I'm actually looking forward to it. The moment that the child leaves it's mother is the moment that it is free from a poisonous cancer-like woman. The child is actually very fortunate."

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And now I'm waiting for Tang Xuan's miserable fate
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And the next one to be forced to bow is Tang Xuan. Dear me, it's a long time waiting for her demise, I hope Tangning and the rest of the Tang serve her well! And Tang Jingxuan, go get your woman already! I love your and Tangning sibling love scene, but Mo Ting probably doesn't 😂