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I'll Give You One Last Chance

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Regarding the matter of Luo Xing being a 'third person', the two males involved had expressed their opinions. Right now, all that was missing was Xia Jingyi's opinion, and her opinion appeared to have the power to determine the life and death of Luo Xing's career.

Xia Jingyi wasn't stupid. She couldn't offend Ruan Xiwen, nor could she retaliate against Hai Rui. So, her only choice was to compromise between the two sides.

Of course, she thought this would be the least painful solution for everyone involved...


"At 3pm, Xia Jingyi will hold a press conference. When that time comes, she will clarify everything for you," Song Yanshu said as she stood behind Tang Jingxuan in the waiting room. "With pressure from President Mo, she wouldn't dare to act recklessly."

Tang Jingxuan looked out on the busy streets with an expression of ridicule, "Do you trust her?"

Song Yanshu listened in silence without saying a word. Deep down, there was no way that she'd believe in Xia Jingyi. But, she had her own plans and own method of protecting Tang Jingxuan.

"In a moment, you wait here in the waiting room. I'll deal with Xia Jingyi."

Tang Jingxuan nodded his head. Underneath his dense eyelashes, it was unknown what emotions he had hiding...

2:50pm, the media arrived at Hai Rui's conference hall. This time, they were on Hai Rui's territory.

"The female protagonist of the cheating scandal has finally decided to speak up. I really want to know the true story behind it all."

"I've come to see how Hai Rui handles it's PR. I wonder how the flawless Hai Rui will protect Luo Xing this time."

"Don't you guys feel that this Luo Xing is quite mysterious? No one knows anything about his family background!"

Amongst the chatter of the reporters and under the lens of multiple cameras, Xia Jingyi approached the stage accompanied by her manager.

It was apparent that due to the recent scandals, Xia Jingyi was quite exhausted. Although she was wearing a thick layer of makeup, it wasn't hard to see her dark eye bags...

"Let's get started," her manager encouraged. They had already prepared a speech, so all she had to do was read it. On the surface, it didn't appear to be a difficult task.

Xia Jingyi turned and looked at her manager before turning back to face the media, "I know you have all been interested in the scandal between Luo Xing and I. I never expected the situation to be escalated to this extent."

"I'm standing in front of all of you today to prove Luo Xing's innocence."

Hearing this, Xia Jingyi's manager and Song Yanshu both let out a sigh of relief. However, it only lasted a second before their expressions were changed by the next words that came out of Xia Jingyi's mouth...

"There has never been any relationship between Luo Xing and I. My fiance simply had a misunderstanding."

"I've never cheated on my fiance and nothing has ever happened between Luo Xing and I..."

"But the public has photos of you and Luo Xing being very close," one of the reporters pointed out.

"We have been working together for a long time, so it's natural to have photos together. But, this isn't sufficient evidence that we were in a relationship..."

"But, Hai Rui has released a statement detailing your relationship," the reporter directly used Hai Rui's statement to slap Xia Jingyi in the face.

"The agency misunderstood. It was Luo Xing's one-sided feelings, but I never reciprocated. I know that he is really nice to me, but I'm sorry, I already have a fiance. So, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind Luo Xing to watch his conduct."

One-sided feelings...

Watch his conduct...

Hearing these words, both Song Yanshu and Xia Jingyi's manager furrowed their brows.

"So you're saying that Hai Rui's statement was all a lie?" a reporter latched on to this point.

"I know my words today have ruined Hai Rui's intentions. But, I must apologize to my manager, there is no way I can bear the blame for Luo Xing. I'm just a delicate woman, I can't take this level of pressure. So, I hope you can stop forcing me."

With these words, the entire hall was in an uproar. Was Xia Jingyi hinting that Hai Rui had forced her to rid Luo Xing of the scandals?

Xia Jingyi's manager was unimpressed; her impression of Xia Jingyi had now changed.

But, just as she was about to step on stage to drag Xia Jingyi off, Song Yanshu suddenly stopped her and said in a cold voice, "I'll handle it."

Xia Jingyi's manager was surprised as she looked at the cold expression on Song Yanshu's face. She then nodded her head.

Afterwards, Song Yanshu strode towards the stage, snatched the microphone from Xia Jingyi's hands and faced the media, "None of her words are the truth..."

"You are Luo Xing's manager, so of course, you'd be on his side..."

"The truth is, while she was dating Luo Xing, she was still in a relationship with another man. But, Luo Xing had no idea from the beginning and was deceived by her," Song Yanshu announced loudly. "It's bad enough that you got discovered for lying and decided to throw the blame on Luo Xing. You've even decided to sacrifice him to protect yourself. I've seen cheap tricks before, but I've never seen someone as cheap as you..."

"So, you're saying your words can be trusted?"

"Of course, because I also like Luo Xing..." Song Yanshu replied bravely. "I've been observing his every move and I know the details of every single one of your dates. Do you want me to reveal the location of your dates so the reporters can do their own research?"

"Luo Xing has no feelings for me and I'm OK with that. So, I've simply decided to continue as his work partner. He is definitely not someone who would ruin a relationship. Otherwise, there's no way he wouldn't have accepted me..."

"Why do you think he would accept you?" Xia Jingyi asked questioningly with a look of mockery.

"Why?" Song Yanshu sneered. "Because my surname is Song. My parents are both diplomats. If there was something wrong with Luo Xing's character, what reason would he have to reject someone with such a background?"

"There's plenty I can do for him. On the other hand, what can you do?"

"You come from a third-rate family and are playing a game of adultery. This shows the morals that your family has taught you."

Hearing this, Xia Jingyi's expression changed...

"If you want to slander Luo Xing, then let's see the truth. Xia Jingyi, remember everything you have said today, because I am going to make you realize how evil you are."

"From today onwards, I will protect Luo Xing..."

"After the press conference, I am going to give the details of your relationship to the media. Since you are so shameless, the media can personally investigate the truth and make a decision for themselves."

Song Yanshu's words were full of power and made Xia Jingyi's heart race...

The daughter of diplomats...

She turned out to be the daughter of diplomats!

And to protect Luo Xing, she did not hesitate to reveal her family background.

"I'll give you one last chance. Will you speak the truth in front of the media?"

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Song Yanshu is such a great manager ❤
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Shots fired 📢 I really like Song Yanshu. That girl thinks he would still be head over heels for her and not like Song Yanshu 😂😂 Sorry to burst your bubble tramp, he got over you the moment that guy stepped in. All this tea ☕☕
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She's the one who approach jingxuan and now she's slandering him saying that he has one sided love, ur statement make me sick, u deserve to call a cheap woman.. Hoping after this will be nothing goods befall on ya. #sorryfortherant