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Giving Them What They Deserve!

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After a few days, the entertainment industry seemed to have quietened down. As Tangning had stepped out of everyone's sight, all those that had previously slandered her, felt relieved that everything was over.

However, they had no idea that Hai Rui always left their revenge to the end. In fact, they always struck back in a definitive way, making it impossible to retaliate or find loopholes.

For example, a certain actor had originally secured a video game endorsement, but later found out he had been replaced without prior notification.

And then there was a certain singer who received a decent result in a singing show, but ended up being eliminated.

Examples like this were aplenty. But, whether it was the video company or the show producer, they all managed to find a reason for what they did, so the celebrities had no idea that Hai Rui was involved.

They also had no idea that a list of names were sitting on top of Vice President Fang's desk, and those that were crossed off, would have to say goodbye to the entertainment industry forever.

Perhaps other people may not have noticed, but Tangning's fans observed everything in silence. They had long considered these people as scums of the earth and had been finding a chance to cause trouble for them. But, over the last two days, these people were met with problems, one after another.

"Oh God, is this Hai Rui's doing? Aren't they too efficient and secretive?"

"This is so satisfying! I heard, one of the female singers that insulted Tangning the most, is currently kneeling on the floor begging her manager not to give up on her."

"I knew President Mo wouldn't let this pass. This must be his legendary method of making his enemies disappear one by one."

"So cool!"

"Someone made an official apology to our Ning. Too bad though...our Ting hates people that ignore the consequences even though they know they will get in trouble. If they want to dig their own graves, there's nothing he can be do about it."

Fans were in the middle of a heated discussion. Younger fans wanted to step out and show off Mo Ting's capabilities, whilst more mature fans convinced them not to.

"Our Ting and Ning have always been black-bellied. We should learn from them and stay in the shadows to avoid trouble."

"I agree with the commenter above!"

"Me too!"

"As long as everyone is aware that President Mo is already seeking revenge, that's all that matters. The remaining people will know that they are in danger and can only wait for their impending doom..."

"Exactly! The way they treated Tangning will now be turned on them! Karma exists in this world!"

Finally, Fang Yu who was given the task of protecting Tangning's fans, posted a hush emoji on the discussion boards. Everyone went quiet and responded to him with the same emoji...

Fang Yu gave a warm smile. They were indeed Tangning's fans; they got the hint straight away.

A large number of those that had gotten in trouble ended up pleading Hai Rui for help.

But, in all its years of operation, Hai Rui had never shown mercy to dirty scum like them. Did they not expect this result when they did what they did?

At that time, they had taken a gamble, assuming that Hai Rui would never seek revenge on so many people...

But...they were wrong.

No matter how many people there were, Hai Rui would not let a single person off the hook.

"Vice President Fang, we have an artist from another agency kneeling at the entrance of our building," Fang Yu's secretary reported as she entered the office.

"Ask her to leave...If she has a problem, she should speak to her own manager - not Hai Rui," Fang Yu instructed without batting an eyelid. "Call her agency to come collect her. If she's not embarrassed, we're embarrassed on her behalf."

"Yes, I'll organize it immediately."

Fang Yu did not feel like he had gone too far. After all, these people did not feel like they had gone too far when they were bullying Tangning...

He was merely giving them what they deserved.


After returning home from Xia Jingyi's apartment, Tang Jingxuan ran into Tang Xuan in the living room.

"Jingxuan, I've prepared supper for you. Have some."

Tang Jingxuan looked at Tang Xuan's face and realized she had never looked as ugly as she did now. In fact, he didn't even want to say a single word to her as he directly returned to his bedroom.

As Tang Jingxuan's temper had always been like this, Tang Xuan did not suspect that he had already found out about her shameful act. She simply continued with her plan...

The day after the next, Xia Yuling would be leaving for Switzerland...

She had to make good use of her time.

Elder Tang noticed there was something wrong with Tang Jingxuan's expression after returning home, so he called him over to the study room. To prevent Tang Xuan from eavesdropping, they decided to sit on the balcony.

"Grandfather, why didn't you tell Sister Two and I about everything that's going on with Tang Xuan?"

"Xiao Ning told you?" Elder Tang probed as he held onto his walking stick.

"I saw her stomach, but she doesn't want to announce it to the public because her own sister tried to remove her uterus," Tang Jingxuan said coldly. "I want to know why I have the same mother as Tang Xuan, but we are so different?"

Elder Tang sneered and looked into the distance, "She even has plans to do something to Yuling."

"In that case..."

"It's none of your business, we have our plans," Elder Tang replied. "If not for the child in her stomach, I would beat her to death in front of our ancestral shrine."

"Grandfather, there's actually someone that I like," Tang Jingxuan suddenly gathered his courage and told Elder Tang. "But, she may be different to what I think."

After seeing the real Tang Xuan, Tang Jingxuan truly realized how scary a woman could be.

There were people in this world who didn't necessarily treat another person nicely, just because that person was nice to them.

"My grandson should not worry about finding a woman. I'm sure you know what you should do," Elder Tang left the problem in Tang Jingxuan's hands. But, before the conversation was completely over, Elder Tang asked, "By the way, last time when I visited you at the agency, who was the pretty woman that I saw?"

"Pretty woman? Are you talking about my new manager? She is the person that previously took care of Sister Three. Her name is Song Yanshu..." Tang Jingxuan replied calmly, not understanding why Elder Tang would suddenly ask this question.

"She's not bad...she's a reliable and thoughtful child," Elder Tang said as he stood up, "She noticed straight away that I was afraid of the elevator, so she helped me up the stairs."

"Yes..." Tang Jingxuan nodded.

"Why don't you take her into consideration?"

Hearing this, Tang Jingxuan finally realized what was happening. So, this was what Elder Tang was trying to suggest. It seemed, he had his eye on Song Yanshu as his granddaughter-in-law.

Tang Jingxuan fell silent. Song Yanshu had the ability to make one feel calm. In fact, when he thought about the incident with Xia Jingyi, he no longer felt so bad.

The next day, Xia Jingyi took a day off work without specifying what she was doing. So, Tang Jingxuan decided to follow her and see what he could find.

He hated the feeling of being suspicious of others, but... Tangning said, there were some things that had to be clarified.

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