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The Road Less Traveled

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Inside the recording studio, Tangning was still in the middle of her interview. However, a few of the staff were notified about the incident online.

A large number of celebrities claimed that Tangning was a hypocrite and her actions were questionable.

To increase hype for the talk show, the host discussed with the director during one of the breaks to ask Tangning about her next film. She wanted to see what information they could get out of her.

So, in the next section of the show, the host's smile was no longer as sincere as before. In fact, she looked a little awkward, "To be honest Tangning, a lot of your fans want to know what you are planning for your next project."

Tangning could sense the host's probing, so she could tell that something must have happened in the outside world.

"I've already planned something," Tangning replied in seriousness.

"In that case, can you reveal a little bit of your plan to your fans? For example, what type of role are you planning to take?"

"To be honest, you don't need to go around in circles. I know that you actually want to know if I've signed a contract with an American director," Tangning directly exposed the host's true motive as she looked at her seriously.

"Ermm..." the host was a little awkward.

"So, do you think I've already signed a contract?" Tangning's question carried a trace of provocation.

"The public's reaction is very big..." the host's face turned red.

"Don't worry, since I've decided to appear here as a guest, you can feel free to ask whatever questions you want. Don't forget, I've already revealed that my husband is the screenwriter for 'Stupid'. I think you are more afraid of asking than I am afraid of answering."

After seeing that Tangning wasn't joking, the host finally pulled herself together. She took one glance at the director and gathered her courage.

Tangning's words pushed the viewership ratings further up. It seemed, this was what the viewers wanted to see.

So, the director specifically prepared a tablet for the host to stay up to date with online discussions and the host finally relaxed. However, this was the first time she treated a guest in such a ruthless way...

"According to statistics, there are over 30 celebrities online that are claiming that you lied to create hype. What are your thoughts regarding this?"

"I just have one question. What are they basing this claim on?" Tangning asked in ridicule. "Is it simply because I met with a director?"

"I'm just thinking, now that the internet is in an uproar and the situation has gotten slightly out of hand, what do you plan to do next?" the host asked bravely. Although she could feel Mo Ting's icy cold glare on her back, she still gathered all her courage and said, "Why don't we contact one of the celebrities and see what triggered their outburst. If there is a misunderstanding, we can clarify it on the spot."

"Go ahead!" Tangning said without any fear.

The director immediately used his contacts to get a hold of one of the celebrity's phone numbers and made a phone call live in studio.

In reality, the only reason why the staff were brave enough to suggest something like this was because Tangning was full of confidence.

It seemed, she must have taken precautions for her to agree so easily.

After a few rings, someone picked up the phone. The host immediately notified the other party that she was in the middle of a live broadcast with Tangning before she presented him with her question. However, the person on the other end did not say a word and directly hung up the phone.

Anyone with brains would not express their standpoint directly to the public.

There were over 30 celebrities involved. If he was the only one being contacted and he told them everything, then he would become a target for criticism.

He wasn't stupid.

The television station was quickly surrounded by fans. Some were here to protect Tangning, whilst others were here to show their dislike...

Was it necessary to cause such a commotion?

Tangning looked helplessly around the studio. Finally, she placed her gaze on the host, sat up straight and said, "Actually, today on 'Superstar Talk', I wanted take the opportunity to announce an important decision I have made. I'm sure this announcement won't disappoint."

As the programme was being broadcasted live, plenty of people started to insult her online.

"It looks like Tangning is about to announce that she has accepted an American film!"

"Does she need to tell us? It's already obvious."

"Although I feel disappointed by her, I'm still hoping that we will hear something different from her lips."

"Her reputation has already been ruined, how does she plan to remain in the industry?"

Just as everyone thought they knew what she was to announce, Tangning stood up elegantly and bowed to the audience and cameras, "I know making this decision will mean giving up on a big family."

"I'm also aware that there are a bunch of people waiting for me to be abused and faceslapped. But, I regret to tell you that I wanted to use 'Superstar Talk' to announce a decision that I have made."

"I would like to announce that..."

"...I, Tangning, have decided to retreat from filming indefinitely!"

Wait, retreat from filming?

It turned out that Tangning wasn't announcing anything to do with the American film; she was announcing her retreat!


This simple word seemed to contain an incomparable power that slapped the 30+ celebrities across the face.

They said she was creating hype; they said she was shameless. But, at this time, her method of attack, was to announce that she was retreating! She did not fight back with any resources or Mo Ting. Nor did she try to find an excuse...

She simply retreated...

"Tangning, is it because you are disappointed by the industry? Or..."

"I'm already satisfied with filming three films in succession, so it's time to take on a different role," Tangning smiled. "I simply hope that those that hated me, tried to deceive me and claimed that I was creating hype, would receive a huge slap across the face."

"My decision is to stop filming and retreat now that everything has been completed."


As soon as news spread of Tangning's counterattack, everyone was shocked. They expected all forms of excuses from her, but they never expected her to retreat from filming.

They said she signed a contract with an American actor, so she directly told them that she was stepping back from the entire industry altogether...

Plenty of people felt that Tangning was at the pinnacle of her career, so there was no way she'd do something to harm it...

But...she always took the road less traveled.

"Oh God, did Tangning just announce that she is retreating from filming?"

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